13 Event Planning Templates & Tools to Make Life a Breeze

If you’re organising an event, you already have a lot on your plate.

Some events need months to plan, including creating a budget, collaborating with suppliers, obtaining the necessary materials, and spreading the news.

In order to make your life a bit simpler, we at Eventbrite have created a series of simple event planning templates from our expertise working with event producers.

You may use these templates to write marketing emails and cross off each phase of your event preparation process. Our event planning templates can assist you in organising a successful event, whether it be a training, non-profit gala, or concert.


Tools and templates for event operations

Templates for event advertising

Event scheduling forms

How to make preparing your event simple

Tools and templates for event operations
The term “event operations” describes important operations related to an event. This involves producing materials like event programmes, compiling reports on the event’s results, and even looking after your mental health afterwards (it’s a difficult job!).

Here are four useful event planning templates to ensure the smoothest event operations.

1. A sample event report

After an event has occurred, an event report gives all the pertinent information, including the following:

event’s premise
the circumstances of the incident
The event’s goal
Results of the event in reality
What to do next
You may get all the details you need about previous events in an event report. This enables you to arrange important historical lessons that you may use to inform future occurrences. It also provides you with a tool to demonstrate your history of accomplishments.

Make careful to include as much data as you can in your event report to make it successful. This contains information on how many people attended, a list of the suppliers, cost breakdowns, and any other pertinent facts. It’s crucial to maintain accurate records from the beginning since you never know which measures you’ll find relevant in the future.

We’ve made a template only for our event producers if you want to make sure your event reports are well-organized and standardised.

Click here to get the free event report template.

2. Calculator for Event ROI

A mention of your ROI should be included in that event report. But how can you really determine that ROI? Fear not; Eventbrite has a feature to assist you.

ROI may sometimes be calculated easily. Simply deduct your expenses from your earnings if your goal is to generate income from ticket sales. However, there are many other techniques to assess your return on investment.

Because of this, the ROI calculator on Eventbrite guides you through the many ways you may obtain a return on your investment. This calculator will assist you in determining your overall returns, whether your goal is to raise the attendance at your event, collect leads, or enhance visitors’ experiences.

Check out the Event ROI calculator.


3. A sample event programme

The event schedule is among the first things people will inquire about. They may find all the details they want regarding the times and locations of your event in the event programme.

That should at least contain:

The title of each endeavour
a succinct summary of each The beginning and ending timings of each activity
The event programme is an excellent place to highlight any sponsors you may have.

To assist you send out uniform programmes with each event, Eventbrite includes an event programme template. This will guarantee that visitors have access to all the information they need to make the most of your event.

Download the sample event programme here

4. Template for an event de-stress checklist

The days before your event might be quite busy. You could be beginning to experience a little anxiety or into full-on panic mode. Take some time to concentrate and de-stress before the event to ensure that you perform at your best on the day, but remember to have your wits about you in the lead-up to the event. After all, organising an event may be rather draining; more than one third of people experience stress or burnout.

Prioritising the key tasks before the event is ensured by our de-stress checklist, which also gives you the power to manage your time and your thoughts.

You’ll be prepared to dominate your next event after you’ve calmed down and regained your concentration.

Click here to see your pre-event stress checklist.

Templates for event advertising
What makes an event move from excellent to outstanding? employing efficient event promotion to guarantee a large number of guests. Here are a few templates and tools we’ve developed to make the marketing of your event operate more easily.

5. Templates for social media ads

Given that the typical internet user spends 2.5 hours each day on social media, it is one of the most crucial strategies to promote your event. In order to make it simpler for you to design and produce effective commercials that will raise awareness of your event, we have put prepared a few templates.

Our social media ad templates provide you a variety of excellent recommendations in addition to copyable layouts, including:

How to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising
Using multimedia advertisements
How to make it simple for your intended market to purchase tickets
How to use Facebook to promote your events and increase ticket sales
The social media ad templates are available here.


 6. templates for event marketing emails

Successful emails, like those used to invite people to an event, shouldn’t merely include details about the event’s date, time, and location. To lure your invitees, they must have attention-grabbing subject lines and interesting content.

You may test out 17 event marketing email templates we’ve made for you to use as assistance in this. These might range from emails asking for repeat business to emails intended to elicit urgency. You may decide whatever event project, such as party planning, corporate event planning, or any other event project, is perfect for your occasion.

For instance, to make sure guests have all the information they want, concert producer DSP Shows sends them emails on a regular basis before their concerts.

Using the integrated platform for producing online invites provided by Eventbrite, you may distribute the invitation after selecting a template. This will not only give your email a professional look, but you’ll also get instant feedback on your event invites.

You may get the email templates for

event promotion here.

7. An email template for saving dates

A save-the-date email has a purpose beyond just informing guests of the date and time of the event. Additionally, it makes everyone eager for what is ahead. It’s easy to overlook something that may seem simple to you but is essential to them, so make sure you provide them with enough information so they can prepare ahead.

With the help of our save-the-date email template, you can be sure to include all the important details in a visually appealing and imaginative manner, ensuring that guests are eager to attend your next event.

It also works nicely with the online RSVP feature of Eventbrite. The RSVP tool enables you to design a simple, seamless experience for your guests to RSVP. In order to follow up with anybody who needs an additional push, it also allows you to keep track of who has and has not answered.

Here is a link to the save-the-date email template.

Yoga practitioners during a well-organized event
LA, Trap Day, and Trap Yoga Bae
Event scheduling forms
As the event designer, you probably devote a lot of effort to arranging and documenting your event. Eventbrite created planning templates and checklists to aid in the organisation and speed up of your operation.

8. Checklist for event planning

By utilising this event planning checklist, you can ensure that nothing falls between the cracks. Use it while arranging an event to guarantee no detail is overlooked and to lessen stress.

This checklist will walk you through every step of preparing your event, from defining objectives and selecting the location to reviewing the outcomes. It also comes with a helpful event timeline template so you can plan every step precisely and ensure that everything runs well on the big day.

Here is a link to your event planning checklist.

9. A sample event plan

Your event approach should be outlined before you begin preparing. This necessitates learning a few essential facts:

The general theme of your event
The intended market
What will be done at the event?
In order to ensure that you don’t overlook any crucial pieces of the planning jigsaw, our event strategy template takes you step-by-step through each of these procedures.

The event strategy template is available here.

10. A budget for an event

A very useful tool for event planning is an event budget template. It provides a straightforward and well-organized structure for handling all event expenditures.

This template makes it simple to keep track of your income and expenses, ensuring that no information is missed. It encourages resource allocation that is effective and gets rid of any uncertainty. Additionally, it offers a reliable estimate of the whole event cost.

All possible cost categories, including venue rental, food, staffing for the event, promotion, entertainment, and permits, to mention a few, should be included in the perfect event budget template. Making ensuring that every dollar spent helps the event succeed is just as important as itemising the costs. Together, let’s create a great event!

You can get the sample event budget here.

11. Template for event proposals

A prepared event proposal is a fantastic idea if you’re searching for money or support from another party. That is how others will assess your event’s preparation in terms of sponsors and other potential helpers.

Using the event proposal template from Eventbrite will guarantee that your idea is well-structured and appealing. By using this template, you can be certain that you won’t forget any important details and that your proposal will be one that you can proudly submit to everyone.

You may get the sample event proposal here.

12. Template for locating and contacting event speakers

Make sure you approach potential speakers for your event in a formal and well-planned manner if you want to do so. Create contact sheets for each of your possible speakers, develop a list of them, and have a strategy for how you’ll approach them.

You may avoid missing any crucial tasks by using our event speaker outreach and sourcing template. Additionally, it will assist you in keeping track of all the crucial data about your speakers.

Access the outreach and sourcing template for event speakers here.

how to use a free template to produce an RFP

13.Template for a request for proposals (RFP)

An RFP is an excellent tool for event planners to get quotes from suppliers, choose the best locations, and discover any accommodations your guests may need. But even though many of them seem to have the same structure, making them may be excruciatingly time-consuming.

That is why having a solid RFP template is so beneficial. You’ll save time, ensure you acquire the information you want, and remain in compliance with your RFP regulations if you use a standard, comprehensive RFP template.

You may get the RFP template here.

How to make preparing your event simple
These 13 event templates help ease your planning process regardless of the kind of event you’re organising.

And even better, all of our templates are completely free, so you don’t have to worry about going broke while organising your event. By using these tools, you’ll be able to save time and money and concentrate on other crucial elements of your event.

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