6 ATTENDEE RETENTION TIPS TO KEEP YOUR AUDIENCE COMING BACK Retention rate is an essential key performance indicator for any event. Those in charge of organising events may learn something about their audience’s devotion by tracking how many repeat visitors they receive. And as we all know, loyalty is a crucial trait, not only for our guests, but also for our staff, our business associates, our friends, and our family.


Renewed rallying cry

The question now is, how can event planners ensure a high rate of return visitors? Analytics are the key to solving this problem. Attendee behaviour may be gleaned from registration analytics as well as session, engagement, and content analytics. The more positive the experience, the more likely people will return. Let’s take a look at the six actions you can take to improve your event’s retention rate and boost your return on investment.

Seek Opinions and Use Them

Finding out what keeps your audience coming back is essential if you want to retain more of them. One effective method is to collect their opinions at key junctures before, during, and after the event.

  • Pre-event surveys may reveal how acquainted participants are with the event’s location or platform, which sessions will be of greatest interest to them, and what they are most looking forward to.
  • During the event, send out push alerts to get immediate feedback on the various exhibitors, presentations, networking opportunities, etc.
  • To find out what aspects of your event were most well received, look at the social media buzz around it.
  • If you plan on using crowdsourcing techniques like open discussion, Q&A, polling, or upvoting comments, be sure to notify guests in advance and explain the process.

Make sure to gather information from a wide range of attendees by using a variety of methodologies that reflect the event’s demographic and psychographic makeup. It’s important to get feedback from everyone, not just those who are vocal. For instance, an introvert may feel uncomfortable if someone approaches them during a live event and encourages them to share their thoughts. However, there are many who would prefer chat to event employees than use event platforms or event applications to do surveys.

They will appreciate that you value their feedback on the event if you ask them for it. The purpose of hosting an event is often to strengthen the relationship between the event’s attendees and the host company’s brand.

Therefore, feedback alone may help improve retention rates, but only somewhat. A simple precondition for analysing attendance data is collecting feedback. Planners may optimise future events for better attendance retention based on data from past events’ analytics.

Retaining Your Audience

Reduce Dropout Rates and Increase Gamification’s Impact on Attendance

Persons who participate actively and enjoy themselves at your event are more likely to keep coming back in the future. Increasing audience participation and keeping attendees interested is just two of the many aims that may be achieved via the use of event gamification.

Game-based contests and challenges increase attendance, participation, and overall positivity at events. And when it’s all over, they’ll remember it fondly. A variety of activities, such as point systems for attendance and picture contests, may be used to turn any event into a game. Each organiser of an event has to understand what drives their target demographic.

Launch Your Marketing Efforts During The Show

Inviting people to sign up for next year’s event during this year’s event is a terrific approach to improve the percentage of repeat visitors. Recently, Dustin Westling highlighted how this produces a feeling of urgency in an episode of Event Brew.

Tickets should be sold “when you have your audience in person, and they are thrilled. Make compelling inducements for signing up on the spot. For instance: “You pay the standard fee, but you’re treated like a VIP.”

6 ATTENDEE RETENTION TIPS TO KEEP YOUR AUDIENCE COMING BACK Classical conditioning tells us that rewarding good behaviour is a certain way to see more of it. Conference organisers who wish to keep their attendees coming back year after year would do well to incentivize repeat attendance by providing special benefits to those who return, such as early bird registration or VIP access for the price of a standard pass.

Distribution of Content: Real-Time or Asynchronous and Information-Packed

Give your participants the option to see sessions whenever, however, and as often as they choose. You may find out who your most and least popular speakers and sessions were with the use of event management software. This information may aid in the organisation of future gatherings and the improvement of the experience for the attendees.

Make use of the event’s excellent material by showing it to participants after it has ended. You may highlight the most interesting comments on social media, publish a white paper, or make sessions available on demand.

The Benefits of One-on-One Interactions

In order to make an impression on your audience, it’s important to tailor your messages to each individual person. It’s important to tailor your message to your regulars vs those who are considering attending for the first time. Avoid sending a blanket email to everyone; instead of saying “thanks for attending,” focus on encouraging repeat attendance. Customer appreciation is increased by such attention to detail.

In addition, you should contact out to the people who have enthusiastically shared their praise for your event with others. Send your gratitude to them for representing your company in a positive light.

The Community-Based Approach Is King When It Comes To Keeping People In Your Event

Loyal attendees are the lifeblood of every community and the rock upon which it may be built. Providing a hub where participants can continue to network, see presentations at their own leisure, have access to additional materials, and provide continuous feedback can ensure that your event had a lasting impact long after it ended. The anticipation for your yearly in-person event may be ratcheted up by holding smaller events on your community platform throughout the year.

Using all of these tools together, you can boost attendance at your events. Planners are beginning to see the benefits of centralised audience communication, therefore event platforms are increasingly providing yearly subscriptions to event organisers.

How to Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More

Since more of the events business is being digitalized, organisers have more concrete options for retaining attendees and gauging their success. Six strategies have been discussed that may assist planners improve retention:

  • Elicit and act upon comments from attendees,
  • You may make your event more exciting and interesting by including gamified challenges,
  • Start taking sign-ups for your event just when it’s most convenient for you,
  • Reuse the materials that were the most successful at the event and get rid of the rest.
  • It’s important to tailor your messages to each individual customer or visitor.
  • Maintain participation and interaction with the audience after the event has ended.

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