7 Winning Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

Finding high-performing trade show booth design ideas might be difficult. Additionally complicated are 1010 booths in particular because of their size. However, they are a well-liked and affordable choice you may utilise to distinguish your house.

This is why we’ve put up a list of original suggestions for you to employ to win over event planners and their group business via interactions that will strengthen your connections at any trade show. See examples of successful booths from award-winning businesses and learn how to alter each booth’s design to suit your particular trade show objectives.

Winning Trade Show Booth Design
Winning Trade Show Booth Design

Discover 7 effective trade fair booth design ideas:

Investigate original ideas that are simple to use in tiny booth displays. Discover useful advice for putting up each booth concept, as well as the design’s merits. Additionally, have a look at how other well-known businesses used it to see how you might tailor the concept to your hotel.

1. A jungle within.

Trade show halls use what seems like a limitless number of booths, which may sometimes seem boring. Because of this, including natural elements into your hotel’s trade show booth design will make it stand out.

This is a particularly excellent option if your hotel has a lovely landscape that sets it apart from the competition or even if you’re just beginning to provide new environmentally friendly amenities. The Nashville-based Opryland Hotel is one such instance.

Bring life to your trade show exhibits.


It’s an affordable method to give your exhibit a unique appearance. It’s reasonably priced since potted house plants normally cost $5 apiece, or you may be able to bring some in from the workplace.

It has a pleasing appearance. People naturally perceive greenery and plants to be beautiful (which they then instinctively share with the world via social media). There’s a significant probability that this exhibit will be the most widely discussed and photographed during the whole trade fair.

Real-world illustration Using this technique, Orgatec produced a trade fair booth that won an award. They paired vibrantly coloured seats with luxuriant, tropical palm plants. Attendees wanted to relax and spend time there since the outcome seemed more like a high-end lounge than a trade fair booth.

Make it your own: Although Orgatec utilised a much more space than a 1010 area for their version, you can simply add bright colours (like pinks, yellows, and so on) to make it seem as they did. Also, as your booth will likely be the most Instagrammable feature of the whole trade fair, make sure to place a prominent hashtag on or right behind it.

2. The two-color format.

Only use the colours black and white when designing your whole trade show exhibit. Black shelves or a counter against white walls will draw the eye. The planners’ eyes will thereafter be under your complete control.

Use paint (if the booth rental business permits) or carefully pin-up samples of ironed textiles to give the effect of a black and white booth. Utilize additional white to provide contrast with the environment outside of your exhibit as most trade show booth designs focus heavily on black. Then, insert the full-color logo of your hotel anywhere in the centre. Using diagramming tools, you may even put black and white schematics of your meeting room on the wall to demonstrate to planners all the special features of your venue, even down to the wall outlets.


This one should be simple to pull off depending on your rental choices as all you need are black and white booth dividers, walls, and chairs. Even if your options are restricted, you may still create a monochromatic appearance with what you have.

Because the remainder of the booth will be so plain (but intriguing), this trade show booth design concept is excellent for hotels that want to highlight a specific aspect of their group business offering to trade show attendees, such as a recently refurbished room, a new location, or a new wellness service.

Real-world illustration To achieve a minimalist appearance, Oligo blended black and white booth components with a few colourful murals and plenty of white lights throughout their show. Feel the light was the sole writing in their whole booth, which was fitting considering that their primary product, lighting solutions, popped out against the black and white backdrop.

Personalize it: If you know how to concentrate attention, little booths may have a significant effect. Additionally, colour may simply be used to optimise your investment with little additional work if you have a tight budget. If your design isn’t compatible with your rental possibilities, think about purchasing inexpensive furniture and spray-painting it in the same colour. Alternately, attempt the reverse and make your display’s focus piece a solid white or black while going crazy with the rest of its surrounds.

3. puppet in shadow.

The mysterious and symbolic nature of shadows appeals to people, which is why great works of art often use them both literally and figuratively. Ideally, one of them will be your 10 x 10 trade show booth design. The heads of individuals listening to a keynote speaker, a group conversing in your hotel lobby, a group watching a keynote speaker, or even your hotel’s brand in a recurring tiled pattern may all be shown in your booth shadows.

Hotels must produce their shadow effect without light since trade show venues are required to use strong overhead lighting. Display a black-painted wooden or paper form right within your hotel’s booth. Alternatively, you might utilise a projector to create shadows on the back wall of your 10 by 10 trade show booth.


In addition to the typical hotel email newsletter sign-up or trade fair freebie, it offers a fresh avenue for involvement.

It is creative and provocative, making it stick out more than other booths that are probably simply using typical display strategies.

Real-world illustration Kohlhaas Messebau made the decision to create a fantasy garden party entirely out of cut-out shadows. They had a fence, a wheelbarrow, shrubs, a watering can, and even one or two naughty gnomes among their layered set pieces.

Create your own symbolism by thinking about what is special about your hotel, business, or brand and incorporating it into your own shadow set. The garden and all its entertaining animals were chosen because the brand in the aforementioned example wanted to portray the impression that ideas flourish there. If crafts aren’t your thing, think about utilising a projector with digital shadow pictures and a wall that’s empty.

4. Structural elements.

A successful trade fair booth design concept combines a popular childhood pastime with cooperation and symbolism. All you need for this idea is a Jenga set (either normal or jumbo works), a table for participants to play on, and some words or phrases to put on the actual Jenga blocks. Your choice of words should convey a metaphor or meaning. The simple process of “making” or “breaking” something with strangers can be endearing and sad, as you’ll see in the case below.

Write terms or phrases related to your chosen conceptual subject on your Jenga blocks (for example, “teamwork,” “producing events,” or “organising meetings”).


It’s a humorous game that bridges language barriers and brings people together who may not ordinarily interact.

It may encourage participants to consider broad ideas, their own growth, and how your organisation fits within all of that.

Real-world illustration Undo was the concept of the building blocks exhibition created by D’art Design Gruppe. Their sculptures are branded with terms like modify, rethink, and simplify because they wanted to convey the pleasure of trial and error. These three striking words represent their individual creative processes and attitudes toward failure.

Personalize it: Talk openly about the difficulties your audience is facing, since you are aware of them from personal experience. Then, omit the business speak and explore the fundamentals of that connection to develop your own building blocks theme. Then, encourage open debate about issues like how to streamline event communication, how to customise the attendance experience, and what loyalty may entail for group business.


The concept of curiosity is wide and easily implemented. This will be a straightforward booth activity with an air of intrigue. Invite guests to play your game with little to no instruction and see what occurs. It may include turning a switch that isn’t indicated or inserting their head in a hole.


A little fun uncertainty will definitely create some buzz as people compare expectations and experiences since most businesses are overtly present at trade events.

Because this activity will serve as the centrepiece of your booth’s design, you may surround it with little ornamentation and yet create a stunning presentation.

Real-world illustration With their enigmatic booth stairs leading to boxes with openings for visitors’ heads, Kplus Konzept carried this concept to the limit. They were treated to a multi-sensory exhibition once inside that was made up of projections and music.

Customize it: In a 1010 exhibit, ladders and head boxes aren’t always feasible for trade show booth designs. However, you may quickly arouse attendees’ attention with additional enigmatic booth components. Take a cue from Jimmy Kimmel Live, for instance, and ask participants to put their hands inside a box while blindfolded before guessing what they feel inside. Bonus points if it relates to the distinctive features of your establishment, such as plush bedding, cutting-edge technology, or wellness amenities. The planner may take the object home or earn a reward if their prediction is accurate!

6. My cosy abode.

This straightforward trade fair booth design concept: Create a living room or lounge atmosphere that will make guests feel at home. Place some foldable chairs, picture frames, and standing lights where planners may relax. Offer them a voice assistant device, a portable steamer, or a coffee maker similar to those they may discover in your hotel room.

Being at home while travelling is one of the top demands of hotel guests, thus this concept is crucial. In fact, 59% of visitors say they prefer utilising these well-known facilities over more conventional offerings like in-suite massages and late-night room service. Which explains why hotels are seeing a rise in demand for interior decor and furnishings that precisely resemble people’s homes, such white noise machines and TVs with streaming video services.


It might be a comfort to locate a space where attendees can unwind for a while since they spend a lot of time standing and moving around at trade exhibitions.

When you have more time to converse with someone than it takes them to get a free pen, connections are simpler to form.

Real-world illustration Arting A/S used fabric panelling, modern wallpaper, and Scandinavian-style furniture to create a warm booth ambiance. They even went so far as to add windows that allowed a glimpse of the outside and the appearance of a second level.

Personalize it: Create a design that will appeal to your audience. If you want to attract millennial or Generation Z planners, make sitting on bean bag chairs enjoyable. Provide seats with extra height and support if the target demographic is experienced corporate planners. Additionally, think about putting up temporary posters, photo frames, or even wallpaper within your booth.

7. Mural.

Why create your complete booth when visitors can do it for you? We intend to say: Your 10 x 10 trade show booth should have one conspicuous wall left free for a group art project. Use pencils, markers, or paint along with brown craft paper, a whiteboard, or a wall of hanging sketchpads. Give them a prompt (such as objectives for the upcoming quarter, encouraging words, or even design concepts for the conference room at your hotel) and then let them loose.


Social interactions included into your trade show booth layout let visitors engage more deeply with your brand and start to link it with satisfying experiences.

Even the simplest trade show booth displays may use it since it’s simple, economical, and entertaining to accomplish.

Real-world illustration Plan-j made the decision to invite people within their 10 by 10 trade show booth so that they could work together on their design projects. Then they invited guests to contribute to their conceptual artwork on the walls by grabbing a pencil (hundreds were suspended from red threads in a stunning show).

Make it your own by taking into account the objectives you have for the trade show and using them as the basis for your interactive mural wall. Want to share a glimpse of your creative process with your audience as Plan-j did? Or maybe you simply want to ask folks to submit a brief list of their gratitudes in order to communicate your company’s core values. Use it to choose the activity based on what you want them to learn.

Find out more about designing a trade show booth here:

How do you come up with designs for trade shows booths?

When it comes to interacting with potential customers at trade shows, first decide what your goals are. next consider what competitors did in earlier competitions. Then, ask consumers in a survey what experiences and promotional items they loved the best. After that, look at the newest trade show trends and technological advancements. Finally, choose three concepts to concentrate on and give your team the following tasks to make them come to life.

How can you get people to stop by your booth at a trade show?

Your trade show booth has to be either aesthetically interesting and attractive or have a wholly original interactive aspect if you want to draw consumers to it.

How should a 10 by 10 trade show booth be set up?

Start with the main point of your booth, which may differ depending on the setup of your booth and the sort of event you’re attending. Will it be a table, a wall, a display, or something else different? Set it up first, and then arrange the rest of the supplies, equipment, and furnishings such that they support your focal point. Additionally, keep in mind that you want to make it simple for planners to connect with your hotel sales personnel, so make sure your furniture provides for the appropriate amount of space. Finish off your setup by adding finishing touches like table bunting and light-up brand banners.

How should a trade show booth be set up?

Both your hotel and your brand should be reflected in the booth décor. That entails incorporating company colours and emblems into your wider theme in clever and engaging ways. Your booth should always feature a table for goods, giveaways, or newsletter sign-ups as well as a few seats for your hotel staff to relax in. The design may then be completed with a sizable logo, a company statement, and display shelves (which are sometimes included with booth rentals). After that, include any signs, images, or posters that are required and make sense.

Use these innovative trade fair booth design ideas to maximise ROI!

Learn how to save time using trade show booth and chair spacing tools so that you know how to draw and engage planners at your next 10 by 10 trade show exhibit.

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