29 Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Ideas for Event

Although there is never a poor time to raise money for breast cancer research, this October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, making it the ideal opportunity to have a significant effect with your event. This post will provide you with 30 unique and entertaining breast cancer awareness ideas, whether you’re a creative seeking for breast cancer awareness activities for the workplace, a social group, or are even pivoting to online events.

29 Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Ideas
29 Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Ideas

7 ideas for breast cancer awareness month promotions

The following fundraising suggestions for breast cancer awareness month may be utilised all year round, but they can be especially effective in October 2022.

1. Pink events

As the Plastics in “Mean Girls” remark, “We wear pink on Wednesdays.” This year’s “Wear it Pink Day” is on October 21st, but you may host a pink party at a social club or student union on any day to raise money for breast cancer treatment. Encourage attendees to wear pink, have only pink food brought in, and adorn your space with pink accents. Consider Beyoncé’s “Check Up On It” from the Pink Panther album, “Pretty in Pink” by Psychadelic Furs, and, of course, songs by P!nk when creating a pink-themed playlist.

2. Salon celebrations

Host a fundraiser event where professional hairdressers donate their time and talents to show support for cancer sufferers. You may request that your participants get sponsorships to have their hair entirely removed, coloured (we recommend pink, obviously), or shaved short. Alternately, you may have them pay for your hairdressers’ services to generate money that way. Either choice is a great method to generate income and spread awareness since participants will be eager to show off their new look to everyone they encounter! Another suggestion is to hold a headwrap party similar to the Headwrappers event, which is a hands-on session for help with hair loss and scalp care and is put on by the Future Dreams Breast Cancer Charity.

3. a brunch to thank the medical staff or nurses

The fantastic physicians and nurses who treat patients and provide support to them aid in the battle against breast cancer. Hosting a special breakfast in a hospital café/canteen or another nearby place can help them get ready for a hectic day of saving lives. While supporters pay a nominal fee to enjoy breakfast and express their gratitude for the work of cancer physicians and nurses, healthcare workers may eat for free.

4. A class or morning craft

Do you know any skilled hobbyists or professional crafters? Think about contacting them and asking them to lead a craft class that you can promote throughout the neighbourhood. Everyone enjoys learning new talents, whether they are knitting, painting, or making ceramics. By holding a sale or auction where friends and family may purchase the participants’ works, you can increase the amount of money you raise.

Try requesting goods from nearby companies in return for a mention on flyers and posters, or shop wholesale to save money.

5. Take advice from victors

It could be a good idea to hold a coffee morning when friends, family members, and current patients can interact casually with breast cancer survivors and learn from them. At the occasion, provide visitors tea, coffee, and delectable baked pastries in exchange for money and for their enjoyment. Some survivors may desire to support other patients going through treatment by raising money and awareness.

6. Workshop to “Bake a Boob”

Inspire bakers to make their own breast-inspired treats to sell on a booth at a neighbourhood event, such as a food festival or fete, by holding a “bake a boob” class or by inspiring them to do so. We advise at least one exceptionally big cake for estimating the boob’s weight! Encourage participants to submit their boob-based baked goods into taste and presentation competitions by charging a modest entry fee. To increase awareness of your cause, host competitions for the “Most Life-like Boob,” “Biggest Boob,” and “Most Delicious Boob.” At the conclusion, award prizes.

7.Bra swap

Every woman has experienced the disappointment of purchasing a gorgeous bra that was apparently her size, only to discover upon arrival at home that it does not. However, she keeps it in her underwear drawer untouched until it is finally thrown away rather than returning it. Host a Bra Swap so that ladies may trade perfectly decent bras while saving the environment and keeping them out of the trash (even if they have been worn once or twice). This fundraiser not only emphasises the value of properly fitting bras and women’s health, but it may also generate some revenue if you charge a modest admittance fee.

10 ideas for breast cancer fundraising

The following ten event suggestions are what we refer to as “excellent all-rounders” since they may be hosted all year long and are appropriate for public fundraising. They may, however, be modified for the majority of audiences or groups.

1. Walks and runs for charities

Charity runs and walks, which may be the most well-liked method of raising money for breast cancer, may reach a wide audience because to sponsorship and their capacity to generate large crowds. A small neighbourhood run or walk requires relatively little organising, and the latter doesn’t even need a running track. Larger events may be rather hard to organise. It also encourages physical exercise and is a great pastime for families or groups of friends.

2. auctions incognito

Give your visitors the option to dress up while making a stealthy bid! Typically, these gatherings include a dinner or cocktail party, as well as tables at one end of the space where visitors may make bids on different objects by filling out bid forms. To increase revenue, ask nearby companies to contribute prizes and impose an entry fee.

3. Catwalk displays and fashion

Give breast cancer survivors the chance to go down a catwalk while wearing something stunning. This entertaining event concept might be a significant occasion for boosting women’s self-esteem in your neighbourhood in addition to being a tried and true method of raising money. Although it may not be practical to display just pink clothing, we kindly request that you at least have a pink area to raise awareness. You may make more money by selling the apparel after the performance in addition to the admission price.

4. A yard sale

Thanks to the upcycling craze, second-hand treasure is more well-liked than ever. Promote your event as an opportunity to declutter homes to encourage people to donate unwanted items. To ensure that nothing goes to waste, post donation bins around the venue and sell any leftovers on online markets.

5. Trivia night

Everyone enjoys trivia nights. Holding your function in a community hall rather than a bar and making money from refreshments by charging an admission charge per team or individual and selling beverages and snacks yourself (subject to licencing laws). Include a secret pink-themed round to better promote your cause.

6. Karaoke evening

Consider organising a karaoke night in conjunction with a bar or pub to generate money and awareness for breast cancer. It’s usually worthwhile to try to work out a deal with the management to get as much of the sales to go toward your fundraising as you can. Charge musicians one pound each song and have the venue put fliers on tables to draw guests from its current clientele.

7. Exercise event

The promotion of physical exercise is an extra benefit of this event concept. Some instructors are ready to give up an hour of their time to teach a class to raise money for breast cancer, whether there is a special interest in Zumba, aerobics, or even hula-hooping in your town. Don’t forget to plan an adequate location and provide the necessary tools.

8. Live music events and open-mic nights

Hosting a battle of the bands or open mic night may benefit from the same organisational strategy as the karaoke night concept. The benefit is that some local artists could already have a devoted following, thus the tickets might be self-selling.

9. Night to paint and drink

To throw a paint and drink night—an art lesson with wine added—invite a local artist! If you can find a willing volunteer to strip off for a good cause, you might turn it into a life drawing event. Go above and above to raise awareness by displaying the guests’ artwork at a nearby gallery. Obtain the model’s permission in advance if you want to do this.

10.Burlesque performance

Like the concept of a fashion show, burlesque is a powerful art form that gives women a platform to increase their body confidence. Everything fluffy and pink is highly recommended. Additionally, you may utilise low lighting and tasselled blankets to create an antique mood while dressing your location in risqué attire. Family and friends will be delighted to support the courageous volunteers.

5 suggestions for workplace breast cancer awareness events

These breast cancer awareness events for the workplace may be quite profitable and have a significant effect, depending on the size of the firm. An added benefit for bosses: taking part in an activity for a deserving cause may foster camaraderie and teamwork.

1.bake sale

Sell baked goods with a pink theme to raise money. Hire a team of employees to help with the baking, set up shop in a busy part of the office, and watch the cash flow in. Advertise the offer in advance by sending email alerts and hanging fliers or posters on noticeboards to attract customers. Around lunch and break periods, volunteers could be needed to assist you on the stand.

2. Casual Friday

Hold a dress-down day when participants pay a modest fee to wear cosier, more casual attire if your business is often extremely stuffy. To guarantee you get as many donations as you can, ask a volunteer to distribute a donation bucket.

3. Contest for pink pumpkins

October is a great month for fundraising since it is breast cancer awareness month, of course. Hold a contest where participants convert their orange pumpkins pink, and give awards to the entries with the most creative ideas. Pictures from home may be sent by those who are unable to attend in person.

4. assortment of hats and scarves

Consider organising a campaign to collect gently used hats for chemotherapy patients who lost their hair. This one is more about spreading awareness and performing good deeds than it is about making money. The campaign can include putting up a collecting station in an accessible location or organising a group of participants to knit beanies.

5. Cubicle or office decoration competition

Holding a pink-themed workplace or cubicle decoration competition can encourage some healthy competitiveness. It’s a terrific approach to boost employee morale by adding some colour to the facility and encouraging contributions in addition to the nominal entrance fees.

5 suggestions for online breast cancer awareness events

With these seven virtual breast cancer awareness event ideas, you can promote your cause and message around the globe. Online events are still very well-liked and provide event organisers with the ability to reach a broader audience, including individuals who would not otherwise be able to attend an in-person event.

A gaming stream for charity

Playing online video games may make players incredible sums of money. If you are acquainted with this group, take use of your knowledge and organise a charitable gaming broadcast. Encourage participants to get sponsors from friends and family and post about it on social media by using an online fundraising tool like GivePenny. On websites that allow live video broadcasting, like Twitch or YouTube, broadcast your gaming experience.

Online test

Make the quiz night concept available online to a larger audience. Eventbrite and Zoom are used by the event’s organiser, BucketRace Public Events, to stage competitive real-world, hybrid, and virtual point-based events. Send out any additional resources that attendees may need in advance.

Webinars on cancer awareness

Attendees may learn about the illness, available treatments, and how it impacts patients and caregivers from the convenience of their own homes by participating in online webinars. Additionally, it offers a secure setting where participants may address any queries they may have in confidence. Ask a local breast cancer nurse to provide a webinar on recognising cancer’s early symptoms, like the Cancer Champions Free Online Awareness Sessions offered by the Humber and North Yorkshire Cancer Alliance.

Internet-based silent auction

A wonderful evening of bidding and fundraising may be had by doing the traditional silent auction online. An online silent auction service is offered by websites like Jumblebee that is free to start up and only charges for purchased goods when collecting money on your behalf. You may also accept payments using your own PayPal Account, a check, a bank transfer, or cash using the platform.

 Online craft studios

Similar to the choice of a craft workshop, however this one is online. Sending out information to ticket holders in advance can help you get ready for the event. A source of ideas for events for cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones, Eventbrite’s selected list of craft class providers. Options include Society X, which specialises in therapeutic art courses, and the Happy Knitting Group, perfect for anybody who enjoys getting their knitting needles moving.

How can I organise a breast cancer awareness event?

Remember to refer to Eventbrite’s instructions for organising and hosting a breast cancer awareness event if you want more advice, and get in touch with groups like Breast Cancer UK, Cancer Research UK, and Breast Cancer Now for promotional materials.

Plan your breast cancer fundraising event right now.

Make sure you have the necessary permits and licences for your event to proceed throughout the planning process, and don’t forget to have fun! To add your event for free, sign up with Eventbrite right now.

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