7 Stunning Examples of Event Planner Website Design

7 Stunning Examples of  Event Planner Website Design
7 Stunning Examples of Event Planner Website Design

As an event planner, it may be challenging to separate apart from the competition. There are many people and organisations in your region that are familiar with the terrain and skilled event planners. How therefore can you convince prospective customers that your events are superior than the competition? Top-notch website design for event planners is one effective strategy.

Consider your website to be a combination of your digital business card, shop, and sales presentation. A smart website showcases your greatest work, speaks to your ideal clientele, and provides information about you and your company.

In light of this, we compiled some of the best designs for event planner websites available. Find out what makes the websites of the planners and businesses featured below stand out from the competition.

View these 7 striking examples of website design for event planners:

1. The Infinity Hotel Group

Weddings, social gatherings, and business events are the main emphasis of the Nashville, Tennessee-based event company Infinity Hospitality Group. You know exactly what to do next as soon as you see the page. They have a call now button that is clearly visible in their full-screen background picture and encourages you to act.

There is a solid reason why this kind of hero picture is so well-liked. The images you choose offer your audience a glimpse into the kinds of events you organise, and a slideshow with a few rotating images demonstrates your versatility as a scheduler while generating interest and movement on the page.

The “clear call now” option could seem intrusive, but bear in mind that a visitor who arrives via an advertisement or search engine result might be prepared to contact you straight away with their inquiries. There is an immediate, convenient option for potential consumers to get in touch; they don’t need to look for it.

Infinity clarifies what kinds of events they organise farther down the website so that visitors can decide whether they’re a good match. With clear headlines and succinct captions underneath the captivating and attractive photographs, the style is tidy and contemporary. This is a powerful approach to persuade prospective consumers to divide themselves into groups according to the kinds of events they are interested in.

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2. Outstanding Event Planning

Wedding and event planning in tents, private houses and unfinished spaces is a speciality of Brilliant Event Planning. They do a fantastic job of narrating the team’s history and outlining its mission on their website.

The easy beauty of their weddings is succinctly described by Brilliant Event Planning so that prospective customers know exactly what to anticipate. To witness additional instances of easy elegance in action, this section also contains a standout call to action button that leads visitors to their wedding portfolio.

These astute event organisers also have a section on their webpage where they describe their team and their planning methodology for weddings. By showcasing your staff, you build rapport with your audience and generate trust, both of which are crucial in the sales process. The team makes it apparent who they are and that they are capable of handling all the minute elements needed for event preparation by referring to themselves as “type-A creatives.

3. Events by Andrea Freeman

A full-service event planning and design firm, Andrea Freeman gatherings focuses on memorable weddings, opulent gatherings, non-profit fundraisers, and corporate events. Their website is straightforward and unique, and it shines out right away.

Images from previous events occupy almost the whole webpage, which is simply laid up in a mosaic manner. Any image will lead you to a page with additional pictures from the event as well as a description of it if you click on it. This is a fantastic approach to showcase prior work and inspire prospective clients to picture their own event as it might be carried out by that event planner.

In addition, the top of the page navigation makes it obvious that Andrea Freeman Events has a lot more to offer, making it simple for visitors to choose where to go next for more details.

4. Fashion By Design

Events for embassies, charities, foundations and organisations, businesses, and private citizens are the main emphasis of Couture By Design. Given that these events are often very important ones, it is abundantly evident from their comprehensive website that the organisation is used to handling complex events.

By emphasising its ranking as the top corporate event planner for foreign governments, embassies, and banks, CBD’s website emphasises trust. Additionally, they prominently feature their contact information at the top of the website and provide a chat feature in the lower right. Visitors get the impression that they can contact the business right away with inquiries and will be in excellent hands thanks to all of these features.

The homepage of CBD’s website features an overview of all of their products. This makes sense given that they plan intricate events for clientele who are multinational and diplomatic. Highlighting all of the many services you provide might be a useful method to demonstrate that you are up to the job if your events are especially complicated.

5.Mandy Marie Creative.

A full-service design and planning firm for weddings and events is Mandy Marie Creative. The business’s website is easy to navigate because to its organisation, cleanliness, and smart design.

They organise into the major categories of “about,” “portfolio,” “press,” and “contact,” and depend on an accordion-style dropdown from each with additional links, as opposed to relying on an excessive number of links in the top navigation. The primary picture on the “about” page is a cutaway style, which is a good break from the typical full-screen image and allows the business to promote its national achievements.

Another positive development is that Mandy Marie Creative is providing a high-quality downloadable resource with their “5-Step Process to Creating an Accurate Wedding Budget.” This encourages prospective customers to sign up for their email list and demonstrates to visitors that they are aware of some of the most often asked topics about wedding preparation. Even though this is a staple of content marketing, not many websites for event planners make use of it.

6.Pearl Events

In Austin, Texas, Pearl Events organises social, business, and wedding events. The organisation uses graphics to communicate their message on a straightforward, traditional-looking website.

Although their “about” page makes it apparent that they can do much more, from “refined and embellished” to “raw and edgy,” Pearl Events instantly demonstrates that they can put on some excellent classic-styled events by employing a conventional frame shape around their primary homepage picture. its brand has an exquisite, historic air, which is reflected in its logo, typography, and message. As with Pearl Events, you should make sure that all of the components of your event planner website design work together to provide a unified appearance and feel for your company.

7.Kristin Banta Events

One of the most distinctive website designs you’ll see is for Kristin Banta Events, and it functions perfectly.

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