5 Travel Trends to Consider for Your Attraction

In the case of a cultural or professional conference, trade expo, or home and garden display, both locals and those from farther off may attend. A good event planner will keep tabs on the latest travel trends in the event sector to better anticipate the kinds of things that people will want to see at their event.

5 Travel Trends to Consider for Your Attraction
5 Travel Trends to Consider for Your Attraction

Visitors often make extensive plans before attending an event, so it’s important to promote your attraction in a way that draws in visitors from far and wide. As the event sector recovers from the limits imposed by the pandemic, you should learn how to entice people to travel to your event while keeping the COVID-19 standards for gatherings in mind. When organising your next trip, keep these five travel tendencies in mind.

1. Buyers are enticed by local relationships and benefits.

If people are going to travel to be at your event, you should make sure they have plenty to do while they’re there. Incentives that are worth the extra effort will entice people from out of town to attend your event. Emphasize activities that introduce guests to the customs, landmarks, and special features of your location.

You may, for instance, team up with a popular eatery in the area to provide deals or a tasting menu to your event’s guests. It’s possible that the local museum might offer guests a special fee if they wanted to come during the event. Organize a tour to a nearby museum or a stroll in a scenic park.

Your venue’s proximity to nearby hotels gives you the opportunity to negotiate discounted rates for your attendees. Create and disseminate a list of local attractions and hotspots in collaboration with the visitors’ bureau. If you can make your area more enticing through partnerships and advantages, more people will be willing to come there.

Offering free or discounted merchandise made in the area might also help boost turnout. Create free branded items like t-shirts, stickers, and water bottles with the event logo and the location information printed on them. Don’t forget to incorporate any regional icons (such famous dishes or landmarks) into the visuals.

You need people to come to your event, but you don’t know where to start. Get started with your regulars.

2. Having easy access is crucial

All those who are taking the time and expense to travel by plane, rail, or bus to your event will require some sort of local transportation services once they arrive. Making your location easy to get to will save them time and effort and increase interest in visiting.

Start by coordinating with ground transportation providers in the area to facilitate guest arrival. Provide a list of suggested modes of transportation, such as the public transportation system, ridesharing services (with drop-off and pickup points), and onsite parking and valet choices. Shuttle buses or vans could be operated from the airport to the event site or a partner hotel.

Facilitate the availability of transportation details for guests. Share these choices with attendees via email or social media after they’ve registered. If you want to be able to address any inquiries that users may have about transportation on your website or app, you should think about adding a chatbox or other communication options. It’s important to keep in mind that many participants would be making the trip alone, and that these measures might make them feel more at ease.

Thirdly, security is always given top priority.

A key part of attracting visitors is assuring them of their safety, so make sure to highlight any precautions taken. Attractions that have thought through their safety features will draw more visitors.

The designers of Eventbrite, who took part in the Washington, D.C. safety panel Exploring the Challenges of Event Security in a Connected World, stressed the importance of an efficient communications plan in the context of event security. “The recurring theme, across all of my talks with event creators concerning security and safety, is the need of effective communication in the moment of a crisis,” said Tommy Goodwin, director of global field operations at Eventbrite. To rapidly disseminate safety updates to guests, reliable broadband access and communications technologies are essential.

Safeguarding an event’s attendees requires not only the presence of precautions, but also the availability of reliable emergency response systems. NextGen911, a service that can send texts, photos, and video to a 911 data centre to help emergency responders respond faster to calls, was discussed by the panel. If you take these precautions and inform attendees of your plan for emergency situations, they may be more inclined to attend your event.

Fourth, COVID-19 is still a concern.

Even though numerous limitations have been lifted in preparation for COVID-19, safety has not been forgotten. If you want your attendees to have a good time and feel safe at your event, you need to make sure they know about your plans for COVID-19.

Be sure to send registered participants an email outlining your COVID-19 safety plan or post it on your website and social media pages. Plan for the following contingencies:

advice on mask use, including when and where it is necessary to wear one (such as when visiting indoor attractions)
Distancing principles, such as how you might spread out visitors to various attractions and how you might control crowd sizes
Large indoor or outdoor ballrooms or other venues with plenty of space between guests can help people of varying degrees of social comfort feel at ease.
Desinfecting and cleaning of various surfaces
The need for vaccinations, if any
In the event that you recommend a hotel, it is your responsibility to ensure that the hotel has taken the necessary procedures to protect guests from the CO

5. Travelers are interested in environmentally friendly practises.

The concept of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the events industry. Try to identify ways to lessen the impact your event has on the environment, no matter what kind it is.

A good place to start is by offering event materials digitally rather than in print. The use of electronic check-in means you can forego the need for paper tickets. For customers who would rather not travel, you can provide a streaming or hybrid option to save carbon emissions. Another fantastic method to save money is to hold the event in a location that guests can easily reach on foot or by bicycle from their accommodations, and to provide them with information about safe routes and bicycle rentals.

There are a tonne of eco-friendly alternatives you may use for the refreshments at your event. Choose items with minimum packaging that can be recycled, and ask guests to BYOC (bring your own cup). To cut down on waste, you may set up recycling and composting bins around the venue.

By reducing trash and promoting environmentally responsible choices, you may lessen the environmental effect of your event and win over eco-conscious customers. Visit our comprehensive guide for additional sustainable event planning ideas.

In order to boost ticket sales, it is important to recognise patterns in vacationing.
By learning more about your target audience’s demographics and interests, you can provide a better experience and attract more people to your event. In order to know how many people to expect at your event, you must first examine your statistics and determine where they are coming from. You can then allocate your marketing resources accordingly. Examine your analytics to discover what cities and zip codes are most popular so you can make lookalike lists to market to.

Once you’ve determined who you want to attend your event, you can use Eventbrite Boost to tailor your messaging to that specific demographic. Your messages should not only excite and motivate your audience about the upcoming event, but also ensure their safety by providing them with all the relevant logistics information they’ll need to prepare for it.

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