10 World-Famous Event Planning Companies & Brands That Will Inspire You

Looking for the finest in the business for inspiration? You’re at the best location to find renowned event planning businesses and organisations. Every year, these well-known event planners raise the standard. Additionally, their deftly stage-stealing performances create a mark on the audience. Look below for suggestions you may use for your upcoming event.

10 World-Famous Event Planning Companies & Brands That Will Inspire You
10 World-Famous Event Planning Companies & Brands That Will Inspire You

Here are a few of the most well-known event planning firms in the globe.

1. Bassett Events, Inc.

Look no farther than Bassett Events whether you’re organising high-profile private parties, philanthropic events, or an extravagant wedding. The tiny group, under the direction of Jennifer Bassett, excels at adding a sense of surprise to even the most beautiful of occasions.

Location: Canada, Toronto

They organise social gatherings, philanthropic events, and weddings.

They provide a wide range of services, including complete event production and design, vendor contract negotiating, staffing, sponsor and media management, and video production.

Who they’ve worked for: Jeremy Piven, Carrie Underwood, John Legend, Toronto Zoo, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, and many others.

About the brand: If you’re organising a lavish wedding, a charity event, or a high-profile private party,Don’t seek elsewhere—turn to Bassett Events. The tiny group, under the direction of Jennifer Bassett, excels at adding a sense of surprise to even the most beautiful of occasions.

2. MKG

Location: Los Angeles and New York City

Immersive “brand experiences” are what they intend.

They provide a variety of services, including event production, creative campaign development, display and environment design, and insights research.

They have previously worked for well-known companies including BarkBox, ShopBop, Google, Audi, and Delta Air Lines.

Concerning the brand: Large businesses rely on MKG to produce stunning product debuts, Instagram-worthy settings, and unique “brand experiences.” This organisation doesn’t create typical events. On their website, you may find life-size art installations, adult-sized ball pits, and hot-dog seesaws.

3. Colin Cowie

Location: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York City

What they arrange: weddings, business gatherings, and private parties

They provide a variety of services, including finding venues, event planning, flower and décor design, guest list management, social media, and more.

Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, Elton John, Kim Kardashian, American Express, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Hard Rock Hotels, and others are just a few of the clients they’ve served.

Concerning the brand: You may recognise Colin Cowie as a writer of books, a designer, and a TV personality. He became well-known by organising opulent, private parties. Although he is most known for organising lavish weddings for famous couples, he has also worked on big openings and charitable events.

4. David Tutera

Los Angeles is the place.

They organise weddings, charity events, and other things.

What they provide: Event planning, production, décor, vendor management, and more.

The White House, The Alzheimers Association, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Prince Charles, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, and more are just a few of the clients they have served.

Concerning the brand: David Tutera is a TV personality and designer of wedding gowns, so he undoubtedly has experience organising opulent weddings. The team aspires to provide experiences that pique your most vivid imagination and realise your loftiest aspirations.

5. A Perfect Event

Place: Chicago

What they organise includes weddings, galas, business gatherings, birthday celebrations, and more.

Events management, flowers, stationery, style, favours, and more are what they provide.

The Chicago Cubs, Dom Perignon, Kendra Scott, Louis Vuitton, Oprah, and more are just a few of the clients they’ve served.

Concerning the brand: Debi Lilly has a long career in events and uses her event planning to help clients escape reality. In addition to designing and producing events, the business also operates a small event venue named the DL Lounge. Serving well-known clientele is what Debi is recognised for. Her most famous moment? Oprah’s live birthday celebration.

6. Rafanelli Events

Boston, New York City, and Palm Beach are the locations.

Their strategy is: Weddings, charity galas, private gatherings, and business events

They provide full-service event planning along with branding and consultation.

Who they have worked for: Matt Damon, Chelsea Clinton, Allison Williams, Barack and Michelle Obama

Concerning the brand: One of the top celebrity wedding planners, Bryan Rafanelli is most known for organising Chelsea Clinton’s top-secret 2010 wedding. He is the company’s founder, president, and CCO. Each year, his organisation prepares over 100 events, paying close attention to every last detail to ensure the comfort of its high-profile clientele. The intention, in his own words, is to “try to tell a story.”

7. Oren Co is a famous event planning company

Location: Los Angeles and New York City

They organise exclusive celebrity gatherings and nuptials.

They provide full-service event management, planning, and design.

Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Adam Levine, Jason Bateman, and others are among the clients they have served.

Concerning the brand: Contact Yifat Oren and the Oren Co. team for opulent experiences and cutting-edge events. In A-list events, this group is often considered as one of the top tastemakers. Since they’ve established a benchmark for very discreet parties, clients contact Oren Co. to stay out of the spotlight.

8. Wonderland

Location: Miami, New York, and London

They intend to create brand-forward experiences.

What they offer: Experiential marketing, social media, brand strategy, event design, and production.

They’ve done work for companies including ASOS, Topshop, Ariana Grande, Hagen-Dazs, and others.

About the brand: Compared to some other established businesses, Events by Wonderland has a more positive, contemporary, and youthful atmosphere. Wonderland has over 15 years of experience working with luxury, travel, retail, technology, and other brand verticals through “creative-led experiential” events.

9. Verizon

New York, New York is the location.

Events they aim to host: Open homes online and recruiting occasions

Their best event is their ongoing open house and hiring event series, which they hold regularly (at least once every two months), is very accessible (you can attend in person or online), and is extremely valuable (they walk you through their inside sales career paths and other opportunities).

The main lesson is that you shouldn’t only plan events for your clients. Why not organise some events for prospective employees? You’re not only promoting your company, but you’re also giving candidates who are interested in this profession access to free education. Additionally, you’ll probably find some fantastic new team members!

10. Visit Orlando

Florida’s Orlando is the place.

Events they aim to host: Dinners, concerts, and festivals

Their top occasion: Over 100 local restaurants are participating in Visit Orlando’s five-week-long Magical Dining event, which offers ticketed prix-fixe dinners for visitors. This annual event is anticipated by residents as well as visitors from all across the city.

Conclusion: Event series with intriguing local partners are a terrific way to engage the community, spread the word (since your partners will help market), and make a lasting impression on both potential and current customers.

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