7 Types of Audiences: An Event Creator’s Guide to Attendee Personas

A good event designer is aware of the many audiences that exist and could attend their events; they know how to locate them, how to best communicate with them, and, most crucially, what they will want and anticipate on the event day.

Reaching your target audience is the next step after determining who they are. There are several approaches to doing this with the most effect, from picking the best ticketing site (preferably with an audience of engaged, interested individuals with a variety of interests) to developing a strong marketing plan.

Seven important attendee archetypes have been chosen for you to take into account for your next event based on the results of our thorough 2023 Event Trends Report.

7 Types of Audiences: An Event Creator’s Guide to Attendee Personas
7 Types of Audiences: An Event Creator’s Guide to Attendee Personas

An Event Creator’s Guide to Attendee Personas: The 7 Types of Audiences

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How Eventlocks  Analysed the Audience to Discover Demographics
Eventlocks  assisted artists in making connections with 11.7M distinct paid ticket purchasers in Q4 2022 – our biggest consumer audience in three years!

So, we conducted a poll of this group to learn more about the audiences that often attend certain events. This is based on their behaviours, the demographics they share, and the kinds of marketing strategies that are most effective in attracting them.

We’ll go into great detail about the many target markets, their demographics, and how to contact each of them based on the data and results in the complete study. We’ll outline who they are and why you should be interested below!

1. essentialists

These individuals choose attending events above many other activities because they see them as critical priorities.

This population spends more on events than the typical individual and tends to be younger (15% Gen Z, 14% Gen Y). Despite being avid music fans, they are far more likely than the typical attendee to enjoy networking opportunities, speed dating, silent discos, 5k walks, and spiritual activities.

2. People looking to connect

The chance to interact with others who have similar interests to your own has always been a driving force for participants from all over the world. According to our Event Trends Report, 61% of individuals use events to lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation. These are the people looking to connect!


“I am optimistic about the sense of community and camaraderie that develops as a result of my events — meeting people who share my passion and witnessing acquaintances turn into friends.”
Response to the 2023 Attendee Survey


3. Seekers of experience

Today, a lot of people value experiences above material things, and our audience is no exception! 55% of men and 64% of women prefer receiving tickets to a live performance over a material object as a present.

4.The Comfort-Zoners

There is a definite generational split in this audience group, which has a preference for the things they already know and is eager to attend familiar settings that are near to home with existing acquaintances. While Gen Z wants to discover new places, Boomers prefer familiar places (68%).

5. Introverts

According to our 2023 Event Trends Report, 30% of attendees identify as introverts; in that year, they’ll be more drawn to intimate settings, well-known locales, and local events (there is overlap with comfort-zoners, and some event creators may find that their events appeal to both personas).


“People will want to interact with your brand more when they see it more often [through Boost]. Eventlocks  serves as a useful centre for events that aren’t headlined by big names or very well-attended.

Hatfield, Mackenzie

6.Online users

Although virtual events are still a choice, live events are coming back. In fact, 56% of survey participants said that they love virtual events because they can participate even if they are unable to attend in person, and 49% claimed that virtual events are simpler to accommodate into their schedules.

7. Socially Astute

Social-savvy attendees tend to be female (46%, compared to 37% of males) and are mostly Gen Y (58%) or Gen Z (60%), relying on visual-first platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to learn about events and live experiences.


The many audiences you would anticipate to discover in a crowd of event attendees are very briefly touched upon in this analysis. If event organisers want to have the most effective events possible, they must have a thorough understanding of various categories of individuals. Download the whole report to get more detailed information, learn more about demographics and each target group, and discover the best ways to approach them.

Are you prepared to reach a larger audience? Contact our specialists right now to learn more about our Eventlock solutions that will enable you to promote to your audience, increase demand, and sell more tickets.

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