5 Creative Hotel Ideas That Really Work For Events

In North America, the typical corporate event marketer spends between $1,200 and $1,700 per registrant on event promotion alone. By coming up with innovative hotel concepts, you can draw in more event planners and fill up your hotel rooms while demonstrating the value of their investment.

Check out the examples of successful brand strategies in the suggestions below. Then, discover how to modify each of these original hotel suggestions to suit your specific target market. Then, find out more about how to distinguish your hotel from the competition and what you can take away from the most well-known hotel in the world.

5 Creative Hotel Ideas That Really Work
5 Creative Hotel Ideas That Really Work

How can you get meeting planners to stay at your hotel?

Draw event organisers to your hotel with innovative marketing, practical answers to their most frequent issues, and knowledgeable personnel.

Investigate innovative hotel concepts to boost group business

Check out these practical examples of hotel marketing techniques to draw in event organisers and fill all of your available spaces. Discover highlighted examples from HMA and Magellan award winners along with advice on how to alter each of their strategies to fit your particular hotel brand.

1. Use video to personalise booking queries.

Respond to event organisers’ emails with a customised video message. Introduce yourself to your onsite events organiser, go through your responses to their questions, and suggest any extras you believe would be a wonderful fit for their event.

Sending a brief, two- or three-minute video with your message can help you get their attention and establish a deeper connection. Do not worry about altering it; genuine, unedited material is a well-liked approach to engage with prospects and clients on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Use apps like Animoto or BombBomb to add personalised branding, unique GIFs, and integrated video messages.

Why it works: Transactional emails from hotels are commonplace for event planners to receive. Videos assist in bringing a distinctively human aspect to the sales process that will distinguish your company.

Award-winning example: Hintlesham Hall was able to increase its income by £32,000 (a 729% ROI) by using this tactic in conjunction with a Google ad marketing funnel to secure four wedding reservations in only four months. A unique URL with a video message from their on-site wedding coordinator and a compelling call to action was emailed to prospective event planners.

Customize it for your hotel: A straightforward FAQ landing page with popular subjects concerning each of your event locations can streamline response videos. For instance, a hotel with a variety of meeting spaces may indicate the technology that is accessible in each room if most of its guests utilise presenting equipment.

Try using simple design and inventive approaches to market your venue space.

2.Get Going Free  Focus on the knowledgeable team members.

In order to attract event planners, highlight your top workers and their areas of specialisation in your hotel marketing. Describe your strengths, your credentials, and how you can support event planners in achieving their objectives.

When deciding which staff members to highlight who are linked, think beyond the box. Take into account the benefits that your concierge, hotel attendants, and parking valets may directly or indirectly provide to event organisers.

Why it works: Event planners have a variety of lovely locations to choose from, but they also want assistance in realising their ideas. Quality on-site help is a priceless benefit that can be the deciding factor in their choice.

Award-winning illustration: On their Experts in Events website, The Elvetham Hotel highlights their incredible employees. Their biographies are written in the form of a Q&A with personal stories and expert advice for event planners.

Customize it for your hotel: Accentuate team members whose responsibilities best meet the demands of your intended audience of event planners. For instance, if your hotel caters to gala planners, post catering crew interviews with tips on how to create the greatest menu for a benefit evening.

3. Supply a venue menu that is a la carte.

Choose personalised experiences over pre-packaged ones. Within each major event category, provide a menu of services and enable event planners choose the ones that best meet their requirements. Promote the use of tools that will make the procedure simple and convenient for them.

Why it works: Event planners often find themselves forced to choose from restrictive hotel packages that don’t exactly fit all of their clients’ requirements or constraints. Give kids a feeling of independence by providing an a la carte menu from which they may select.

Award-winning illustration: The Marriott Meetings Made at campaign places a focus on digital booking encounters that let event planners choose from a variety of delectable meals, intriguing add-ons, and a committed staff of onsite coordinators.

Customize it for your hotel: Distinguish between your most popular event space packages. Curate a best hits list based on the components that event planners believe to be their primary selling factors. Then, to provide event planners additional alternatives without increasing your costs, assist them in determining which food and service options go well with each venue.

4.Host a themed pop-up party, according to Event Sales Tip Sheet

With your own event, demonstrate to event organisers how fantastic your facility is. Create a great social event, record the planning process, and promote the whole event to event organisers who may wish to hold like events at your venue.

Bonus points if you include KPIs, your own objectives for event attendees, and a post-event report that describes how the venue supported your accomplishments.

Why it works: When event planners make significant financial expenditures in hotel venues and rooms, they sometimes are unable to “test before they buy.” Show off how your ballroom, conference room, or multipurpose area might appear during an event. Be open and honest about the procedure and outcomes so that event organisers will know exactly what to anticipate.

Award-winning illustration: The Montague Hotel turned its rustic ski lodge and event space into a winter paradise with themed décor, distinctive drinks, and plush lounge spaces. The gathering brought in additional money for the hotel and provided event organisers with practical suggestions for using the special site.

Make it specific to your hotel: Think about the event kinds that your hotel would most want to host and come up with creative methods to show off how they would look in your venue. If your hotel prefers to book business events over private ones, hold VIP client lunches there or support a mini-convention for pertinent neighbourhood merchants.

5. Clearly state it with a targeted marketing.

Don’t be hesitant to explain to event planners your hotel’s wholly distinct brand, marketing strategy, or space via an educational campaign. If it isn’t already obvious how each of your assets connects, you might also construct a clear throughline.

Use sales writing and content marketing to spread this information. Show that your hotel is a pioneer in this field and that it is willing to help event planners understand this novel idea.

Why it works: Event planners want to come up with unique solutions for their tasks but lack the time to investigate every new fad that enters the market. Explain the advantages and possibilities of your distinctive hotel product and similar ones so they may easily include your innovative suggestions into their own tactics.

Award-winning illustration: Roomzzz, a network of hybrid apartments hotels, sought to clarify to clients the idea behind their facility. They also sought to dispel any misunderstandings about the inherent advantages of an aparthotel. In order to do this, they coupled visually appealing posters with succinct one- to two-sentence summaries of what they do and why it’s wonderful for their target demographic.

Customize it for your hotel: First, think about the medium that will best reach event planners. For instance, Roomzzz is aware that its target demographic—Millennials—will be captivated by edgy visuals and strange images. Decide what, if anything, puzzles event organisers about your hotel, and then succinctly explain it. Third, develop a campaign around this straightforward message to draw even more event organisers to your hotels and event venues.

How can I distinguish my hotel?

Make your hotel stand out by using tailored video emails, landing sites with different segments for different kinds of event planners, or campaigns based on in-depth customer profiles. Increase revenue from event planners by offering custom package alternatives and knowledgeable on-site employees that can assist them in achieving their objectives.

What hotel is the most well-known in the world?

Due to its distinctive design and lavish rooms, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai is the most well-known hotel in the world. Use their seven-star hotel practises as a model for how to draw in more event planners using straightforward tactics like offering attendees fresh refreshments, opulent interior design, and individualised service.

Use these inventive hotel ideas.

Now that you’ve learned the tricks, you can implement some of the most innovative, award-winning hotel concepts ever. You also understand why these specific suggestions draw in event organisers. And you know how to modify it to meet your own hotel brand and establishment. Next, use necessary hotel marketing materials to promote your new hotel concepts to event planners. For additional advice on luring event planners, see our comprehensive guide to hotel marketing.

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