19 Free Event Planning Tools to Use Today

19 Free Event Planning Tools to Use Today
19 Free Event Planning Tools to Use Today

In the world of an event planner, the greatest things sometimes actually are free! Check out these innovative event planning tools to erase headaches, smash to-do lists, and increase productivity.

Examine Free Time-Saving Event Planning Tools:

We only selected goods that were acknowledged by the events sector as the finest in class. The free event planning tools listed below will make you more productive, whether it’s by ranking as the best choice on reputable software review websites or by receiving accolades like the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Additionally, we took care to incorporate a broad range of solutions that address the many responsibilities that event planners must do when beginning a new project. Be ready to add at least one of these fantastic event planning tools to your personal must-have list when it comes to brainstorming, establishing your checklist, and allocating duties.

1.Cvent Supplier Network

For gatherings of all types around the nation, our venue search engine offers upscale hotels and event locations.

What You’ll Use It For: Locating and getting in touch with the ideal business event or meeting venue.

Why We Love It: There are many search options available. You may filter the results to show just items like certain layouts, onsite technology, and add-on services. Additionally, every ad includes 3D space schematics so you can plan your whole event before you set foot on the site.

2.Try the most well-liked event seating and diagramming tool in the world.

Our free event planning tool makes sure that none of the little aspects, like event diagramming and efficient check-in, are overlooked while addressing big-picture issues, like locating venues.

eventslock. covers all aspects of event planning from start to finish.

Why We Love It: One of Social Tables’ major features is 3D Diagramming, which makes it simple to plan layouts that maximise your venue’s space, generate in-depth seating diagrams, and check visitors in. Additionally, you may template effective event plans and reuse them for other initiatives.

3.Wedding Location

The sophisticated wedding venue search engine Wedding Spot covers all types of sites in the United States as well as popular overseas locales.

Finding the ideal ceremony and/or reception location for your spending limit, personal preferences, and location.

Why We Love It: The most crucial information about each place in our directory—including correct pricing and venue capacity—is included in the search results preview. Advanced filters may also be used to limit your options. The collection is really fantastic.

4. Kapow

Kapow is a search engine for venues that is geared towards assisting corporate event planners that are looking for something a bit more unique or creative for their events.

Finding hidden treasures that are appropriate for a range of well-liked business event formats, such as cocktail hours, experiential dining, and VIP get-togethers.

Why We Love It: They provide excellent deals, precise information on space availability, and exclusive locations and experiences that you won’t discover on other corporate event search engines.


A free document signage solution for PC and mobile devices is called Yodeck.

What You’ll Do With It: Create vendor contracts, collect sponsor signatures, and arrange speaker media releases for events.

Why We Love It: They provide a drag and drop editor, allowing you to quickly create a new document. Additionally, they arrange all of your agreements—signed, pending, and draft—on a single visual dashboard so you can quickly see the status of all of your papers.


You may pin concepts, pictures, words, and examples to this digital corkboard, which serves as an event planning tool, directly from your iPad.

What You’ll Use It For: Giving customers visual assistance, arranging photographs neatly in one spot, and keeping inspiration close at hand by connecting related websites.

Why We Adore It: It’s really practical and simple to use. Additionally, it offers a fantastic opportunity to precisely convey event ideas with partners since event planners are more likely to be visual learners.


Event organisers may use this multipurpose application to construct a virtual mind map of their event ideas, to-do lists, and marketing strategies.

What You’ll Use It For: Organised brainstorming sessions at the early phases of your event’s idea and design.

Why We Love It: It’s a personal tool for organising and developing ideas before sharing them with the team. Additionally, they offer a tonne of capabilities that let you to color-code, draw, and create your mind map anyway you choose.

Coggle 8.

Coggle is an easy-to-use, group brainstorming tool for tasks of all sizes.

What You Will Do With It: coordinating a convoluted series of objectives, suggestions, and opinions from event stakeholders. You may compile everyone’s ideas in one spot or add them as users so they can edit your Coggle Flow Chart individually.

Why We Love It: Coggle makes sure that everyone’s priorities and ideas are all on the same page so that everyone can see where there is overlap or disagreement. You may also use Coggle to examine and approve event plans in advance if you oversee a team of event planners.

9. Welcome Island

You can send individualised, elegantly designed, and brand-consistent email invites for events with our free online card maker.

What You’ll Use It For: Expressing gratitude to sponsors, wishing success to event participants, and thanking VIPs with links to gift cards, unexpected videos, among other things.

Why We Love It: You can send them to a full list of recipients by just uploading your list to their website, and they offer hundreds of themes for each occasion.

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Event planners may scale their services to handle numerous events simultaneously by using Basecamp, a project management platform, to get their whole team onto the same page. Their sophisticated task lists enable planners to divide complicated ideas into manageable actions.

Resource management – this application allows you to graphically describe and monitor anything from budgets to schedules to work allocations.

Why We Enjoy It: Complete project files are pinned to their dashboard so you can easily view all you have on your plate in one location. Additionally, you may connect with coworkers inside the projects themselves, obviating the problems brought on by clumsy email threads and chat groups.


Another project management application that may help event planners keep everyone on the same page is Monday.com. The difference is in how you’ll utilise it; on their site, open tasks are tracked more via graphics than through lists.

What You’ll Use It For: Consolidating team communications on a single platform while streamlining project status updates and managing event timetables.

Why We Love It: It allows you to rapidly add collaborators to a project by email, drag and drop processes as required, and display project data in four distinct ways (as a calendar, bar chart, circle graph, and color-coded lists) in the most straightforward visual formats.

12. Wrike

Efficiency is the focus of Wrike, and for event planners, this means being able to create projects, foresee and prepare for obstacles, and work with big teams all in one location.

What You’ll Use It For: Organising all of your event objectives, developing repeatable procedures, and getting quick event data reports.

Why We Love It: Wrike features built-in task automation, which means event planners can scale their productivity without doing anything extra. The other project management alternatives on our list are all incredibly amazing.


You can streamline back-office details and arrange all the physical components you’ll need for the big day with the aid of our time-saving event planning tool.

What You’ll utilise It For: Create a system for equipment lending that your event partners can utilise, keep track of office supply procurement automatically, and categorise items for event décor.

Why We Adore It: It has an easy-to-use UI. You may use brand pictures from the seller’s website or upload your own. It’s really simple to see at a look who could have that lost tablet and which presenters are using which mics on their computers for presentations.

14. Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is an inexpensive ticketing system that you may tailor to fit the requirements of your event and business.

What You’ll Use It For: Use templates and data monitoring software to build a smart event ticketing website.

Why We Love It: It’s perfect for one-time events or for event planners looking for something understated yet elegant without sacrificing usability.


Another ticketing system that aids event organisers in planning, marketing, and selling out their events is TicketSource. Attendees may also choose their own seats, have their paper tickets sent to them instantly, and print their own wristbands at home.

What You’ll Use It For: You’ll use it to sell tickets, promote your event on social media and via email newsletters, and then monitor everything with sophisticated reporting and analytics.

Why We Love It: It is venue-specific while simultaneously being user-friendly. As a result, information like seating selections and floor layouts is more precise.


ThunderTix assists event organisers with ticket sales, refunds, and exchanges by integrating with their current event website or other preferred event applications.

What You’ll Use It For: Organising gift cards and loyalty programmes, as well as marketing and selling event tickets.

Why We enjoy It: ThunderTix can operate in the background to speed payments as well as manage all other ticket-related activities if you already enjoy your event website tool, marketing programme, or payment processor.

17.apricots in the wild

This membership management software event planning tool is designed to assist users in forming clubs, advertising events, and building communities.

What You’ll Use It For: Creating a secure payment-accepting event registration website, allocating volunteers to various tasks during the event, and adding your VIPs to a private club.

Why We Love It: In addition to covering some of the most fundamental event planning requirements, Wild Apricot provides event organisers with the resources they need to engage guests in genuine conversation before, during, and after the event.


A mobile app for the fundraising programme GiveSmart is available.

What You’ll Use It For: Develop a compelling fundraising platform, brand any campaign with your logo, and control event ticket sales.

Why We Love It: Their fans gush about how kind and helpful their crew is, how simple the site is to use, and how amazing their customer support is.

19. Avochato

Avochato is a platform for business texting created to grow communications across all mobile platforms and to identify new sales prospects.

Use it to drip promote your event tickets and special offers, compile all communications with attendees into a single dashboard, and boost lead conversions.

It’s great for sales and customer service, which is why we like it. Additionally, it connects with popular relationship management applications like Slack and Salesforce.

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