3 Step to Grow Your LinkedIn for Event Marketing

LinkedIn is referred regarded as the “serious” social network and has more than 830 million professionals as members. However, it has also emerged as a significant force in social marketing. LinkedIn marketing produces leads 277% more successfully than Facebook, according to Sprout Social.

However, as any seasoned networker is aware, sleazy schmoozing won’t win you many friends. It makes sense that the highest performing content on LinkedIn attempts to establish meaningful connections with its target market. Because so many social media sites are now “pay to play” and severely restrict your organic reach, smart organic social sharing (read: free marketing) is crucial. The trick is knowing what to share and when.

Even yet, it might be time-consuming to go to LinkedIn to create each new post. Making sure your pieces are well-written and selecting the proper images is already challenging. To resolve this, you could either learn a brand-new marketing tool or, with the help of Eventbrite Boost, do all of your marketing there instead.

However, you also understand that if you ignore LinkedIn marketing, you will lose out. If you’re aware that your prospective audience is using LinkedIn (hint: they are), you’re undoubtedly considering how automation can make it simpler for you to achieve your social media objectives.

Now is the moment to succeed with LinkedIn marketing. Here are three techniques for developing, publishing, and monitoring your LinkedIn organic effect with less time.

3 Step to Grow Your LinkedIn for Event Marketing
3 Step to Grow Your LinkedIn for Event Marketing

1. In only a few clicks, create professional posts with motivational writing and pictures.

The Share on LinkedIn interface on Eventbrite Boost

You may significantly increase your audience by posting high-quality material. But what does superiority resemble? LinkedIn claims that using bespoke photos in your article increases the number of comments by twofold. Images are more powerful than words (or clicks).

A professional article, including with photographs, can be easily created from inside your Eventbrite account with the Share to LinkedIn function of Eventbrite Boost. To rapidly create effective social content, we provide pre-filled text that you may alter. Picasso to select a picture that makes your words come to life with our Canva integration.

2. By producing constant content, you can keep your audience in mind.

The calendar view on Share to LinkedIn makes planning simple.

Confidence is a result of consistency. Showing up in the social feeds of the individuals who attend your events, whether they are conferences or networking happy hours, can help you stay current and at the top of their minds. Additionally, if you subscribe to Eventbrite Boost, you’ll have access to a calendar view that displays the published and upcoming content.

Another benefit of updating your material You’ll be able to attract new admirers and your present audience by continuously publishing!

3. Utilize Boost’s scheduling function to get a jump start on your LinkedIn marketing.

Share to the calendar view on LinkedIn

Alternatively, plan, plan, plan. You may pre-draft LinkedIn articles using the Schedule option with Eventbrite Boost, a capability not accessible on the official LinkedIn website. Prepare a batch of articles for the next week or month, then tick “publish to LinkedIn” off your daily to-do list.

an extra benefit? You have the ability to send email blasts with open rates 59% higher than the industry standard thanks to Eventbrite Boost.

Thanks to Eventbrite Boost, you can stop worrying about organic social media. You can now rapidly make a LinkedIn article (or 20) and schedule it in advance directly from Boost. You’ll be able to see what events are planned when, so you can relax knowing that you’ll have your main audience in mind.

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