8 of the Most Impressive and Unique Virtual Event Examples

Virtual events are becoming more and more popular, and it doesn’t seem like that will change anytime soon. However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions as event planners, venues, on-site personnel, and everyone else engaged in the life cycle of an event prepare for a future full of virtual and hybrid events. These virtual event samples fit with that scenario.

The following virtual event examples range in size, duration, and technology across a number of sectors. But they all had one thing in common: They all happened in 2020, at a time when businesses had a greater need than ever to switch to virtual events.

 Unique Virtual Event
Unique Virtual Event

We thus hope that these virtual event examples may serve as inspiration for you and perhaps even serve as a springboard for some fresh and original ideas, whether you’re a planner charged with organising your first virtual event, a venue management getting ready to host one, or anybody in between.

View 8 of our favorite examples of virtual events:

Salesforce, first Sydney’s World Tour Reimagined

Due to COVID-19, Salesforce became one of the first companies to switch to virtual events for its World Tour event in early March. The safety and welfare of our employees, clients, and community are our top priorities, Salesforce said in a statement on its website. By making World Tour an online event, it allows participants to still take use of the event’s content without having to attend in person or fly to Sydney.

1.Make incredible virtual events

Start right away

The occasion was successful. Salesforce said that the one-day event attracted 1.2 million video views across social networks in addition to the 80,000 livestream watchers. The turnaround speed, though, was maybe the most astounding. Mid-February saw the decision to make the World Tour exclusively virtual. Renata Bertram, vice president of marketing at Salesforce, claims that the team “reimagined the way (they) execute (their) annual flagship event in Asia Pacific in under 10 business days.”

However, the event went well beyond just being a livestream with on-demand footage made accessible after it was over. One of the key elements for the success of a virtual event is that it was engaging for the audience as well. Consider the AppExchange Demo Jam as an example. Participants were given a three-minute window during the event to demonstrate their applications live. After seeing the presentations, audience members had the opportunity to choose the winner. A simple idea, but one that works well nevertheless.

2.The NBA resumed

Although it may not seem like it, the opening of the NBA season in 2019–20 is a virtual event. The season, which began on July 30 after a more than four-month hiatus, has not been as usual. The NBA chose a different strategy since spectators were not permitted to enter the league’s “bubble” in Orlando to watch the games in person. The NBA is allowing spectators to watch games while being displayed on in-arena video boards for players, coaches, and anybody tuning in from around the globe thanks to new technology. Microsoft Teams’ Together mode, which “uses AI segmentation technologies to bring people together into a common context like a conference room, coffee shop, or stadium,” was used to create this virtual fan experience.

Sara Zuckert, the NBA’s Next Gen Telecast director, told The New York Times, “We wanted to design something that would link our fans to the athletes.” Additionally, it improves the broadcast for everyone watching from home while giving supporters a chance to connect.

The NBA also made a tonne of modifications to improve the experience for home fans. These adjustments comprised:

To show off never-before-seen camera perspectives, dozens of cameras were moved closer to the court.

microphones positioned all around the floor to record augmented noises like ball bounces and shoe squeaks.

On-site DJs and broadcasters will reproduce the sounds that teams and fans are used to.

a virtual high-five moment. Through the NBA App, NBA.com, and Twitter, this enables fans to “cheer” for a team virtually. The degree of fan interaction across the globe is then “captured” on in-arena video displays using images and animations that represent those “cheers.”

3.SBC Digital Summit

The April 27–May 1 virtual betting and gaming industry event was created to provide participants with an immersive experience. It really did that.

The SBC Digital Summit made use of “an sophisticated digital infrastructure to provide summit attendees access to fully virtual event venues, containing many of the advantages of a physical conference and expo.”

The Lobby Area served as the “arrival” point for virtual guests, who were subsequently given access to the venue’s numerous rooms. These areas included the Exhibition Hall, where visitors may stop by booths, interact with exhibitors, and peruse merchandise. Additionally, there was the Conference Auditorium where guests could listen to panels and presentations by speakers as well as the Networking Lounge where they could engage in one-on-one or group interactions with other attendees.

4. The Great American 5000 Sports Backers

With the chance to take part in a three-month virtual marathon from San Francisco to New York, the Great American 5000 raises the bar for fitness. This is how it goes:

To advance along their 3,107-mile (5,000-kilometer) trip, participants form teams of up to 12 or 24 individuals and run (or walk) or climb for a total of 24 hours each day.

Each group’s cross-country journey is tracked on a virtual map, and the daily rankings are shown on a scoreboard.

GPS-based running tracking tools include Strava, Map My Run, and others.

The maximum time allotted to teams to finish the expedition is three months (June 14 to September 14).

Teams are also urged to donate to and raise money for Feeding America, the race’s official charity, in order to “make their run mean something even more.”

NBC 12 quoted Sports Backers’ executive director, Jon Lugbill, as saying, “With the introduction of this new event, we want to allow individuals interact with other other on teams and to still engage in an athletic competition.” The Great American 5000 offers the chance to bring a little bit of the American ideal of cross-country running to life while aiding people in need during this crisis and collecting money for Feeding America.

5. “The Digital Festival” Tomorrowland Around The World

The enormous Belgian music festival joined the trend of virtual events in July, providing attendees with a musical experience unlike any other. Attendees may participate in “events, seminars, workshops, games, and other interactive entertainment” during Tomorrowland in addition to seeing performances by musicians like Katy Perry, Steve Aoki, David Guetta, and Martin Garrix.

On a virtual 3D island, the festival featured performers performing in front of thousands of virtual spectators on virtual stages. Just like at a real music festival, there were amazing effects, pyrotechnics, laser displays, sound effects, and more.

Dogstudio, hose CEO and creative director provided some insight into the process a few days before the event started, helped Tomorrowland construct its magnificent virtual platform.

We collaborate closely with Tomorrowland’s internal 3D, creative, and development teams to create an experience that is not only very premium but also captivating, immersive, and user-friendly, he said. We are all actively pushing the limits of what can be done on a web browser as we develop a web-based experience. In addition to the obviously tremendous technological hurdle, our largest problem is ensuring that festival attendees will be able to feel like they are a part of something bigger than their computer and their internet connection.

“People will be able to interact with other festival goers in addition to being fully immersed in Tomorrowland’s new reality. I can state with pride that we are raising the bar for web-based online music experiences, pushing the limits of currently available technology while also ensuring that the platform is even compatible with equipment that is a few years old.

The early-April affair “has all the frills of a real-life ball,” Lilah Ramzi of Vogue wrote after attending. The World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Response Fund and the International Medical Corps received 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales. There was a well-designed invitation, guest list, entertainment, signature drinks, and a host committee.

Ramzi discussed the concept and what to anticipate with the Milsteins before to the event. We’re attempting to innovate within the limitations that we have in order to make Zoomtopia seem like an occasion people are a part of together and to try to translate the atmosphere of an event into the virtual realm since this is rather unexplored area, according to Larry Milstein.

Ramzi said that while the gala was free to host, the Milsteins informed her the next morning that the amount collected had already surpassed $20,000.

7. The Experience of a Virtual Estate

Quintessa’s Virtual Estate Experience, one of the list’s most original instances of virtual events, takes you on a one-of-a-kind tour of the Quintessa Estate vineyard in Napa Valley, California. The tour is conducted by Zoom and includes a private wine tasting of selections that are supplied to participants in advance of the event.

One TripAdvisor customer said, “I had been yearning for an in-person retreat for a visit, but this worked wonderfully as a replacement.” The event was well planned, and sampling kits were offered for the “at home” experience. Although it wasn’t a perfect replacement for the fantastic in-person glass pavilion tasting experience, it was a fantastic diversion from the COVID-19 distance. Many thanks for your originality!

8. Virtual Cvent CONNECT

In late August, Cvent held its first-ever virtual annual conference, which was a huge success. However, the fact that the event itself was hosted via Cvent’s recently introduced product, the Virtual Attendee Hub, makes it one of the most unusual virtual event instances we’ve encountered. The fact that prospective clients could see the platform in action was advantageous since it was created to power all

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