6 Best Event Marketing Tools You’ll Wish You’d Tried before

6 Best Event Marketing Tools You’ll Wish You’d Tried before  Are you currently organising an event and finding the amount of effort required to publicise it to be overwhelming? Relax! You may use a variety of online event marketing tools to create compelling visuals, advertise your event to the right groups, and make it simple for people to purchase tickets.

Planning your event, coordinating with suppliers, and attempting to iron out the kinks so that everything runs well take up a lot of your time. If you’re strapped for funds or just need to get things done fast, we’ll show you some of the greatest resources for promoting an event on your own in this article.

6 Best Event Marketing Tools You’ll Wish You’d Tried before
6 Best Event Marketing Tools You’ll Wish You’d Tried before

An event marketing tool is what?

Any online tool that assists event organisers with the planning and marketing of their event is referred to as an event marketing tool. Creating event visuals, selling tickets, and advertising your event on social media are all things you can do using event marketing tools.

Most of these tools are easy to use, even if you may need to pick up a few skills and watch a few videos. If you’re dedicated to learning more about them, they’ll only become more useful as your expertise increases.

Why should you utilise tools for event marketing?

It’s important looking into resources that may assist you achieve your objectives if you’re unsure of how you’re going to promote an event. However, you must first decide what type of event you want to create and what you need assistance with.

Boost Eventbrite

A platform like Eventbrite may assist you in creating an event page that is simple to share with others if you want to sell tickets for your event. Use a service like Canva to create whatever graphics you need for your event. Additionally, platforms like HubSpot or Eventbrite Boost (seen above) may assist you in connecting with people who could be interested in attending your event if an email marketing campaign is in your future.

Utilizing promotional tools isn’t a failure on your side; rather, it’s a smart method to spread the news about your event fast and effectively because you already have a lot on your plate as you plan and execute it.

The top advertising resources for event planners

We’ve gathered these tools to help with event design, event measurement and analytics, social media, and ticketing since it’s crucial to choose the right tools for your event marketing work.

Screenshot 1 from Canva

Lacking the funds to employ a graphic designer? Using simple, customizable templates, Canva enables you to create social media images, posters, and other design components. Numerous layouts are available for free, and event planners may buy more design components if necessary. Your event will seem more appealing to prospective guests as a consequence of your professional-looking final product.


Chatbots may be programmed to respond to frequent queries from attendees and prospective clients. Websites, smartphone applications, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms may all use this technology. Bonus: You can also instruct chatbots to deliver event reminders.6 Best Event Marketing Tools


Eventbrite provides a simple method to sell tickets to your event and keep track of your consumers, as you are probably well aware, but the platform also has some potent promotional tools. You can create targeted sponsored social advertisements, email campaigns, and email lists with Eventbrite Boost, which will help you promote your upcoming events more successfully.

As a way to help you understand how your campaigns are doing and guarantee return on ad spend, Boost additionally offers you real-time improvements and simple-to-understand analytics.

The Benefits of Participating and Running Sports Events


Hootsuite provides a solution that enables you to manage each social media account from a single location since managing many social media accounts may be a juggling act. Additionally, you may plan and post material, monitor who is talking about your event on social media, and manage all of your event-related social media activity.


CRM Tooling from HubSpot

HubSpot is a great tool for collecting customer data and developing focused marketing campaigns if you want to learn more about the individuals who are attending your events. You’ll be able to categorise your consumers into various lists and promote your events to certain people based on their purchasing patterns.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that can measure website traffic, but it also collects data that event planners may use to their advantage. Google Analytics allows you to track how long people are spending on your tickets page as well as where they are coming from (email, Facebook, or Google, for example). This might affect how much information you put in the event description and where you opt to spend your advertising money.

Ads on social media

Busspepper Facebook Boost Ads

Spreading the word about your event through social media is a simple approach to immediately reach a large number of prospective clients. You may target prospective attendees for your events on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok, however you’ll need to customise your messaging and ads for each site (an Instagram ad looks silly without an eye-catching photo or graphic).6 Best Event Marketing Tools You’ll Wish You’d Tried before

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