15 Virtual Party Ideas for Events Everyone Will Want to Attend

15 Virtual Party Ideas for Events Everyone Will Want to Attend The majority of us are capable of planning a backyard BBQ or a Friday-afternoon happy hour with our coworkers, but planning a virtual party requires a unique set of abilities.

Online gatherings are becoming more and more common as more individuals choose to work from home and realise how convenient it is to do so. These gatherings are a great way to spend time with friends, family, and coworkers.

Continue reading to find out how you can have your own virtual party, replete with suggestions for inviting friends, enjoyable group activities, and themes that won’t fail.

15 Virtual Party Ideas for Events Everyone Will Want to Attend
15 Virtual Party Ideas for Events Everyone Will Want to Attend

A virtual party is what?

Virtual Guests at the Party

An online social gathering known as a “virtual party” is one that is planned and carried out using video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype. Some online gatherings are impromptu occasions that are put together when friends or family members have some spare time and access to the internet.

However, a lot of individuals have begun organising virtual parties in advance and inviting guests from outside of their close social networks by utilising websites like Eventbrite to sell tickets.

Why have online gatherings grown so commonplace?

Virtual parties have become quite popular over the last several years for a number of reasons.

First, they provide an opportunity to communicate with individuals across the globe without having to leave your house (or spend money on airfare). Second, since persons with mobility challenges or small children may join more readily, they are more inclusive than conventional in-person gatherings.

Finally, because you don’t need to rent a space or hire a band, and your guests may check in from any location, virtual parties can be customised to match any budget and schedule.

Tips for organising a pleasant, exclusive online party

Virtual Party Setup and Technology

Here are some useful suggestions for making the most of your online party if you’ve chosen to host one.

Pick a theme: Just as with a real party, a unique theme may elevate your online celebration. A game night when everyone plays in online quizzes, virtual board games, or video games is another option. Other virtual events you might throw include a virtual costume party where everyone wears a surprising dress, a ’90s party with decade-appropriate music, and Zoom backdrops.

Make it participatory: Nobody likes to arrive to a party if there is nothing to do, particularly if it is a virtual gathering where you can be forced to sit in front of your computer. Whether you conduct a straightforward Q&A session or include interactive components like virtual tours and quiz games, make sure that your attendees can engage throughout the whole event.

Be succinct and to the point: Virtual gatherings may get monotonous if they go too long, just like any actual gathering. Try to limit the duration of your event to two hours or less, and make sure there are at least a few pauses for people to mix and interact (unless your guests just don’t want the fun to stop).

Send invites out in advance: Send out virtual party invites at least two weeks beforehand to allow your guests enough time to make plans and get ready. Include any pertinent information, such as the occasion’s date, time, topic, required attire, and any logging-in instructions.

Practice: Be careful to choose your online broadcasting service in advance, whether it be Google Meet, Zoom, Twitch, YouTube Live, or any other. Additionally, test your setup using your camera and audio to make sure everything is in place before your guests arrive.

Prepare for technological challenges: Even with the finest preparation, online gatherings may sometimes be ruined by faulty technology, such as erratic Wi-Fi or software malfunctions. Make sure you have a backup plan in case of faults with your audio or internet connections, and be ready to fix any problems that may arise.

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What are some suggestions for online party games?

There are certain restrictions on the kinds of activities you may carry out at an online party, but you shouldn’t let those restrictions prevent you from exploring the possibilities in a virtual environment. You may utilise the broad suggestions we’ve compiled below as a starting point for your next online party. However, read down for more detailed suggestions.

  • playing online games with friends, such as Mario Kart, Jackbox Party Pack, Heads Up!, Psych!, and Among Us
  • holding a virtual lesson in cookery or mixology
  • utilising a service like Teleparty to host a movie night
  • putting together a virtual treasure hunt
  • attending a group exercise class
  • putting on a virtual dance party with a music you and your guests created together
  • Adult virtual party ideas

Online birthday celebration

Virtual nuptials: More and increasingly couples are choosing to have virtual weddings as video conferencing systems like Zoom and others become more popular. You may arrange an online wedding, invite visitors to a virtual reception, and let your guests make toasts from a distance using video conferencing capabilities. You may even employ a virtual wedding planner to assist with the planning if you don’t want to bother about the specifics.

When you can’t be together, you can still have a few drinks and a conversation with your friends and coworkers through virtual happy hours. Set a time, invite visitors to bring their own alcohol, and play some music to get the party started.

Want to test your group’s ability to collaborate while separated by physical space in virtual escape rooms? Virtual escape rooms are offered by businesses like Escapely and Puzzle Break and may be tailored to accommodate different group sizes.

Online birthdays: Happy birthday songs, gift-opening, and requests for favourite desserts are all encouraged. For that important day, it’s even simpler to assemble digitally, particularly if friends and family are travelling.

Virtual trivia: It’s simple to recreate this popular party game in a virtual environment. You may design your own trivia game where you (or a visitor) serve as the quiz master using a site like Kahoot! or Quizlet.

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Ideas for virtual kids’ parties

Virtual birthday celebrations: Although this could be a quick online event due to children’s short attention spans, it is absolutely feasible to have a virtual birthday celebration for your child. After your child blows out the candles on camera, plan a game to play, some songs to sing, and ask visitors to partake in dessert.

Virtual scavenger hunts: Keeping youngsters interested and delighted with a virtual scavenger hunt may be fun. You may utilise internet tools to make your own scavenger hunt and instruct visitors to look for objects in their houses or do web searches for information.

Virtual dance parties: Get the kids up and dancing with a virtual dance party that includes a creative and age-appropriate soundtrack. Perhaps you can locate a DJ who will play a set remotely.

Coworker virtual party ideas

Virtual office happy hours: At these online get-togethers, where everyone may enjoy their chosen beverage, remote employees can connect with others from throughout the firm. Playing games, praising successes, or giving virtual breakout spaces for talks may all help to maintain a positive sense of camaraderie.

Virtual talent show: Hold a virtual talent show when you allow each contestant a certain amount of time to demonstrate a skill in order to uncover your colleagues’ hidden skills. Offer rewards to encourage participation, and put up a voting system so that attendees may choose their favourite performances.

Virtual team-building activities: You may use a variety of activities at a party focused on team-building, including cooperative online games and virtual escape rooms. Make sure that the event doesn’t revolve entirely on problem-solving; instead, provide time for your team to mingle and get to know one another.

More information may be found at 67 Virtual Event Ideas and Formats to Inspire Your Next Great Event.

Ideas for a virtual Christmas party

Holiday Virtual Events

Online Christmas party: Attend a virtual Christmas party to get into the holiday mood, and don’t only stick to your own customs. Making a playlist of happy Christmas tunes and inviting others to join you online for a festive jingle ball are other options. Other activities include drinking eggnog with friends, decorating cookies, and sharing presents with family. Embrace the ugly sweater trend!

Host a virtual New Year’s Eve party instead of watching the ball drop and fireworks to bring in the new year with your loved ones. You are free to serve whatever kind of bubbly, create your own countdown, and dance until far beyond midnight.

Halloween virtual party: Display your costume and meet people from all around the globe at an online Halloween gathering where you may swap eerie tales, discuss your favourite candy bar, or watch a scary movie in the calming light of your laptop screen.

Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving virtual meal: If you’re lonely on Thanksgiving, you may use a laptop to invite friends and family to sit down at your table. Before the tryptophan causes eyelids to droop, everyone may prepare their own lunch (which implies that your menu can defy convention) and express what they are grateful for.

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