14 Fun Ideas For Hanukkah Party In 2022,2023

14 Fun Ideas For Hanukkah Party Hanukkah is an eight-day holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in the second century BCE after Israel had been delivered from the Grecian armies. Wintertime festivities for the Jewish “Festival of Lights” include eight days of Menorah lighting, prayers, and fried delicacies.

A season of pleasure and celebration is Hanukkah. Want to host a gathering? For 15 original Hanukkah party ideas, continue reading.

14 Fun Hanukkah Party Ideas
14 Fun Hanukkah Party Ideas

Why have a Hanukkah celebration

You may celebrate a significant festival, learn more about history, and unite people of many religions by organising a Hanukkah celebration. Families exchange presents and unique rituals throughout the course of the eight-day holiday. It is suggested that others read up on the Jewish religion.

Ideas for fun Hanukkah parties

Here are the 14 Fun Ideas For Hanukkah Party

1. Hold a contest for hideous sweaters

Unfunny Hanukkah customs include ugly sweater competitions, which are comparable to an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Look for the corniest, brightest sweater with a Hanukkah or Jewish motif; consider those with Menorahs and sparkling lights on them. Offer rewards in the following categories: ugliest, brightest, and most inventive to entice participants to wear their sweaters.

2. Hold a contest for best latkes.

Latkes are potato pancakes that are commonly made during Hanukkah. Why not have a latke cooking contest? Create a latke station with classic toppings like sour cream and applesauce or more contemporary options like crème fraiche and caviar or smoked salmon. Find out who produces the finest potato pancakes by encouraging guests to be inventive

3. Host a dancing celebration

Engage a Jewish DJ to get guests moving on the dance floor. Your event will be a hit if you include a light display and DJ-led dance routines.

4. A considerate event

A mindful party is a laid-back occasion for guests of all ages that may provide a breather from the hectic holiday season. Teaching relaxation methods, enjoying calming music, or having participants make lists of things they are grateful for may all help promote mindfulness. Include activities for kids or families at Hanukkah events as they are not usually only for adults.

5. Movietime

Make a Hanukkah movie the focal point of your gathering—something fun or instructive. After the film’s final credits have rolled, have a group discussion about it.

6. Start making some crafts

Make upcycled Menorahs and discuss the eight-day holiday’s importance of the candle holder. Alternatively, paint dreidels are entertaining for both children and adults.

Adult Hanukkah party ideas

Hanukkah is celebrated by both children and adults, however if you’re organising an occasion for guests who are eighteen or older, consider these Hanukkah activity suggestions:

1. Enjoy Jewish humour

Hanukkah is a holiday, therefore you want everyone who attends to be joyful. By advertising your event online and in print, you may hire Jewish comics for your comedy performance and make sure they have an audience.

2. Host a wine tasting event.

Visitors to a Hanukkah wine tasting are urged to taste kosher, natural, and organic wines to broaden their palates. Additionally, it’s simple for visitors to socialise. Discuss your choices with a skilled sommelier to choose the ideal bottles if you aren’t acquainted with the proper wines.

3. A holiday club event

Make a club your venue and light a menorah. Even aerialists may perform here!

Kids’ Hanukkah party ideas

These suggestions demonstrate that organising a Hanukkah celebration for youngsters doesn’t have to be difficult.

1. Hold a craft gathering.

several pictures that are connected to Hanukkah may be easily transformed into entertaining crafts for kids. Encourage children to be imaginative by setting out the goods on a table. Menorahs and dreidels may be painted, or paper can be used to make a paper version. Consider making Menorahs out of pipe cleaners and glittering paint.

2. A classic baking party

Having a traditional Hanukkah baking party is fun for kids of all ages. Cookies may be decorated with the Star of David and other customary symbols by small children who are too young to operate an oven. Additionally simple to prepare are the recipes for Rugelach (sweet crescent-shaped pastries) and Hamentashen (triangular jam-filled pocket pastries).

3. Children’s game night

Use chocolate coins to set up age-old Hanukkah games like the dreidel and gelt checkers. A Menorah ring throw alternatively.

Ideas for a virtual Hanukkah celebration

Even if not everyone can attend in person, they don’t have to lose out. Here are some enjoyable online Hanukkah party ideas.

1. Plan a quiz with a Hanukkah theme.

Make a Hanukkah quiz that is entertaining and educational, encouraging participants to brush up on their knowledge, and include a balance of difficult and simple questions. Don’t forget to reward the winner with rewards!

2. Arrange a fictitious live band

You have a few choices: Klezmer musicians or a violinist are perfect for a Hanukkah celebration so that guests may hear old-fashioned music. Or, organise a dancing party with a contemporary pop musician. Attendees may still dance the night away even if the event is being held virtually!

Imaginative Hanukkah activities

Even while Hanukkah commemorates a significant moment in Jewish history and culture, people of all religions may enjoy themselves.

1. Vary the games.

Including both classic and novel Hanukkah games keeps your guests entertained and giggling. Use gelt as rewards in Spin the Dreidel instead of pennies, or mix board and video games in.

2. Continue bringing the doughnuts

It’s customary to eat sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts) during Hanukkah. Why not build a wall out of them or stack them? Remember to put up a topping station so that visitors may mix and match their preferred tastes.

3. Put the Menorah on.

Attendees may still light the eight candles even if your event is merely a day or an evening long! Give participants Menorahs so they may light the candles one at a time, reciting a fact about Hanukkah as they go from left to right. Or carry it out in groups.

What do I need for a Hanukkah celebration?

Planning and preparation are necessary when hosting a Hanukkah celebration, but by according to these recommendations, everything will go well.

Select a suitable location

Your venue should be memorable, but location is equally important. If many guests will be driving, look into parking alternatives. Also, make sure the venue is age-appropriate; you wouldn’t want to organise a Hanukkah party for children in a bar!


Everyone is in a good mood when the venue has been decorated and has a colour scheme. Keep in mind that the Hanukkah colours are blue, white, and silver.

Provide a typical meal

Kosher dishes for Hanukkah include latkes, matzo ball soup, beef brisket, and challah.

Make a playlist for Hanukkah or schedule live entertainment

How about music? Games and talk only keep visitors occupied for so long. To make things simpler, make the DJ a playlist. Make sure the performers or entertainment you choose for the occasion are acceptable.

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