27 Ingenious Outdoor Event Concepts

27 Ingenious Outdoor Event Concepts
27 Ingenious Outdoor Event Concepts

It comes as no surprise that summertime sees a spike in interest in outdoor activities. Anybody may grin at the prospect of outdoor activities like picnics, festivals, and athletic events. They stimulate our senses and evoke memories, from the aroma of cooking food to the sensation of soft grass and the sound of cool water lapping against our toes. Additionally, spending time outside has several health advantages since it improves our mood, concentration, creativity, vitality, and immune systems.

Additionally, while still being entertaining, outdoor events provide the chance to address safety issues like crowd density and cleanliness. Therefore, today we’ll provide some fresh, imaginative ideas for outdoor events to motivate your preparation.

Investigate icebreakers and interactive game ideas for outdoor events.
Start your events with conversation starters to get guests of outdoor events mingling. Here are a few of our favourite interactive activities and icebreakers to keep your event lively and maximise networking chances.

1. host the icebreaker with trading cards

Participants are encouraged to provide a brief personal tale during this game. Simply present participants with index cards and markers and ask them to jot down one fact about themselves that other participants may not know, along with their name.

Gather all the cards, then distribute them into various locations while keeping distance regulations in mind. Encourage each participant to look around for a card that catches their attention. Let each visitor read their card aloud so they may meet the person whose fact it is.

Considerations for Covid-19: Ask visitors to purchase a pair of gloves before receiving their supplies. All players must take off their gloves when the game is over and wash or sanitise them before going on to the next activity. To prevent the transmission of germs, use separate baskets for your dirty and clean pens and markers. Encourage masks and six feet of separation.

2. Implement the logo icebreaker

On a name tag, ask participants to make a little emblem that would identify them and write their names. The folks around them are now learning both their names and something special about them as they mix.

The nicest feature of this icebreaker is that you may have as many participants as you want; all you need to do is give your guests name tags and a pen or marker.

Remind your guests to maintain a safe distance between one another since this is a hands-free game. To prevent the transmission of germs, use separate baskets for your dirty and clean pens and markers. Before handling markers and notecards, provide gloves. Encourage masks and six feet of separation.

3. Offer the icebreaker for speed dating.

For the speed dating icebreaker, assign table numbers or meeting spots (such as the garden) at random to participants using cut-up slips of paper. Set a time restriction for participants to meet new people when everyone has gathered across from their new groupings.

Give individuals a pre-made list of inquiries they may use, such as:

  • What is the oddest task you have ever been given at a meeting?
  • What is the most bizarre memory you’ve ever had?
  • Which location would you never want to visit?
  • What new talent, if any, would you choose?
  • Take into account: Tape the question list to the table or other surface. Think about wiping down each table. Maintain a six-foot clearance and wear a mask.

4. Find the treasure trove is a game.

Common objectives may significantly lighten up a gathering. Put participants into small groups, hide an egg or treasure chest for each group, and inform each group of its colour as they go on a quest for “Easter eggs.” Everyone wins, but actually the first group to locate their egg wins. Additionally, if they so want, they may provide tips to other groups whose eggs they uncover.

Encourage participants to wash their hands and put on masks as a precaution. Every bucket has to be cleaned off after use. Fill the bucket with just wrapped candies.

5. Make a sidewalk-chalk art competition.

At an outdoor event, pavement chalk may be used in a number of various ways. Encourage participants to leave their mark by writing their name and the date, leaving comments for one another on a blackboard, or just sharing their opinions on the event.

Initiate the event with a theme, such as “beach,” “summer,” or “fall,” and let attendees vote for the best three chalk drawings whose creators could win awards.

Considerations: To provide for safe spacing, be sure to supply guests with enough chalk (one piece per person) and print up some rules and regulations on a large poster board. You may set up sanitation stations all around your whiteboard.

Find the top catering ideas for outdoor events.
It’s time to decide which food options would be most enjoyable for your outdoor event now that you know how to encourage people to mingle. To ensure that your food is a success, keep in mind the following catering suggestions for outdoor events!

6. Set up your catering in a covered location to ensure it is weather-ready.

It’s crucial that your food arrangement is ready for the weather to change since outdoor events are subject to unpredictable weather. Keep your catering in a covered area or beneath a tent. Additionally, make sure there is enough room for each chair to be six feet apart.

7. Offer prepared meals at various pick-up locations.

Give guests a simple approach to pick up their meals from several stations and stroll to a certain place. You may manage when visitors arrive at their stations to choose their meals by utilising a ticketing system.

Think about prepackaged meals, such as entertaining snack boxes (contemporary Lunchables!) so visitors may take them and go right away. Several practical suggestions are:

  1. Sandwiches BLT
  2. Tacos
  3. Hotdogs and franks
  4. Make sure that every visitor takes the pre-packaged food they touched. Simply add a notice to make it clear that they cannot put anything back on the station table.

8. Call your favourite neighbourhood food trucks

Food trucks are a great alternative for lunch, supper, and dessert during outdoor events. When it comes to setup and cleanup, this approach will help you save a tonne of time.

Make sure there is adequate place for parking the food trucks and for the queues of customers. To direct people into a queue that is six feet apart, use chalk.

9. Promote eating in comfort during picnics.

Invite visitors to bring their own blankets and to have a seat in pods under trees. In addition to ensuring that each visitor remains securely away from items that others have touched, this may assist to reduce the cost of tables and chairs.

10. Make it simple to save for later.

Make sure guests may take leftovers home with them rather than throwing them away. This method is made very easy by pre-sliced and plated pizza. Simply set up a station with paper bags or to-go containers. Staff should keep an eye on this station to make sure everyone takes what they touch. By offering hand sanitizer and masks, you may further reduce the transmission of germs.

View the top outdoor event entertainment suggestions.
By delivering original entertainment, you can ensure that guests will never stop gushing about how much fun they had at your event. Here are a few different strategies for include the greatest entertainment for your next outdoor event.

11. Send a survey on the event’s entertainment.

The first step in choosing the ideal entertainment for your outdoor event is understanding your audience. To find out what your guests want, ask for comments from prior outdoor events or do a pre-event poll.

Ask just one to three questions, aim to keep the majority of them multiple choice questions, and leave one open-ended question to get more information. Consider the schedule and the location of your attendees for the bulk of the day as this may affect the viability of certain solutions.

12. Provide a lesson on planting

Permit guests to enjoy themselves while doing something beneficial for the environment. Don’t forget to include soil, little biodegradable holders, and a selection of flowers to plant. Send your attendees out to complete the planting in their own location after setting up a single huge table where materials can be picked up.

13. Include a mixology lesson

Invite guests to participate in a drink-making demonstration! You should have a prepared list of all the beverages that can be created in advance to make sure you can accommodate all of the guests. To provide a rapid and easy mixing process, each component should be pre-separated and delivered for each set of tables (one table per pod of people). Make sure to put hand sanitizers and different stirring implements on each table. Your guests will soon be unwinding with their preferred beverages.

14. Allow visitors to use drones to survey the area

Encourage people to sign up to fly a drone around the event site to explore the open area. This is a fantastic way to encourage social isolation and let your participants enjoy some light tech play at the same time! For attendees to secure their seat to fly a drone, don’t forget to send out a pre-event registration form or let them sign up on-site. Please set up washrooms and make it a requirement that participants wash their hands both before and after using the drone. Also required is the pre- and post-use sanitization of all equipment.

15. Make a basic picture booth, and play music to keep everyone entertained:

Send your guests home with a moment they’ll always remember. Photo booths are popular and a fantastic way to advertise your event. Simply set up a captivating background in an open area, and have the photographer stand more than six feet away from it, to guarantee spectators are kept safe. To keep the mood upbeat, set up speakers nearby and play your favourite Spotify playlist.

How to Make an Event Planning Checklist: A Guide
Learn about inexpensive AV technology for outdoor events.
Among the most crucial aspects of an event are dancing, speaking, music, and communication. Additionally, the greatest AV staff and technological setup are needed. To make sure your outdoor event runs properly, use some of these AV ideas and suggestions.

16. Make a check list.

Confirm the requirements of your speakers and hosts four weeks before the event. Create a quick checklist for your AV crew using these inputs. You can prevent last-minute surprises by communicating in advance.

17. Acceptable outdoor speakers

Your main competitor when it comes to audio delivery will be the ambient noises of the outside world. To provide your guests the same audio experience as if they were at an inside event, make sure your staff is well-stocked with the finest outdoor speakers.

18. Easily configure speakers using diagrams

After making sure you have the appropriate tools, you need to make sure the installation is finished. To arrange your speakers so that everyone can hear them, use event arrangement software. Your primary equipment should be stored in a secure location. Place speakers all around the focal points, directing the sound in one direction.

19. Use wireless

Isn’t it the worst when you fall over a cable while walking? Your papers, coffee, and other possessions are all gone. Take use of the wireless option if you have it. As they won’t trip over wires while attempting to move about the event, this will ensure the safety of your guests.

20. Perform a practise run.

The key is communication. Every step of the journey requires coordination between your personnel and the AV crew. Make it clear that inadequate communication will not do. And keep everything related to the event in one location, which will ensure that you are constantly informed. In order to make sure everything goes as well as possible, do a dry run 48 hours beforehand.

View illustrations of business outdoor events
Turning to others for inspiration is the greatest approach to make sure your event is a success. Here are a few businesses who made sure their staff members had a good time.

21. Hold a concert outside

Four days of SalesForce-related content are covered at DreamForce, which also features incredible keynote speakers and entertainment. Tim Cook, Megan Rapinoe, and Barak Obama were among the previous speakers.

The next phase is outside! A free outdoor concert including Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, and Janet Jackson is enjoyed by the attendees. SalesForce ensures a fantastic event every year by providing participants with entertainment, food, beverages, swag, special guests, and a change of scenery.

22. Organise a yearly company picnic

Annual business picnics may foster new connections and great memories. As an example, Nike Inc. arranges a sizable picnic on its expansive on-campus grounds. It’s a single-day event where workers may socialise and get to know one another.

According to National Event Pros, “Microsoft had enormous workplace picnics for its Redmond-based operations in the 1990s and early 2000s. during 10,000 attendees would show up each day during the course of the three-day picnics. Although the organisation had accomplished a commendable task, they quickly came to the conclusion that the huge size picnic was unnecessary. There were so many individuals there that it was doubtful that you would run across colleagues and form bonds in a new environment. It was a long shot to tell your management about your family. Microsoft decided to provide individual groups funding for yearly events and modified the model. Now, a group of somewhere between 30 and 200 individuals will have an annual business picnic, either at their Redmond offices or close by at Vasa Park on Lake Sammamish.

23. Organise a workplace picnic.

The sales and client services team at Cvent organise its own field day every year, complete with a BBQ, beverages, and contests. The games that bring the teams together and the unending amount of bonding that occurs during Field Day make it a success.

The activities include a daylong corn hole event, a three-legged race, a whiffle boss toss game and an egg toss. The victor of the corn hole tournament receives bragging rights for their team for the rest of the year, which completes field day.

How hotels can most effectively support outdoor activities
Here are several inventive methods to utilise hotel space for mostly outside events, given the rising demand for outdoor events.

24. Parking lots may be used for activities.

To use the hotel parking lot for parking, rope off a portion of it. Use the additional space for activities or socialising places for the participants. Based on weather forecasts, think about taking out tenting to assist protect from the heat and rain.

25. the catering should be outdoors.

the catering should be outdoors. As the staff will be dispersed throughout much bigger regions, be sure to keep the menu selections to a minimum and make sure they are simple to provide. Make sure participants are well-hydrated; you may even think about finding a sponsor for water bottles.

26. Seating should be done in the courtyard.

Serve the guests in the courtyard area while providing them with patio chairs. By using the courtyard, it will be possible to avoid having to move the tables and chairs far. Using event arrangement software, make sure the tables can be placed in the courtyard area six feet apart.

27. Partner with a neighbouring restaurant or local business

If a hotel doesn’t have any outside spaces, think about collaborating with a nearby location that does. In this manner, the hotel may provide sleeping accommodations while the customers take part in event activities outside.

Now you’re equipped to conduct memorable outdoor gatherings in any location.

A short refresher of several concepts for outdoor events

What entertaining outdoor activities may be held?

Award ceremonies, festivals, mixers, galas, workplace picnics, and many other entertaining events are enjoyable to host.

What distinguishes a unique outdoor event?

Create a distinct theme for an outdoor event, such as adventure, safari, floral, or sports, to make it stand out. And provide them a variety of things to talk to one another, including painting on the sidewalk with chalk and ‘fishing’ in inflatable pools.

Use these suggestions to make your outdoor event fantastic!

You have all the information need to effectively organise a memorable outdoor event! Include ice breakers to encourage networking and introductions among participants. To keep the guests energised, don’t forget the food and drink.

Next, check the event’s AV to ensure clear communication and the participants’ freedom to have fun during breaks. Never stop being inspired, therefore don’t be scared to check out what other businesses have accomplished. Finally, even if you are outside, involve the hotel owners since they may have resources not found within their structures.

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