Best 8 Types of Seating Arrangements for Events or Party

8 Types of Seating Arrangements for Events . Deals, relationships, and even event objectives may be made or broken by seating arrangements. According to Brian Lee, Chief of Product Management at Lifehack, “Getting what you want often depends on where (event attendees) sit.” The sort of seating arrangement selected for the occasion, meeting, conference, etc., also determines where people sit.

8 Must-Know Types of Seating Arrangements for Events
8 Must-Know Types of Seating Arrangements for Events

Discover eight essential kinds of seating arrangements in the next paragraphs, along with guidance from qualified event planners. Learn how seating psychology may guide event planners in selecting the ideal configurations for their floor layouts and diagrams.

How do you decide on a seating configuration?

Based on the activities you have planned for the event, the duration of the event, and any special requirements guests may have, choose the sort of seating arrangement. A one-day creative workshop for a small team will work with pod seating for every important item on the programme, but a weeklong conference with several lecturers won’t.

Learn about the following 8 different seating configurations for events:

Remember that the seating arrangement you choose will depend on the area you have available, the objectives of the event, and the furniture you have on hand.

1. A 3D depiction of a chevron-shaped seating configuration

Two columns of short, angled rows with an aisleway through the centre make up the Chevron seating arrangement. In order to draw attention to a speaker, many event planners who use this seating arrangement approach would first deliberately seat attendees you want to cluster together for conversations around the obvious focal point in the front centre of the room.


Everyone may watch the speaker while dividing into smaller groups as necessary.

use angled rows to maximise space

In-between worlds are ideal for presentations


Not the best for conversations in big groups

If chairs aren’t staggered, attendees can have sightline problems.

Ideal for:

Presentations during trainings that include audience involvement

2. A 3d representation of the many types of auditorium seating

Built-in seats or rows of chairs facing a single focal point—typically a stage or podium—represent an auditorium-style seating configuration. Utilize the available stage area to put up a backdrop that will look good in pictures, such as textured textiles or brand prints.


Excellent for ceremonies, talks, and speaker series


Sound is often a problem.

Group breakout sessions or audience involvement might be unpleasant

Ideal for:

Award ceremonies

press events

demonstrations of goods

3. A 3D representation of a banquet’s seating configuration

Using circular tables properly spaced out throughout the room is known as banquet seating. Remember that banquet seating configurations typically fit 8–10 people per table. People who are acquainted with one another, such as family members or coworkers, should be grouped together for the greatest outcomes. If not, arrange chairs according to common passions like hobbies or project objectives to promote casual chat.


Socializing is simple and enjoyable.

Ideal for resting and networking


It becomes difficult to engage with other tables unless specifically asked to do so since each table becomes an island.

4. A 3D representation of a boardroom’s seating configuration

Guests may sit opposite one other at a single, long, rectangular table in a boardroom or conference room. When designing your seating chart, keep in mind the following conference seating psychology principles:

At the head of the table, the VIP should be seated.

The closest advisers to the VIPs should surround them.

Any person seated across from the VIP will probably feel tempted to argue with them, but if not, they should be a vocal supporter so that others take notice. People in the centre or near the other end will spend the most of their time listening.


encourages conversation

focuses on a single individual

provides suitable locations for business meetings


Long visual presentations are not recommended.

Can cause group arguments if the VIP and the person seated across from them don’t agree Best for:

Sessions of brainstorming

small team conferences

Strategic fusions

convincing the middle-seaters to concur with the VIP 5 3D depiction of a cabaret’s seating configuration

According to Cornell University research, being physically closer to someone makes you feel emotionally closer to them too. This finding may help to explain why cabaret-style seating at events fosters connection building. Make sure to arrange the chairs in a U shape around the cocktail tables with an opening facing the chosen focal point, whether you use them exclusively or combine them with other seating options.


Although socialising is encouraged, attendees may still pay attention to concerts or talks.

has a relaxed, natural quality about it


Lacks space optimization Best for:

Award ceremonies

training lectures that are passive

Live performance

6. A 3D representation of a classroom’s seating configuration

“Teachers need to be taught about the possible preventative and intervening impacts of a seating arrangement on students’ academic and social behaviours,” according to a research published in the Social Psychology of Education. In light of the fact that seating arrangements have a direct bearing on participant aptitude and behaviour in a learning environment, event planners should take particular care when selecting seating arrangements. For optimal outcomes, limit small tables to four people and provide each seat at long tables at least three feet of room.


draws focus to the front of the room

Prepares participants naturally for learning; excellent for collecting notes


If participants aren’t appropriately spread out, it might seem crowded.

It can be too sentimental for a work environment.

Ideal for:

group exercises

Physical certifications

Workshops for product information

7. 3D illustration of a hollow square seating configuration

The hollow square seating design resembles both banquet and U-shaped seats just as it would be expected to. It’s perfect for having meals or using computers since everyone can see one another while yet keeping a comfortable distance. Use this kind of seating arrangement for parties that would be too crowded at a standard banquet table and to provide additional elbow space for individuals seated on either end.


helps with working and eating

Everyone present can see one another and converse comfortably.


Presentations don’t function well with it

no obvious position of authority or focal point

fails to maximise floor space

Ideal for:

Collaborative gatherings with little more than 30 participants

Lunches at work

Workshop No. 8: 3D representation of a form of u-shaped seating configuration

A set of tables in the form of a box with a hollow centre and one open end make up U-shaped or horseshoe seating. Utilize the walls to display ornamental or educational things to make up for the lost floor space. If participants will be collaborating soon or have already done so, consider sitting them together to promote relationship-building.


ideal for group cooperation and presentations

Everyone is always able to see one another.

Comfortable interaction between speakers and audience


needs a facilitator or other appointed leader to keep the conversation moving

Unsuitable for big groups with more than 30 persons.

Ideal for:

Presentations during team meetings

For each occasion, plan the ideal seating layout!

It’s time to look at some seating ideas and trends from experienced planners for even more inspiration now that you are aware of some of the most common seating arrangements, what they look like, and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

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