9 Proven Tricks to Increase Ticket Sales for Your Event

Even the most experienced event planner may encounter situations when event tickets do not sell as rapidly as anticipated. You may meticulously prepare an event and make your high-profile debut. But when the hours, days, and weeks pass, ticket sales continue to be slow. You have to decide whether to conduct an almost empty event or find a way to cancel it with little harm.

9 Proven Tricks to Increase Ticket Sales for Your Event
9 Proven Tricks to Increase Ticket Sales for Your Event

We provide our best advice and strategies for boosting ticket sales in this manual. Learn how to reach out to visitors on any device, how to concentrate on your USP and target market, how to attract more visitors, and how to maximise sales with the appropriate ticketing approach, pricing, and checkout experience.

An summary of what we’ll discuss is given below:

1. Increase attendance by emphasising the advantages of your event.

Your target audience may be able to recognise the advantages of attending your event, but can they? When an event fails, it’s often because the organisers didn’t think about what would actually encourage people to come.

What benefits are there for your consumers if your event’s main goal is to build your brand? Can they gain knowledge, form new relationships, meet a VIP, or have an unforgettable experience? Make sure you understand the attraction of your audience and provide that experience.

Here’s how to enhance the sales of event tickets.

You must demonstrate to each attendee how you’ve designed the ideal event with their needs in mind if you want to be sure that your target audience understands the significance of your event. Make sure you’re listening, then keep improving the events and ticket options you provide to broaden the appeal.

Take an audience survey. You may find out from attendees what they would want from a VIP experience or why they would go to a certain event by using feedback questionnaires.

Try out other ticket types: You may see how various ticket kinds perform using Eventbrite’s ticketing engine. Utilize this information to determine which event offers are most popular with attendees so that you can concentrate your event advertising strategy on them and increase sales.

Offer special extras Add-ons that broaden your guests’ experience can help you appeal to a larger audience. The ideal way to increase event income without boosting the price of ordinary tickets is via add-ons. By doing this, you can prevent pricing certain guests out.

2. Make your event website mobile-friendly

Americans used their cellphones on average for around three hours each day in 2022. Your consumers are likely to abandon your site without making a purchase if they are using a mobile device and are sent to a website that isn’t optimised for it. Because people’s attention spans are becoming shorter, they won’t bother to look at your event again.

Both event planners and attendees may benefit greatly from mobile technology. Customers benefit from a quicker checkout process and the convenience of having their personal information and payment card information pre-filled. Mobile-optimized websites show a 160% increase in conversion rates, providing you more prospective customers.

Here’s how to enhance the sales of event tickets.

Don’t undervalue mobile sales’ potential. For an even better mobile experience, try these additional suggestions.

Make an evaluation: Examine how your event’s website or tickets page appears and functions on a mobile device.

Perform the Google Mobile-Friendly test: Whether you enter your URL, the test will let you know if Google will suggest that it be accessed from a mobile search or not.

Pick a ticketing provider that is mobile-friendly: It’s just as simple to purchase tickets on a phone as it is on a computer if you use Eventbrite since your ticketing website is already mobile-optimized. Test your tickets page on your phone and tablet for additional ticketing partners, and if the procedure isn’t simple, think about changing it.

3. Increase event ticket sales with a quick checkout procedure.

You want to make it as easy as possible for someone who wants to attend your event to do so. A difficult registration form or a lack of payment alternatives, for example, might cause even the tiniest amount of friction between a visitor and a successful transaction, putting your sale in the “maybe later” (but probably never) category. Start by reducing barriers to buying if you want to know how to increase event ticket sales.

Here’s how to enhance the sales of event tickets.

The good news is that usability issues can be solved quickly and simply with the appropriate technology. In order for customers to leave your website having had a pleasant experience, the ideal customer journey should be quick, easy, and straightforward.

Use a simple checkout solution: Find a solution that requires no more than three or four steps to check out. With Eventbrite, your consumers may buy tickets in only two clicks as opposed to up to eight steps on some other ticketing sites.

Keep your checkout secure: Questions regarding payment security are a leading cause of order cancellation. Select a reputable ticketing partner, like Eventbrite, so that customers are comfortable with their purchases.

Pre-fill technology is employed: Utilize a technological platform that pre-fills as much of a visitor’s registration information as feasible to reduce the likelihood that customers may second-guess their purchases. The Eventbrite platform enables visitors to easily pre-fill their info from their Eventbrite account or, if they’d rather purchase without creating a user account, from their mobile device.

4. To counteract poor ticket sales, identify your USP.

Are you getting lost in the noise while looking for events similar to yours? Your visitors’ time and money for activities are limited. Make sure your event stands out and your offer is alluring in order to get them to spend their money with you.

You may need to tweak your marketing to be more direct about how your event differs from others in order to strengthen your USP and boost ticket sales.

Here’s how to enhance the sales of event tickets.

The process of developing a strong USP begins as soon as you have a concept for an event. Create a story for your event that highlights its special advantages after researching the market and your rivals to see how they are promoting their events.

Try an alternative approach: If your event lacks a unique selling proposition, think about collaborating with another company to provide something fresh. This might be an innovative idea to draw a wide audience, like beer sampling during a yoga class, or it could be something that improves the event experience, like a gourmet experience at a music concert!

Utilize each of your event’s partners: In addition to giving your event some variety, partnering with other organisations has the additional advantage of extending your reach by allowing you to access more databases. Targeting those who are interested in your speakers or performers directly can boost ticket sales. If you have a guest speaker or artist, ask them for assistance in publicising the event as well.

Determine the line items that provide your guests the most value: What distinguishes your event? Do you actually intend to sell it? Find out what your attendees are receiving from your event and where you could be falling short by determining its unique value.

5. Reevaluate your price

Pricing is perhaps the most important aspect of any event ticketing strategy, yet determining the ideal ticket price may be difficult. Your profit margins will suffer and the attendees’ enjoyment may suffer if you underprice your event. On the other hand, too-high ticket costs will restrict your audience and might completely sabotage your event. You must comprehend:

What attendees of your kind of event will pay

What former clients have paid what the opposition is charging

How much money you anticipate making from your event once costs are taken into consideration

Pricing is the most important aspect of any event ticketing strategy, but it’s not the only thing to take into account. Your ticket selection, including VIP packages and group discounts, may boost sales. By providing a variety of ticket options, you can accommodate a wider spectrum of attendees with varying budgets without sacrificing the quality of the event experience.

Here’s how to enhance the sales of event tickets.

Solid data and analysis are necessary for the proper ticket price plan, but with the correct tools, it need not be difficult. Keep an eye on important event data and market trends, and you should be able to quickly identify areas for innovation and development.

Make a foolproof budget for the event in advance: Tracking your spending as they occur is insufficient. To know in advance how much your event will cost and how much profit you may make, create a complete event budget that includes all expenditures and adds in contingencies.

Recognize who your audience is: To learn how to increase ticket sales for an event you are currently conducting, analyse the data from past events. For a prior event, did you sell a lot of early-bird or VIP tickets? Can you provide extra of a certain ticket type at your next event if sales of that kind were successful?

To save expenses, provide pre-purchase: Offering items for pre-purchase might help you satisfy demand and make the most of your event budget if you are selling food, beverages, or other items that attendees can buy at your event.

How can you draw people to an event?

It’s time to focus on reaching out to your target demographic to promote your event. The ideal advertising plan will succinctly and alluringly convey the advantages of your event at a time and location where your target audience is most likely to notice it.

Event planners that are successful are often storytellers who can create a narrative around their event. It’s possible that your advertising dates are incorrect and your message has to be reorganised if your marketing efforts aren’t yielding the desired results.

6. Boost SEO for increased ticket sales

Search engine optimization, sometimes known as SEO, is a crucial digital technique that makes sure your website appears when consumers do an online search. Here are a few short suggestions for improving the SEO of your website:

Boost your online visibility by having a consistent name for your event on your event website and social media platforms, and by linking to one another. This will increase visitors to your event website. High-traffic websites are given a lot of weight by Google and other search engines when determining search result rankings.

Improve your communication: The phrases you decide to use on your site and in your content should be in line with any possible search terms that your prospective attendees may be using. Examining your event’s description and website contents quickly will help you find areas where you can carefully add extra keywords to boost your search ranking.

Keep the information coming: Your website gains authority by adding genuine, worthwhile content, which helps it rank higher in search results. As your event expands, add a blog, publish frequent updates, and share user-generated material again. This may raise your position in search results and keep prospective customers interested until they make a purchase.

7. Let people know about your event.

The creation of an event website is only the beginning. Additionally, you need to figure out how to advertise it on various digital channels and social networking websites. The appropriate mix of channels may help you connect with more prospective attendees, facilitate their engagement with your material, and encourage them to spread it among their networks for wider exposure.

Encourage speakers, panellists, and partners who are engaged in your event to share it with their networks in order to increase attendance by enlisting sponsors to aid with event promotion. Provide social media message that they can utilise and customise for their audiences to make it easy for them.

A fun idea is to host competitions: Encourage followers to tweet the hashtag for your event or to contribute something amusing to be eligible for a chance to win free event tickets.

Utilize referrals: Which kind of social proof works best for your event? Having attendees invite their networks to your event. Encourage sharing through referral rewards like free or reduced tickets, access to premium content, or gifts.

8. How do you use social media to promote ticket sales?

The best approach to sell event tickets online is with a well-thought-out digital strategy that advertises your event on your website and on the social media channels of your choice. The correct technology may also simplify your efforts and enable customers to quickly buy tickets from their social media feed.

Utilize social media: the major four are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn where you should focus your efforts. Share updates with your fans, and think about running targeted advertising to get in front of your target market.

Utilize your devoted followers: Ask previous attendees and your top clients to share the event on their own social media accounts. If they recommend a particular amount of people, you may even reward them with a discount or freebies.

Participate in groups: Join communities on Reddit, Facebook, or LinkedIn where your target customers congregate online so you can give back to the community and advertise your events.

9. Change the details of your event to boost ticket sales

The mere fact that someone discovers your event does not guarantee that they will purchase tickets. Here’s how to succinctly summarise your live experience since you just have a few seconds to persuade them:

Check out what the competition is doing by reading the descriptions of other well-attended events. The “what’s in it for you” statement for attendees (such as well-known artists or uncommon experiences), event highlights (such as the keynote speaker and the number of panels), details about the venue or location, and other important information will most likely be included (time and cost).

Prioritize the facts you need to know: Your event description should always be customised for your target demographic. What would entice them to go? Whether it’s your meal, the entertainment, or the keynote speaker, concentrate on the value your event will provide.

Making it simple to read Nobody will read through a lengthy passage of text. Make the content easy to read by using headings and bullets. To ensure that attendees understand the significance of your event right away, prominently highlight notable speakers, performers, and contributions.

Aiding your attendees in imagining the occasion Using photos and videos of previous events wisely may help your attendees envision what their own event experience could be like and promote sales. Without pictures, reviews and testimonials may still do this.

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