8 Templates to Write the Perfect Event Sponsorship Email

8 free event sponsorship letter templates to build connections Our templates provide examples for several different communication scenarios if you need some help starting your sponsorship letters or emails.  1. The cold introduction [Image of the letter/email (examples here) alongside the text template]  Use this template when: You’re introducing yourself and your event to potential sponsors you’ve never met before.  Hey there,  I saw on LinkedIn that you are involved in {{related product/project}}. I would love to connect and ask your thoughts about an exciting event I’m working on.  Are you free tomorrow at 3pm?  Thanks,  {{Your Name}}  Craft an introduction email they can’t ignore  Of course, you won’t always have a warm connection with potential sponsors. In these cases, you’ll need to “go in cold” and write a sponsorship letter for an event to someone you’ve never met before. Following an event sponsorship letter template with these tips can take the guesswork out of crafting this introduction email.  Don’t panic. Take the time to gather information and learn who’s who at the company. With a bit of research on the company’s website and LinkedIn, you can find an employee in a relevant role. When you’re ready to email your potential sponsor, keep this in mind:  Be clear and concise: Your goal is to start a conversation that will ultimately lead to a meeting to discuss the sponsorship opportunity. The email should focus on the value of your event and what objectives and audience you share. Remember that you’re seeking a long-term partnership rather than a one-off event sponsor. Your message should be brief with just a few sentences. Keep your reader’s attention. Avoid generic greetings and try to personalize your letter. Pro tip: Working your way from a cold intro to the decision-maker can be frustrating. But there’s value in the process. Ask each person you speak with about their business, and by the time you reach the right person, you’ll know what matters most to them.  2. The follow-up email [Image of the letter/email]  Use this sponsorship letter template when: You’ve met a sponsor representative in person at a networking event and want to follow up with them to find out who the decision-maker is on their side.  Hey {{Contact’s Name}},  It was great to meet you last week at {{Event Name}}. Any chance you can suggest the best contact for those in the {{Related Product/Project}} side at your company?  Thanks,  {{Your Name}}  Nail the follow-up sponsorship email  Perhaps your outreach efforts begin at a business event, where you share a promising chat with a representative of your target company. Once you’ve found a potential contact, what comes next?  The person you met at Company X is your in. They don’t have to be a decision-maker — they just have to point you in the right direction. Before too much time passes, a friendly, concise email is in order.  Pro tip: Don’t ask for their sponsorship just yet — get to know them first. If you don’t, they might find it too easy to cast your pitch aside. You want a chance to properly woo this person to find out who the decision-maker is and then ask for a face-to-face meeting through your connection.  3. The meeting request [Image of the letter/email]  Use this event sponsorship letter sample when: You begin to establish connections at your target sponsor company and want to win a meeting with the decision-maker.  Hi {{Prospect’s Name}},  Your colleague, {{Colleague’s Name}}, mentioned you were the manager for {{Related Product/Project}}.  I would love to set up a quick call to discuss some of your areas of focus and see if there is common ground between your priorities and our event plans for {{Year}}.  How does your schedule look on Wednesday? Does 3pm work for a phone call?  Thanks,  {{Your Name}}  How to write a successful meeting request email to a sponsor  As you establish connections at your target sponsor company, you’ll eventually get the name of a decision-maker. Now, it’s time to win a meeting. Be explicit, and include a clear call to action. “Would you be able to put me in touch with [Referrer Name]?” or “Does 3pm work for a phone call?” are questions that ask them to commit.  Whatever you close with, avoid signing off with “thanks in advance.” Closing with an expression of gratitude is shown to increase response rates, so while you should avoid thanking your prospects in advance, a simple “thanks” can go a long way.  Pro tip: Don’t just ask the decision-maker if they want to meet. All that does is invite them to say “no.” Instead, give them a few meeting time options and offer enough information to spark their interest.  4. The sponsorship request letter [Image of the letter/email]  Use this sponsorship letter sample when: You’ve had a meeting with the decision-maker and are ready to send a sponsorship request (complete with a proposal and a list of activations tailored to the company).  Hi {{Prospect’s Name}},  Thank you for meeting with me on {{Date}}. I enjoyed learning more about what {{Company Name}} is looking for in an event partner, and how {{Event Name}} can help. As promised, here is a sponsorship proposal tailored to {{Company Name}}. Inside, you’ll find a list of activations I have personalized for your business goals, which will provide the most impact for your investment. Look it over and let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to schedule a call in the next week to go over the details — how about Tuesday at 10am?  Thank you,  {{Your Name}}  Pro tip: When crafting your sponsorship proposal, make sure to include essential information, such as your elevator pitch, demographic data, ticket/registration sales figures, and social media actions.  5. The negotiation email [Image of the letter/email]  Use this example of a sponsorship letter when: You find yourself emailing back and forth with an interested sponsor about pricing for different activations. This is a critical stage for getting the most money possible.  Hi {{Contact’s Name}},  Thanks for getting back to me about the pricing for {{Activation}}. I hear what you’re saying, and I’d like to take a moment to explain how I landed on that number.  Your goal is to {{Reach # of people or impressions on brand visibility/RFID bracelets scanned/email addresses collected, etc.}} and I know {{Activation}} will deliver.  The majority of my attendees are in your target market, {{List of demographic details and/or attributes that prove this point}}. By sponsoring our {{Activation}}, you’ll gain critical face-to-face exposure with this particular group and help them make incredible memories that they’ll associate with your brand.  I’d be happy to jump on a call real quick to discuss. Let me know when is a good time to schedule 15 minutes today or tomorrow!  Best,  {{Your Name}}  Pro tip: Focus on the business value your event will offer your sponsor when they push back on pricing. Tie your event into sponsors’ real goals, as you heard them in your exploratory meetings with the decision-maker, to show the value.  6. The coordination/logistics plan [Image of the letter/email]  Use this sponsorship letter sample when: You have signed the contract and are collaborating with your sponsor’s team to ensure they have what they need in the months leading up to your event.  Hi {{Contact’s Name}},  Hard to believe, but {{Event Name}} is just a few months away! This means it’s time to kick off planning and ensure you have everything you need to succeed on the big day.  A few essential details to keep in mind:  {{Here is where you’ll list out any relevant information for your sponsor that directly impacts them, including date, time, venue, location, any equipment needs, etc.}}  Attached, you’ll find our first pass at the logistics plan. Take a look and let me know of any edits. And, as always, please reach out with any questions.  We’re so grateful for your help making this year’s {{Event Name}} the best one yet!  Cheers,  {{Your Name}}  Pro tip: Constant communication is key to maintaining a solid relationship with your sponsors. If something changes, let them know. Earlier is always better, so they can adjust their expectations.  7. The email promoting your sponsors to attendees [Image of the letter/email]  Use this example of a sponsorship letter when: You’re ready to share the good news with attendees about which sponsors you secured for your event. This might also be an activation sold to a sponsor.  Hi {{Attendee’s Name}},  Every year, the {{Event Name}} team collaborates with the best brands to bring you unique experiences. And we’re super excited to share this year’s sponsor lineup with you!  Here are just a few of the things you can expect to see at {{Event Name + Year}}:  {{Sponsored experience #1, brought to you by Sponsor Name}}  {{Sponsored experience #2, brought to you by Sponsor Name}}  {{Sponsored experience #3, brought to you by Sponsor Name}}  We’re counting down the days till {{Event Name}} and know you are too. Visit our website to check out the full lineup of sponsors for this year’s event.  Cheers,  {{Event Name}} Team  Pro tip: Eventbrite makes it easy to send event emails and organize your marketing activity. You can even integrate Eventbrite with Mailchimp if that’s your preferred email send platform, making this a breeze.  READ  Have an Eventbrite account? Discover how to add Mailchimp.  8. The report-out and renewal ask [Image of the letter/email]  Use this sponsorship letter template when: Your event is over and it’s time to follow up with your sponsors to share important performance metrics and ask for their support next year.  Hi {{Contact’s Name}},  A big thank you from the whole team at {{Event Name}} for being a sponsor this year! Thanks to you, it was a fantastic event, and attendees had a blast.  Attached is our fulfillment report for {{Company Name}}. Inside, you’ll find:  Attendance stats on demographics and engagement  On-site stats, including in-person activations  Off-site stats, including social media  We look forward to meeting with you soon to go over the fulfillment report and get your feedback on the results. What does your schedule look like next week?  Cheers,  {{Your Name}}  Pro tip: Tweak your messaging to fit the sponsor you’re reaching out to and the type of event you held. For a non-profit or community event, you may want to include statistics like fundraising numbers.
There are 8 free templates available to use as event sponsorship letters.

There are 8 free templates available to use as event sponsorship letters.

If you are having trouble getting started on your sponsorship letters or emails, these templates can help.

1.An icy beginning

[Insert letter/email sample image here]

This sample can be used when: Introducing yourself and the event to possible sponsors you haven’t met before.

Excuse me,

It caught my eye that you are working on a “similar product/project” on LinkedIn. I was hoping to get in touch with you to get your input on something really cool I’m planning.

When tomorrow at 3pm, would you be available?


What Is Your Name?

Develop a captivating email introduction they can’t refuse

Of course, there will be times when your relationship with a possible sponsor is cold. There will be times when you need to “go in cold” and send a sponsorship letter to a complete stranger. Making this introductory email less of a guessing game is a template for event sponsorship letters.

Don’t freak out. Gather as much data as possible and familiarise yourself with key personnel within the firm. It is possible to locate a suitable person by digging over the company’s website and LinkedIn. This is what you should keep in mind while you compose your email to your possible sponsor:

Keep in mind that you want to initiate a dialogue that will result in a meeting to explore the sponsorship possibility, so keep your message brief and to the point. Your email should highlight the benefits of your event and the common goals and target demographic. Keep in mind that you want to build a relationship with your sponsor, not just get funding for one event. Just a few succinct phrases will do for your message.
Maintain your audience’s interest.
In an effort to make your letter stand out, avoid using generic greetings.
It can be difficult to get to the person who can make a choice when you start with a chilly introduction. There’s something worthwhile about the effort, though. When you finally get to the proper individual, you’ll already know what’s important to them because you’ll have asked them about their business.

2. The ensuing correspondence

[Photo of the Follow-Up Letter or Email]

Take use of this sponsorship letter sample when: You’ve already met a representative of the sponsor in person at a networking event and now you need to find out who the decision-maker is on their end.

Howdy, Name of Contact>!

It was a pleasure to finally chat with you at Event Name> last week. I was hoping you could point me in the direction of the ideal person to talk to about things on the “Related Product/Project” side of things at your organisation.


What Is Your Name?

Perfect your sponsorship email follow-up

Perhaps you meet a representative from your target company at a business event and strike up a fruitful conversation, marking the beginning of your outreach efforts. What should you do after you’ve identified a possible contact?

Your connection to Company X is the person you met there. Any person who can point you in the correct direction is better than no one. A short, pleasant email is in order before too much time passes.

Take it from a pro: get to know them first before asking for sponsorship. If you don’t, people may be too quick to dismiss your presentation. You need an opportunity to charm this individual so you can identify the decision-maker and ask for a personal meeting with them through a mutual contact.

3. the request to meet

A screenshot of the email or letter is shown.

This sample event sponsorship letter might help you get in front of the right person at your target sponsor firm and secure funding for your event.

Greetings, Prospect’s Name>!

You were introduced to me as the manager of Related Product/Project by my colleague, Colleague Name>.

I’d want to schedule a quick conversation to talk about some of your areas of interest and see if our upcoming events in Year> have anything in common with your priorities.

What do you have planned for Wednesday? Do you have time for a call at 3?


What Is Your Name?

4.How to Ask for a Meeting via Email from a Sponsor

In order to get in touch with the right person at your prospective sponsor, you’ll need to network your way in. There is a meeting to be won right now. Be direct and make it easy for people to take the next step. Commitment inquiries include, “Would you be able to put me in touch with [Referrer Name]?” and “Does 3pm work for a phone call?”

The phrase “thanks in advance” should not be used as a closing. While it’s best to avoid preemptively praising prospects, a simple “thanks” can go a long way when closing an email.

Do not simply inquire as to whether or not the decision maker is available for a meeting. Doing so only encourages them to reject your offer. Instead, include a range of possible meeting times and enough background to pique their interest.

[JPG/PDF] Sponsorship Request Letter

When you’re ready to send a sponsorship request after meeting with the appropriate decision-maker, refer to this sample sponsorship letter (complete with a proposal and a list of activations tailored to the company).

Greetings, Prospect’s Name>!

Please accept my gratitude for our time together on Date>. I appreciated the opportunity to better understand the needs of Company Name> and how Event Name> may fulfil those needs. A sponsorship proposal written specifically for Company Name> is attached as promised. In here you’ll find a customised set of activations that will yield the greatest return on investment and help you achieve your company goals. Please review it and respond with any inquiries. If you have some time this week, I’d be happy to discuss the specifics over the phone; how about Tuesday morning at 10am?

Please accept my gratitude.

What Is Your Name?

A good advice for writing a sponsorship application is to include information like a “elevator pitch,” demographic data, ticket/registration sales numbers, and social media activities.

5. The negotiation email

[Image of the letter or email]

When you and a potential sponsor are exchanging emails about how much various activations would cost, you might use this sample sponsorship letter. This is a pivotal point in the process, as it will determine how much money you make.

What’s up, Name of Contact>!

Please let me know how much your “Activation” service will cost. I see your point, and I’d be happy to provide the thought process that led to that conclusion.

If “Reach # of individuals or impressions on brand visibility/RFID bracelets scanned/email addresses collected, etc.” is your target, then “Activation” will get you there.

List of demographic characteristics and/or attributes that verify this argument>, describes the vast majority of my attendees, who are in your target market. If you choose to sponsor our “Activation,” you will have the opportunity to interact directly with this target audience and provide them with an unforgettable experience that they will always connect with your company.

If you have a moment, I’d be pleased to schedule a quick phone conversation to talk. If you have 15 minutes today or tomorrow, please let me know when that would be convenient.


What Is Your Name?

When your event’s sponsor negotiates the price with you, it’s helpful to remind them of the return on investment they’ll see from supporting your endeavour. Show the value of your event by connecting it to the true goals of the sponsors, as you learned them in your preliminary conversations with the decision-maker.

6.Consolidated logistics and coordination strategy

A screenshot of the email or letter is shown.

In the months leading up to your event, use this sample sponsorship letter when: You have signed the contract and are working with your sponsor’s team to ensure they have everything they need.

What’s up, Name of Contact>!

It’s hard to realise, but Event Name> is only a few short months away! Time to be organised and make sure you have everything you need for the big day.

Here are some key points to remember:

Date, time, location, venue, equipment needs, and anything else that would be important to your sponsor should all be included in this section.

Please locate our preliminary logistical plan in the attached file. If you find anything that needs changing, please let me know. And as always, your questions are welcome.

Your participation has been invaluable in making Event Name> the most successful one to date.


What Is Your Name?

One piece of advice is to keep in regular contact with your sponsors. Do inform them if the situation evolves. Consistently, the earlier you can let them know, the more easily you can manage their expectations.

7, Promoting your sponsors to event attendees via email.

[Image of the letter/email]

You can use this sample sponsorship letter when you are ready to inform guests of the generous support provided by your event’s sponsors. Similarly, this might be a sponsored activity.

Hello Name of Guest Here,>

The staff at “Event Name” often partners with industry leaders to provide you with one-of-a-kind activities. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to this year’s generous group of supporters!

Some of the highlights of Event Name + Year> include:

Experience #1 is brought to you by Sponsor Name, and is sponsored by Experience #1.

Presented by Sponsor Name, here is Sponsored Event #2.

Third in a series of sponsored events presented by Company Name.

It’s safe to say that you, like us, are eagerly anticipating Event Name>. To see who else is supporting this year’s event, visit our website.


Event Name Team

8. Find out what it takes to implement MailChimp.

[Insert Image of the Report and Renewal Request Letter/Email]

After the event is done and you want to discuss key performance indicators with your sponsors and ask for their continued support the following year, use this sponsorship letter template to do just that.

What’s up, Name of Contact>!

All of us at “Event Name” appreciate your support very much. You really helped make this a memorable and successful occasion for everyone involved.

You can find our report detailing our performance for Company Name> attached. What you’ll discover inside is:

Details about the make-up and activity of the audience

Local metrics, such as the number of physical activations

Indicators from places other than the site itself, such as social media

We’d like to schedule a meeting with you to go over the fulfilment report and get your thoughts on the outcomes. Tell me about your plans for the upcoming week.


What Is Your Name?

Use language that is appropriate for the event you held and the sponsor you are contacting. Donation totals and other quantitative data might be of interest for a community or charity event.

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