47 Social Media Ad Copy Templates to Sell Out Your Event

Your event advertising need to be succinct and captivating in order to stand out in an attendee’s Facebook or Instagram feed. Build the narrative surrounding your event with only one pithy line and an arresting picture. But you don’t always have time to start from scratch when you organise many events each month.

Use these free Eventbrite-written social media ad text templates as an alternative. Our automated social marketing tool for events, Eventbrite Boost, may help you promote those crucial ticket sales. Simply fill up the slots with the specifics of your event, match the description to the most powerful image, and start selling. As if that weren’t enough, this article also offers Pro Tips on how to create social media advertising and make the most use of these sample social media ad text.

47 Social Media Ad Copy Templates to Sell Out Your Event
47 Social Media Ad Copy Templates to Sell Out Your Event

The fundamentals of your event’s social media ad text

Let’s start with the fundamentals for individuals who have never written social media advertisement text before.

What is copy for social media?

Social media copy is simply the language you use in social media efforts. It often comprises of punchy, succinct phrases or calls to action that inspire readers to discover more about your business, an upcoming event, or the material you publish across several platforms.

If you use social media, which we assume you do, you’ve probably already seen it. Event planners use social media ad content in the form of sponsored posts, tweets, or advertisements that smoothly integrate into standard newsfeeds and promote clicks and leads that have been converted.

How potent are social media advertisements?

Particularly for tickets and event registrations, social media advertisements on sites like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat may be quite successful. In reality, social media accounts for about 25% of views on tickets sites, and 80% of individuals who see an advertisement on social media eventually buy it, if not right away. Given such statistics, event organisers cannot afford to not utilise social media advertisements to market their events.

How to use social media to put adverts

If you’re not acquainted with the process, there are three crucial stages you must take before launching your social media campaign: choosing your target audience, testing different types of content, and utilising analytics to determine your social media marketing priorities.

Now that designers have access to game-changing technologies like Eventbrite Boost, the first step has never been simpler. Based on your attendee profile, Boost may help you focus your targeting by interests, age, gender, and behaviour. Your funding is redirected to the advertising that get the best results. Following that, you may increase the population of your targeted group by using lookalike targeting to connect with individuals who share your interests and are most likely to attend your event.

The first few weeks of running sponsored advertisements are when you enter the trial phase. Try publishing various content types (such as pictures and videos) on each social media platform, and observe which ones are successful there. For instance, you could discover that your Facebook friends want more information than your Twitter character restriction of 140 words permits.

Lastly, approach social media scientifically. To make sure your money is used effectively, you can measure your influence on each social network with the correct statistics. All of that information is available and conveniently located within the Eventbrite Boost event management platform. You can pinpoint precisely who is seeing, connecting with, and purchasing tickets using social media and the analytics of your ticketing platform.

How to write text and generate advertisements for social media

We have some professional advice before you get started that you can use into your creative approach to keep it focused and aid in improving the performance of your social media content. You’ll quickly produce effective text if you follow these steps.

Set objectives.

Set tiny, attainable objectives for each post that you wish to complete. Maybe you want to increase brand recognition. Metrics like the amount of likes and clicks per post and the growth in followers since your previous post may be used to gauge effect.

Activate their interest

We’re not arguing that you have to envelop your event in secrecy (although in some cases that might be effective). You only need to capture the attention of the readers or viewers of your advertisement to pique their interest in learning more about the event. By providing just a portion of the tale, for instance, and including a call to action to visit your event landing page to learn more, you might arouse interest.

Keep it brief.

We’ll keep it brief, and you ought to too. Make sure the text in your adverts is brief and to the point. You only have two seconds on average for social media users to pay attention, so you need to be concise in your communication.

Combined use of graphics and copy

Visual media have traditionally dominated social media. Particularly with regard to photo-based networks like Instagram Therefore, it’s crucial to include photographs and videos to make aesthetically engaging advertisements. To make your event stand out and attract leads, make sure the language and images work well together and convey a cohesive narrative.

Encourage involvement

It’s a smart idea to include your audience in marketing, particularly if the focus of your event is an established neighbourhood. Use CTAs to entice people to do an action in advance of your event, such as leaving a user-generated response to one of your posts. Ask spectators to remark on their favourite moment from your event or the thing they are most anticipating. This draws in the viewers and offers free third-party advertising. Getting commenters to reply to a CTA using images, GIFs, or memes, for instance: “Show us you’re a fan of X without saying us you’re a fan of X,” has recently been a very common practise on social media.

start a conversation

People like having their opinions heard. Engage followers in discussion by posing queries and soliciting feedback on lighthearted issues associated with your event. To ensure community rules are observed and only courteous replies are posted, make sure someone on your team is keeping an eye on the responses.

Social media copy templates and samples that are free

Every stage of the ticket sales cycle is covered by the 51 social media text templates and samples that are provided below. You’re sure to discover something that properly matches your campaign whether you’re searching for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram ad text samples.

Illustrations of social media text used to promote events before they go on sale

Here are some sample templates you may use to publicise your event in advance and create a big impression when tickets go on sale.

Some of the ideas in the list below will send event attendees to your call to action, whether that be to check out your event website, RSVP to your email or Facebook Messenger pre-sale list, or mark oneself as “Interested” on your Facebook Event.

Combine this content with visual elements to draw attendees’ attention, such as a video compilation or images from previous events to generate enthusiasm.

  1. Want to be the first to get tickets for [Name of Event] this year? Subscribe to our email list.
  2. Remember this day! On [Event Date], [Name of Event] will return.
  3. You’ve heard it first here: To purchase tickets for [Event Name], mark [Date] on your calendars.
  4. Are you prepared to [Learn Everything You Need to Know], [Dance Your Heart Out,” or [Tap Into Your Inner Artist]? Next week, tickets will be on sale!
  5. Join us for dinner and dancing during [Event Month or Season]! Coming soon: Tickets for [Name of Event].
  6. Without you, [Name of Event] wouldn’t be the same! To guarantee you receive tickets before they sell out, sign up right now.
  7. We are prepared for you, [Year]! Come join us during [Event Season] at [Name of Venue or Location].
  8. [Name of City or Place] get ready! You may expect us in [Month or Year]. In order to ensure that you don’t miss out, subscribe to our newsletter.
  9. Become the friend who always has the greatest ideas. To be the first to learn about our next event, sign up right now.
  10. Two tickets are up for grabs as we celebrate our upcoming event! To access:
  11. Like this article! Pass the lineup poster around! Comment and mention us again!

Don’t base the success of your marketing on clicks.

Don’t only look at your ad clicks to gauge performance; also consider reach, particularly when generating awareness at this point. According to our analysis, views rather than clicks are the real source of 85% of transactions. These visitors could go to your website, Facebook page, Instagram account, or both before converting and purchasing tickets later.

2. Use copy to boost registrations and ticket sales around the start of your sale

The ideal social media text template is provided in this section for use when your event page has just been published and ticket sales have begun. It’s critical to get this step right since this is the essential content that entices potential attendees to purchase tickets or register for your event. These concepts also work well with images, such as video collections or pictures from previous events, much as in the examples given in the previous section.


  1. The time you’ve been anticipating has come… [Name of Event] tickets are now on sale.
  2. You may be in this on [Date of Event]! [Name of Event] tickets are now on sale.
  3. Feel the excitement? Learn more about [Event Name] and purchase your ticket right now.
  4. Who’s up for doing it once more? Tickets for [Year/Month] are now available!
  5. Calling all fans of independent music, decision-makers, athletes, etc. [Name of Event] tickets are now on sale!
  6. Registration for [Name of Event] is now open! The [Hottest, Smartest, Most Fun] event of the season is now accepting registrations.
  7. Prepare to [Action Statement That Pertains to Your Event: Learn From the Best People in the Business, Eat All The Best Things…] It’s time for the [XX]th annual [Name of Event]. Purchase your tickets right now and come visit [Location]!
  8. Come to [Name of Event] and enjoy [Highlight Something Else Attendees Can Do At Your Event] with [Describe Types of Performers, Speakers, or Experts]! Now selling tickets.
  9. This [Year or Month] at [Name of Event], [Verb], [Verb], and [Verb]! Now selling are tickets for #[Event Hashtag].


Make purchasing simple for fans.

Most of the advertising in the aforementioned instances connect to your event’s ticketing page. However, if you create your event on Eventbrite and share it on Facebook, attendees may instantly purchase tickets via the Facebook app on their mobile device. By doing this, after they click on your ad, they won’t even need to leave the app to make a purchase.

3. Templates for advertisements that leverage your lineup to persuade “Interested” visitors to “Go”

Your event’s speakers, performers, artists, or menu have just been revealed; it’s time to start building hype! To inform ticketholders of what to expect and to attract potential buyers, use the following templates with images or videos of your lineup. Again, you’re encouraging attendees to register or purchase tickets, so make it appealing and compelling.

  1. Here is the lineup. Purchase your tickets right now to watch the [Headlining Acts].
  2. The fact that [Name of Performer, Speaker, or Special Guest] will be returning to [Event Name] this year makes us really happy. Sign up today.
  3. Please welcome [Name of Speaker, Performer, or Special Guest]. [A Brief Description of This Person’s Career or Accomplishments] Get your tickets now to see her in person!
  4. Just announced: On [Event Date], [Name of Performer or Speaker] will join us at [Name of Event]!
  5. Here’s a PSA: You run the risk of missing [List of Headline Acts]. Tickets are selling quickly!
  6. What could possible be better than [Name of Event]? [Name of Special Guest, Mini-Event, or Food Type]
  7. Love [Name of Artist, Speaker, or Interest]? Make sure to catch them at [Name of Event]. Before they sell out, get your tickets!
  8. Greetings on your birthday, [Name of Noted Special Guest]! On [Event Date], we can’t wait to rejoice with you at [Name of Event].
  9. It’s a done deal! We are honoured that [Name of Special Guest] will be attending [Name of Event] once again.
  10. Put the [Speakers/Performers/Bands] out of your mind. We’re excited to share the menu for [Name of Event]!


To let visitors know what to anticipate at your event, use video.

Potential attendees are unsure about what to anticipate, particularly for events that are being held for the first time or that lack well-known performers. More than a picture, a video can quickly convey to viewers what will happen and why they should purchase. It was simpler to make this video than you would think. Start with one of these five free event video samples.

4. Using limited-time offers and expiring alternatives, social media ads may generate a sense of urgency.

When your ticket or registration rates are going to increase (i.e., an early-bird deal is about to end) or you’re giving time-limited discounts to create urgency, these templates work well. It’s up to you to let people know about the bargain since they’re more inclined to buy right away if they believe they’re going to miss it. To encourage people to purchase tickets or register, include pictures and videos from your most recent event together with a countdown graphic.

  • Get your tickets now and save £50 off the general admission cost.
  • The remaining tickets are nearly gone! Purchase yours right now.
  • The [Event Name] ticket offer is much better for those who buy early. Purchase yours before the [Date] price increase!
  • Our presale has been prolonged! You have 48 hours left to purchase [Name of Event] early bird tickets.
  • At midnight, prices increase. Before it’s too late, get your [Name of Event] early bird tickets!
  • 50 early bird tickets are still available. Get yours now before the price increases.
  • There are just 24 hours left to get [Name of Event] tickets at the early bird discount!
  • Only [XX] VIP seats remain! Don’t pass up the opportunity to [Name At Least One VIP Ticket Benefit] at [Name of Event].
  • The [Name of Event] last [Month/Year] was sold out; don’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of the fun!
  • Tickets for [Name of Event] are just [XX] remaining. Order yours now!

Ads should always be A/B tested.

Each audience is unique. You may fine-tune and adjust your ad message over time by comparing the results of numerous advertisements. These tests may be set up manually or automatically using a tool like Eventbrite Boost that connects to your Eventbrite account. This allows you to capitalise on your most effective campaigns.

5. Using social media copywriting templates to attract decision-makers at the last minute

One week out from the event, you need to convince any hesitant attendees to sign up right away. Use the social media ad examples below in conjunction with a countdown or meme about a Friday night alone and bored at home! For the last few stragglers to purchase tickets or register for your event, fear of missing out (FOMO) is your buddy.


  • The time is now! Only a few [Name of Event] tickets are still available.
  • The remaining tickets are nearly gone! Purchase yours right now.
  • There are [X] days till [Name of Event], and the clock is ticking. Have you got your tickets yet?
  • Surprise visitor warning: Get your tickets right now to learn more about [Celebrity Chef/Performer/Speakerpresence. ]’s
  • Get your tickets now, and tomorrow, on Instagram Stories, you can make all your pals envious.
  • We’re a better dating option than “Netflix and relax,” so believe us. Buy your tickets right now.
  • Here’s to the storytellers, thinkers, musicians, and foodies. Join us at [Name of Event] one last time.
  • [Name of Event] is approaching quickly! Do you currently have your tickets?
  • Last opportunity to get tickets for [Event Name] or risk sitting at home with FOMO
  • Your choices for the weekend are: Grab one of the last tickets for [Event Name] or choose to stay home and suffer from FOMO. Your decision is yours.

Pro tip

Lastly, a post-event advertisement

After your event is over, you’re ready to capitalise on the hype to boost sales at the next one. Use this template together with your recap video after the event:

Don’t be sad that it’s done; be happy that we’ll be back in [X] days! Purchase your future tickets right now.

Enhance your Community

You may use your newfound ability to write engaging and imaginative social media ad content in your next campaign. You’ll need a plan while you’re constructing it to get the maximum sales for the smallest investment.

Fortunately, we offer solutions so you may simplify your life. Utilize a registration or ticketing platform that interfaces with ad automation services, such as Eventbrite Boost, to plug in your text and be sure you’re successfully promoting ticket sales.

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