8 Insider Tips for Post-Epidemic Event Marketing 2023

Organizers are navigating a new environment when it comes to engaging audiences and expanding their events now that events programmes are back up and running.

Three knowledgeable community builders and event organisers discussed how they have changed their offers, altered their messaging, and learned new marketing techniques in order to engage audiences both old and new, resulting in increased ticket sales, s event Staying in Touch: Event Marketing In A New World.

Watch the complete event recording, which features Joe Carey of The White Horse music venue in Cork, Jylle Navarro of Neon Naked Life Drawing, and Mooch of Vauxhall Comedy Club in London, below:

Discover the main lessons from each of the event’s presenters by reading on. Do you desire further explanations? View the complete video up top.

8 Insider Tips for Post Epidemic Event Marketing
8 Insider Tips for Post Epidemic Event Marketing

Owner of the Vauxhall Comedy Club, Mooch

Mooch, who is based in London, has been promoting events for more than 20 years. He began with student events before moving on to promote dance music events and, most recently, the comedy industry. He founded the Vauxhall Comedy Club in 2019 and now hosts eight shows daily.

1: Encourage your audience.

The Vauxhall Comedy Club implemented a loyalty card system to entice visitors back to live events, which has had considerable success in assuring repeat returns.

2 “Utilize cutting-edge technology

In order to improve our skills, Mooch explains, “We’ve worked on recording, editing, and adding animations to short movies.” Being under 60 seconds long, they provide viewers a taste of our events and enable us to connect with them on other social media channels, such as TikTok.

3: Use your unique perspective

The expertise of Mooch and his colleagues in email marketing has advanced. In addition to arranging to send out a survey asking consumers how, when, and on what channels they want to be reached, personalised subject lines have enhanced open rates.

Jylle’s Neon Naked Life Drawing class, which she conducts and instructs as a one-person event planning team, is inspired by her expertise in fashion design and performance art.

4″Constantly examine and polish your voice

We’ve all been working in a continuously changing environment, therefore it’s critical to examine your messaging as live events establish themselves in the new normal. That entails ensuring sure all content, whether it be on your website, Eventbrite page, or social media biographies, is current and pertinent.

5: Provide an insider’s viewpoint

Because of the difficulty of describing her events and the likelihood that they will be unlike anything an attendee has ever done, Jylle posts behind-the-scenes reels and/or shorts. Although it is of phone-quality and lacks polish, it is honest, real, and conveys what Neon Naked is all about.

The renowned Cork venue offers an intimate and engaging location that centres around the power of audience engagement and providing unique experiences to a local setting. Joe, a seasoned musician, arranges concerts for all sorts of musical artists there.

6: Encourage word-of-mouth

Members of our gospel choir and guitar club do a fantastic job of disseminating information among their own friends, family, and followers, according to Joe. “We attempt to develop community in a non-contrived way,” he adds. Finding your team or tribe and utilising the awareness they spread on your behalf are key.

7: Share your dedication to health and safety

As attendees begin to return to live events, it is crucial to take all reasonable steps to convince them that their comfort and wellness are a top priority. Effectively promoting this before to your event will increase turnout on the day.

8: Increase internet interest

During lockdown, The White Horse produced Songlines, a run of 27 concerts that were videotaped without an audience. Even though Joe and his group think that, wherever feasible, music events should be experienced live, they now have a library of online content to share with followers and the ability to reach a global audience.

Create a marketing plan.

As soon as your event is live, begin considering your audience, where they hang out online, and the most effective ways to contact them. Tools like Eventbrite Boost keep everything in one place, from customised email marketing campaigns to DIY video content for your social media platforms, so you can track the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and focus on the most effective ones. Ultimately, a successful marketing plan will increase the number of attendees at your subsequent event.

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