13 COMMUNITY TIPS YOU NEED IN YOUR ANALYTICS DASHBOARD You’ve gone above and beyond to create a sense of belonging for your yearly gathering. Unfortunately, we still have more work to do. You need to demonstrate the long-term value of your community to your brand at this stage, which means you need to master the art of community management. In spite of the fact that your community may be flourishing right now, it is still important to monitor your results so that you may increase participation over time. Key performance indicators for the community are essential for any kind of virtual community. Instead than keeping tabs on meaningless statistics, it’s important to monitor the vital signs of your community to determine whether or not it’s time to blast off.

Obtain the Best Occasion Management Software

Don’t know which key performance indicators (KPIs) in the community to focus on? Your community’s key performance indicators (KPIs) should reflect your own objectives, but these 13 metrics are a good starting point.

Reading Time

Approximately how long do members of your online community spend there each month? You can tell how engaged your community is by looking at their average time spent on the site.

Moreover, you may see individual page views and page views over time. The average amount of time people spend on a page might help you determine which pages are the most interesting to your audience. If you see that a given topic in the forum generates a lot of interest but a certain blog generates almost no interest, you know where to focus your efforts to enhance engagement.

Participants in Their Numbers

I was wondering how many people ended up becoming a part of your organisation. Monitor the number of registered users to see the community’s expansion over time. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly percentage gains (or losses) should be simple to monitor using your community software.

You know you’re succeeding as a membership organisation when your overall number of members rises.

Keep in mind that the number of registered users is a key performance indicator (KPI) for the community. Let’s use the example of a website with thousands of subscribers, but all of them are inactive: is that a positive sign?


Participation, or “engagement,” may have a variety of meanings depending on the group in question. You get to choose the metrics by which you’ll evaluate participation, such as:

Recent Topics in Discussion
Comments \sShares
High-value engagement metrics, such as comments, are more important to community growth than passive likes, thus we advise putting greater emphasis on them. A vibrant discussion in the comments area is an indication that your readers find value in what you’re offering.

The Origins of Web Traffic

How do people become a part of your group? If people are interested in hearing more from you and learning more about your community, for instance, it’s a good indicator that your annual conference was well received.

The news about your town or city spreads far and wide via a variety of channels. Perhaps an influential person in your field or a media organisation has promoted your group! Wow, talk about a sales boost! See which URLs are bringing people to your community by keeping tabs on their visits. By keeping tabs on who visits your site, you may contact other businesses and offer them a financial incentive to refer new members to your club.

Total Number of Talks

Online communities can’t function without engaging in meaningful conversation. The number of total talks is an important key performance indicator (KPI) for any community. A lively community is one in which its members actively participate in several threads. If, however, users aren’t actively engaging in conversation, you may want to encourage them to do so.

You may also examine the data to determine which members of your community tend to initiate the most debates. With this information at hand, you may be able to mould these engaged group members into powerful advocates inside your organisation.

Comparing Participating Members to Nonparticipating Members

It’s fantastic to see your community increase in size, but not all of those new faces will become active participants. However, it is your responsibility to ensure maximum participation from all members; after all, is it beneficial to have dozens of inactive members who offer nothing to the discussion?

An abundance of dormant users indicates that revival efforts are warranted. These “lurkers” obviously have an interest in participating, so what’s holding them back? How overwhelmed or perplexed are they, if at all? Do they feel like they’re getting nowhere with the material or threads? Send surveys to dormant members to find out what they think; a free gift card is often a good incentive.


You’re providing members with benefits via the community you’ve built, but your true intentions are hidden. In order to boost your brand’s bottom line, you need to capitalize on your community. An active community raises your brand’s visibility, which is crucial if you want to monetize via membership fees or product upgrades.

But just how successful is your group in luring new members? Keep tabs on signups and purchases to understand how your community is contributing to your bottom line. You may achieve this by providing community members with special URLs or discount codes; then, when they make a purchase, you can easily interpret the data. In this approach, you may evaluate the success of various lead generation strategies, including your online community, website, and social media.

Calculating Your ROI (ROI)

You are investing time, energy, and maybe money into your online group. The return on investment (ROI) is a key performance indicator (KPI) for communities that may help you determine whether your work is worthwhile.

You will need the following information in order to figure out your return on investment:

Time frame

What you spent as a whole to help the neighbourhood during that period
Just how much money the neighbourhood made in sales
For the second quarter of this year, if you paid $5,000 to produce $10,000 in sales, your return on investment (ROI) would be 100%. If you want, you can use a straightforward ROI calculator to do the math for you.


Members who view your videos several times demonstrate that they value what you have to say. Check your stats to discover which videos were seen more than once. If an interview with a well-known CEO significantly outperformed your other videos, it’s a good indicator that your audience wants to watch more interviews.

Community monitoring Metrics like these will assist you avoid wasting time and energy creating content that no one wants by adjusting your content schedule accordingly.

If you’re running a paid community, you may increase signups by word of mouth by giving benefits to those who bring in new members. If you want to see your organization grow, recommendations are a smart strategy, but you need to monitor them to make sure they’re still effective.

If, for some reason, you’re not getting many recommendations, it might indicate you need to:

Increase the value of referral bonuses

Make sure all of your members are aware of your referral programme by advertising it heavily.
Verify the registration procedure for flaws.
Do you tolerate subgroups? The answer is yes!

In subgroups, members may find others with similar interests and build relationships with them in an intimate setting. That may include establishing support networks for women, parents, people of colour, the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalised demographics.

When it comes to marketing and sales, subgroup information is just as valuable. The information you gain about these specific groups will be invaluable as you work to produce content that strikes a chord with them.

The Brief Sense of Community (BSC) Questionnaire

It’s important to you that people feel a sense of belonging in your community, but putting a number on that emotion may be tricky. Scores on the Brief Sense of Community (BSC) survey might be helpful in this regard.

With this premade format, conducting interviews with community members about their experience with your community is a breeze. When BSCs are low, it’s clear that more effort has to be put into expanding your group’s social ties. If they’re in a good mood, keep doing what you’ve been doing.

Exert yourself to your fullest potential and succeed. Indicators of Community Health
Since community key performance indicators can be measured, we consider them to be the ultimate metric. However, data interpretation remains an issue, so choose your community KPIs wisely. Using these 13 Key Performance Indicators for Communities, you may assess the health of your organisation and identify areas for growth.

However, we have you covered if you want a more hands-on approach. With Endless’s assistance, businesses can convert one-off gatherings into thriving online communities that contribute to and expand the reach of their brands. Check out how our tech-first methodology can help you get reliable metrics for your neighbourhood.

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