Top Festivals and Events Around the World

Best 99 Festivals & Events Around the World
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Events That Can’t Be Missed, Anywhere

If you have a long enough life, your bucket list will never be too large. If there’s one thing you should never scrimp on, it’s the chance to accomplish something really extraordinary.

We are seasoned globe travellers and attendees of international events, so we know what makes for an unforgettable experience. The best way to tour the globe, meet new friends, and collect some really thrilling anecdotes is to combine travel with the most spectacular events of our day.

We currently have vacation packages available for the Masters, the Olympics (winter and summer), the World Cup, the Kentucky Derby, the Champions League Final, the Ryder Cup, the Super Bowl, the Running of the Bulls, Oktoberfest, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, San Diego Comic Con, and the CMA Awards.

best events worldwide
best events worldwide

1.The Masters, Augusta, GA

There are four professional events in golf each year, and the Masters is one of them. Unlike the other three, which rotate between different cities each year, the Masters Tournament is always held in Augusta, Georgia. The event is known worldwide because to Augusta National Golf Club’s legendary green jacket.

2.Kentucky Derby, Louisville, KY

There are four professional events in golf each year, and the Masters is one of them. Unlike the other three, which rotate between different cities each year, the Masters Tournament is always held in Augusta, Georgia. The event is known worldwide because to Augusta National Golf Club’s legendary green jacket.

The invitation-only membership list of this exclusive club is closely guarded. But the tournament itself is something that no true golf lover should miss. There is just nothing like the Masters to see the greatest professionals at their most focused, in the most elegant of settings, with the greatest of stakes.

Kentucky Derby, Louisville, KY
Kentucky Derby, Louisville, KY

3.The US Open, New York, NY

The US Open is a tough tennis competition played on hard courts, and it is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments conducted yearly around the globe. The US Open is a fascinating event because it gives viewers a chance to see the world’s best tennis players compete for prestige and a large sum of money in the heart of New York City.

4.FIFA World Cup

While soccer is gaining popularity in the United States, its European and African counterpart, football, is often seen as the world’s most popular sport. Over half the world’s population watches at least one game of the FIFA World Cup every four years. As a result, the World Cup is on par with, if not greater than, the Summer and Winter Olympics in terms of global significance. The matches, which are held every four years and take place in different places around the host nation, are not just a showcase for the best athletes in the world. The prominence of the contests guarantees that there will be no dull moments, and the patriotic multinational crowd ensures a roaring good time. It also affords you the unique opportunity to travel to exotic locales such as Brazil (2014), Russia (2018), and Qatar (2022).

5.UEFA Champions League, the Euro Cup

The top European football teams spend nine months of the year competing in a competition that ultimately narrows down the field to just two. The Champions League Final, held annually in a different European city, is the culmination of a lengthy and arduous elimination process loaded with rivalries, injuries, and hopes. Witnessing two teams that have given their all for the last nine months finally face off is an experience like no other. Kiev, Ukraine, Cardiff, Wales, and Madrid, Spain are just a few of the amazing European locations you may see if you make it to this must-see event.

6.Camden Windjammer Festival, Camden, ME

With the annual Camden Windjammer Festival, the town of Camden, Maine honours its rich maritime heritage. The celebration is reminiscent of a trip back in time to the 1930s, when shipping was the primary means of transportation in the region. They have an impressive collection of windjammers, plus a variety of other beautiful boats and sailing ships. The seafood is also unparalleled. Spend the full weekend here and compete in events like the lobster crab race, fish relay race, boat building competition, chowder making contest, and more! You’re missing out if you haven’t heard of the Windjammer Festival.

7.Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The history of Rio Carnival dates back to 1723, making it one of the oldest and liveliest Carnival celebrations in the world. Almost 300 years after its earliest colonial beginnings, the event is now a week-long extravaganza attended by over 2 million people. Each year before Lent, the world’s largest carnival kicks up. All around town, people are singing and dancing and bringing out their samba schools and floats. To say that Rio’s Carnival is one of the world’s best must-see events would be an understatement.

8.Mardi Gras Festival, New Orleans, LA

Join the craziest Mardi Gras celebration on earth in the heart of vivacious New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans’ Carnival is a must-see event since it’s unlike the other Carnivals you’ll find in Europe and Latin America. There is no better place to be in the United States in February than New Orleans during Mardi Gras, where you can feast on delicious Cajun cuisine, wear brightly coloured beads, listen to fantastic jazz music, and enjoy a spectacular parade and celebration.

New Orleans Mardi Grasfestival 2023

9.Chinese New Year, Shanghai, China

To the Chinese, New Year is the most significant festival of the year. Feasts, parades, lanterns, colourful costumes, and other ceremonies all help the Chinese usher in a prosperous new year. A new astrological animal, with its own unique meaning, will take the stage each year. Visit one of China’s major cities on the first few days of the new year to experience the incredible spectacle that is the Chinese New Year celebration.
Sapporo Snow Festival, Sapporo, Japan

Each year, approximately 2 million people from all over the globe go to Sapporo, Japan in February to attend one of the world’s most unusual festivals and marvel at stunning works of art carved from snow and ice. Beautiful ice sculptures, mazes, and sometimes whole buildings are on display during this event, giving it a dazzling, otherworldly atmosphere. This celebration is both a romantic and family-friendly winter paradise.

Chinese New Year

10. St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin, Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day is the most festive festival in Ireland, and the Irish are bursting with national pride. The capital city of Dublin will host the biggest party in a nation that will be buzzing with whiskey, beer, and good feelings. When your procession attracts over a million spectators, good fortune is certain.

Irish. Experiencing an authentic St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin is one of the world’s top attractions.

11.Austin City Limits, Austin, TX

Recorded live in Austin, Texas, Austin City Limits (ACL) is an American public television music show that features exceptional musical talent. The festival draws its inspiration from the show, and it has both established artists and promising newcomers performing. This event spans two weekends in the city known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” and features activities like swimming, hiking, and taco eating.

12.Coachella Music Festival, Indio, CA

The Empire Polo Club in Indio, California in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert hosts the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, a music and arts event. Annually, the biggest names in music perform at one of the major music festivals in the United States—Coachella. It’s also close to Los Angeles, so there’s a good chance you’ll see a famous face or two among the throng.

13. Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN

Bonnaroo, which debuted in 2002, paved the way for many more new festivals to appear in the United States in the middle of the decade. Bonnaroo is an annual music festival held in the rolling hills between Nashville and Chattanooga. The festival is known for its eclectic lineup, which includes not just indie rock bands and singer-songwriters but also alternative rock, hip hop, EDM, and comedy performers. If you look at the lineups of past Bonnaroo festivals and consider the performers they’ve attracted, you can’t help but think of it as one of the best music festivals in the world.

14.Leeds & Reading Music Festivals, Leeds & Reading, UK

A pair of yearly music events, the Reading and Leeds Festivals take place in Reading and Leeds, England. All three events occur on the same weekend, the August bank holiday weekend. Little John’s Farm in Richfield Avenue, in the heart of Reading, next to the Caversham Bridge, is where the Reading Festival takes place. The grounds of the ancient home known as Bramham Park in the town of Wetherby serve as the venue for the Leeds event. The abundance of camping spaces at these rock and pop festivals gives the event a strong sense of belonging to a larger community.

15.Tanglewood Music Festival, Lennox, MA

This annual music festival takes place in the Berkshire Hills in western Massachusetts on the Tanglewood estate near Stockbridge and Lenox. The festival is a series of performances spanning several genres of music, from classical to jazz to pop. Although the Boston Symphony Orchestra is the festival’s resident orchestra, many of the performances are by visiting orchestras and ensembles. Lawn chairs and picnics are put up in front of the stage (an old barn! ), creating a picturesque scene.

16.Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM

A celebration of hot air balloons, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is held annually in early October in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over 500 balloons are shown at the annual Balloon Fiesta, which lasts for nine days. This celebration has more hot air balloons than any other event of its kind. In the Balloon Fiesta Park, where the

where hot air balloons are released, is found on the city’s outskirts toward the north.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2023

17.Cooper Hill’s Cheese Rolling Festival, Gloucester, UK

During the Spring Bank Holiday in England, the town of Cooper’s Hill near Gloucester has an annual cheese-rolling competition and wake. Brockworth locals have historically organised and benefitted from it, but nowadays participants come from all over the globe. The competition consists of trying to catch a wheel of cheese as it rolls down a grassy slope.

18.Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nv

Black Rock City, in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, is the site of the annual Burning Man festival. Ten core principles guided the organisation of the gathering, including “radical” inclusivity, self-sufficiency and self-expression, communal collaboration, giving and decommoditization, and leaving no trace. Larry Harvey and his pals started this yearly event on Baker Beach in San Francisco back in 1986, and since then it has run uninterrupted from the last Sunday in August through the first Monday in September (Labor Day). Burning Man is one of the most well-known art festivals in the world, so if you’re looking to experience something out of the ordinary, it’s a good bet that you’ll find yourself there.

burning of the clocks festival 2022

19.Honolulu, Hawaii, has an annual lantern festival.

On May 30, Americans observe Memorial Day to reflect on and pay tribute to the nation’s military dead. Hawai’i’s population is so large and varied that new customs and beliefs are quickly absorbed into the state’s storied history and culture. People in Hawai’i traditionally lay flowers and other tributes on graves on Memorial Day.

resting places of loved ones, including those who have served their nation in the military but also those who have died away. The Lantern Festival is not only one of the world’s most stirring celebrations, but also one of the greatest picture opportunities.

20.Henley-on-Thames, England, home of the Royal Regatta

This big festival has been going on for centuries in the picturesque town of Henley-on-Thames, and it features five days of high society, top-tier sports competition, and nonstop celebration. The regatta draws teams from all around the globe since races occur every five minutes. Though the races themselves are the advertised draw, since the inaugural regattas in 1906, both beaches have been crowded with spectators wearing elaborate hats and well-tailored rowing jackets. If you like rowing or simply want a reason to get dressed up, the Henley is the best party you’ll ever go to.

21.Bridgeville, Delaware, Site of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin

These residents of a Delaware hamlet came up with a clever way to recycle their Halloween pumpkins into a fun festival. Seventy-five groups work together to build catapults out of household items and compete to see who can hurl a pumpkin the furthest. This bizarre yet well-attended event features astounding mechanical marvels and flying veggies.

22.Tübingen, Germany’s Rubber Duck Race

The duck race may have originated in Canada, but in Germany, where corporate duck-racing professionals are in high demand, it’s huge business. Starting in March, over 150 events will be held in cities all throughout Germany. The grandest of these races takes place in the picturesque southern city of Tübingen, where the owner of the first synthetic competitor to cross the finish line on Neckarbrücke is awarded a €1,000 vacation ticket, among other prizes. Simply for being so extraordinary, this event should be on everyone’s list.

23.Hong Kong’s Famous Dragon Boat Festival

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival is based on a traditional Chinese celebration and hosts the International Dragon Boat Championship. This carnival is most famous for the Dragon Boat races that take place in Victoria Harbor. In order to see this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, hundreds of thousands of people converge to Victoria Harbor. As part of Beer Fest, the top Dragon Boat athletes in the world compete as the crowd and the competitors enjoy ice cold, delicious beer and live entertainment.

24.Royal Ascot Races, Berkshire, United Kingdom

The Royal Ascot Race, held at England’s Ascot racetrack, is often regarded as the most prestigious thoroughbred horse race in the world. The history of this breed goes all the way back to Queen Anne’s reign in 1711. This is the place to go if you’ve ever had a burning desire to see a member of the British royal family in person since the British royal family always shows up.

25.Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, the World Bog Snorkeling Championships

As a kind of competitive sport, bog snorkelling is one of a kind. A water-filled trench is dug through a peat bog, and racers, equipped with snorkels and flippers, compete in it. These athletes are restricted from using traditional swimming methods and must instead depend entirely on the force of their flippers. Both directions of the race are 60 yards, for a total of 120 yards. The World Bog Snorkeling Championships are conducted annually on the August Bank Holiday in Wales, United Kingdom

26.Celebration of the Coupe Icare Masquerade at Saint-Hillaire, France

The Icarus Cup Masquerade Flights, also known as the Coupe Icare, are an incredible event hosted in France in which participants participate while wearing extravagant masks. There will also include a flying museum, kids’ activities, street performances, live music, and contests.

27.Biathlon at the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are one of the most prestigious international athletic events in the world, and they are conducted every four years with a focus on sports played on snow and ice. At now, it is a three-week competition in the month of February that attracts competitors from all over the globe. These elite athletes from across the globe participate in 15 different sports ranging from ice hockey and figure skating to bobsledding and curling. Winning an Olympic medal is the pinnacle of athletic achievement, and participating in these games is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feel a strong feeling of national pride and belonging to a larger community.

28.These are the Olympic Games of Summer

The Summer Olympics are one of the most prestigious events a city can host, since every four years they feature competition amongst the best athletes in the world. The Summer Games are one of the most magnificent spectacles you will ever see, full of astounding athletic accomplishments, heartwarming underdog tales, and remarkable worldwide brotherhood and sportsmanship.

29.World Cup of Cricket

ICC Cricket World Cup

The popularity of cricket, originally from Europe, has been on the rise in recent years, particularly in erstwhile colonies such as India. Cricket’s World Cup 2015 was co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The 11th Cricket World Cup started on Valentine’s Day,February14, and ended on the 29th. There are now 14 teams competing in 49 total matches played over 14 locations. The 2021 Cricket World Cup will be held in Australia.

30.Tennis at the All England Club in London, Great Britain (Wimble

Every year, the best tennis players in the world compete in the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, the most prestigious of the four Grand Slam competitions. Because it is the only major tennis tournament played on grass courts, much effort is put into maintaining the courts and adhering to the tournament’s traditions. Because it is being hosted in the United Kingdom, you can be certain that the British Royal Family will be in attendance, as well as other customs such as rigorous dress rules for the athletes and attendants, and the serving of strawberries and cream. Wimbledon is one of the few major international athletic events where tickets may be purchased on the day of the game without resorting to scalping.

31.French Tour de France

The Tour de France, held annually in France, is often regarded as the most arduous cycling race in the world. Since Lance Armstrong won it seven times in a row from 1999 to 2005, he is mostly responsible for the race’s notoriety. Over the course of three weeks, cyclists compete in a competition that spans 2200 kilometers (3500 km). The course is different every year, but it always passes through some stunning areas of France and some of the country’s most recognizable landmarks. The world’s most physically challenging race, this is not to be missed.

32.This weekend is the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in Formula One racing.

The Italian Grand Prix at Monza has been held annually for quite some time and is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious Formula One events on a global scale. It’s possible that no country has a greater passion for motorsports than Italy, and prominent automakers like Ferrari and Lamborghini are bringing their A-games to this event to drum up business.

33.Olympic Games of Alpine Skiing

Another massive multi-nation athletic event is the Alpine World Ski Championships. The Winter Olympics are attended by several of these nations. Although this competition has been tied to the Winter Olympics for quite some time, it began to be staged separately beginning in the 1980s. They are now held every other year, in the off years. In 2021, Italy will play host to them.

34.International Rugby Union Championship

Men from all around the world compete in the Rugby World Cup. In its first year, 1987, Australia and New Zealand shared hosting duties. The Webb Ellis Cup is given out to the winner of the Rugby World Cup. At first, only 16 foreign teams were invited to compete, but by 1999, there were already 20. Japan will make their debut appearance in a major championship competition in 2019. If you’ve never heard of Rugby before, it’s like American football with less regulations. Without the protection of pads and helmets, the players will likely alter their approach to the game.

36.The 500 at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida

This is the Daytona 500, one of the most prestigious NASCAR events. It’s NASCAR’s 500-mile race and a portion of the series’s championship. The Daytona 500 is the second race in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, with the Coke Zero 400 being the first. The Daytona 500 is the NASCAR race with the highest prestige and the largest purse. Aside from being called the “Super Bowl of Stock-Car Racing,” it is also known as the “Great American Race.”

37Celebrations of German culture at the Oktoberfest in Munich

On October 12, 1810, Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese were married, marking the beginning of what is now known as Oktoberfest. The celebration, held in the fields just outside the city walls, was open to everyone in town. The fields were renamed Theresienwiese after the princess in honour of the wedding, and the local residents were so pleased with the festivities that they begged King Ludwig to repeat them the following year.

Remains of the gates may be seen today, and the fields (locally referred to as the Wies’n) are now the site of Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival and one of the most well-known cultural events on a global scale. What began as a modest wedding party has expanded into a festival lasting for 17 or 18 days, during which 7 million people from all over the globe participate, guzzling down almost 6 million gallons of Bavarian beer. What a lot of beer! One million gallons! The Munich mayor taps the first barrel at the Schottenhamel Tent at noon on the second-to-last Saturday of September and proclaims, “O’zapft is” (It’s open). On the first Sunday of October, after October 5th’s German Reunification Day, the event will come to a close. Don’t even consider about going until you’re dressed the part and have something to eat.

38.Pamplona’s famous “Running of the Bulls”

The San Fermin Festival and Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, are unlike anything else in the world. For eight unforgettable days, the city of Pamplona is engulfed in a permanent state of euphoria brought on by the celebration. Where else can you find a mashup of religion, excitement, parties, parades, and cows on such a global scale?

Every year, from the 7th to the 14th of July, people from all over the world gather to see the running of the bulls. The dates remain the same each year, however the distribution of daily runs between the weekdays and weekends varies. The number of spectators at the event is significantly affected by this. Everything at this event is one big celebration, so be sure to dress

in white and bring plenty of alcohol. If you want to see a really unforgettable international event, the Running of the Bulls in Spain must be at the top of your list.

39.Festival de hiver à Ottawa et à Québec, Canada

Winterlude is an event held annually in Ottawa, Ontario, and Gatineau, Quebec (something Canadians do very well). The National Capital Commission has been responsible for Winterlude since its inception in 1979. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Ottawa every year just for this event. At one of the four Winterlude locations, it attracted an estimated 1.6 million people in 2007. The Rideau Canal Skateway, spanning 7.8 kilometres (about 5 miles), is the biggest skating rink in the world and the main attraction of Winterlude.

40.Tallberg, Sweden, on Midsummer’s Eve, for its Pagan celebration

It’s no surprise that the approach of summer is cause for celebration in the Nordic nations, given the region’s long, gloomy winters. Midsummer’s Eve is a major holiday in Sweden, second only to Christmas in terms of celebration and tradition. Families and friends get together to celebrate the arrival of summer by erecting a maypole (majstng or midsommarstng) and dancing around it. Many people think that the maypole tradition, which is associated with the British Isles,

originated on the European continent sometime during the Middle Ages.

41.Dublin, Ireland, on Bloom’s Day

Events from James Joyce’s book Ulysses, which take place on June 16, 1904 (hence the name “Bloomsday”), are celebrated annually as a way to honour Joyce and honour his life. Dublin and other cities across the world celebrate it every year on June 16th. On that day, Joyce and his future wife Nora Barnacle went on their first date, a stroll to the Dublin district of Ringsend. The inspiration for the name came from the main character in James Joyce’s Ulysses, Leopold Bloom. The James Joyce Centre on North Great George’s Street plays home to many of the day’s cultural events, including readings and dramatisations of Ulysses as well as pub crawls.

42.The Venice Carnival

The city of Venice, Italy hosts a celebration known as the Carnival every year. Christian Lent begins on Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras), the day before Ash Wednesday and marks the conclusion of the Carnival season, forty days before Easter. The masks at this event are world famous. At least three million people from all over the world visit Venice every year only for the Carnival. The last weekend of the Carnival is home to the prestigious contest for la maschera più bella (literally “the most beautiful mask”), which is judged by a jury of foreign costume and fashion designers.

43.Observing Diwali, India’s Festival of Lights, in Mumbai

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is a Hindu festival that has been observed for centuries. Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, is India’s most important and widely celebrated holiday. In a spiritual sense, the event celebrates the triumph of light over darkness. Preparations and ceremonies for the celebration usually take place over the course of five days.

The darkest, new moon night of the Hindu lunisolar month of Kartika falls on the night of the festival of Deepavali. Deepavali occurs in the Gregorian calendar between the middle of October and the middle of November.

44.India’s Jaipur, during the annual elephant festival.

The city of Jaipur, in the Indian state of Rajasthan, has an annual celebration known as the Elephant Festival. It occurs on the day of the Holi festival, which falls in March. Elephant polo and the Elephant Dance are two of the festival’s main attractions. Elephants, camels, horses, and folk dancers all take part in a colourful parade to kick off the Elephant Festival. Owners adorn their elephants with bright paint jobs, elaborate jhools (saddle fabric), and plenty of expensive jewellery to show off their status. The festival’s main attractions include the Elephant Polo match, the Elephant Race, and the Elephant vs. 19 Men & Women Tug of War.

45.India’s Capital City, New Delhi, During the Ganesh Festival

On Ganesh Chaturthi, devotees of the Hindu religion revere Ganesha, the deity who has the form of an elephant. Observances are often celebrated in August or September on the Gregorian calendar, on the fourth day of the first fortnight of the Hindu calendar month of Bhaadrapada. Ten days out of the two weeks are dedicated to the celebration. In public pandals (temporary shrines), clay images of Ganesha are installed and worshipped by the community. A clay picture of the right scale is put in the house and worshipped there by the family and any visitors.

46.Harbin, China’s Snow & Ice Festival

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is the biggest ice and snow festival in the world, and it takes place every year in the winter in Harbin, China. At the outset, the event attracted mostly Chinese attendees. However, it has developed into a major event with competitors from all over the world. The largest ice sculptures ever created are on display during the event. Many of the city’s parks provide tours of illuminated ice lantern displays throughout the event. Yabuli alpine skiing, winter swimming in the Songhua River, and the ice-lantern show at Zhaolin Garden are just a few of the winter activities that may be enjoyed during the festival.

47.Holi Festival of Colors, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and other Hindu areas

An annual celebration that takes place in the spring, Holi is also known as the Festival of Colors and the Festival of Love. Although originally celebrated by Hindus, this ancient religious holiday has gained widespread recognition and celebration by non-Hindus throughout South Asia and beyond. It is largely seen in India, Nepal, and other countries of the globe with considerable populations of Hindus or individuals of Indian heritage. In recent decades, the festival’s reputation as a joyous springtime celebration of love, fun, and bright colours has extended to many locations in Europe and North America.

48. Cascamorras, Baza, Spain

Guadix and Baza, in the Spanish province of Granada, celebrate their patron saint, Cascamorras, with an annual event on September 6. Festival-goers from the two cities smear each other with grease as they battle over who gets to keep a statue of the Virgen de la Piedad. A “Fiesta of National Significance” designation was bestowed to the celebration in 2006.Tourist Interest of Spain.” The revered figure of the Virgen de la Piedad was buried in the ground between Baza and Guadix, two sister towns with a complicated past (Our Lady of Mercy). The three-day annual Fiesta de Cascamorras festival is renowned as one of the greatest places to become filthy.

49.Boom Tomorrowland Belgium

Tomorrowland, held annually in Belgium, is a major international electronic music event. Starting in 2005, the event has been held annually in Boom, which is 16 km south of Antwerp and 32 km north of Brussels. Tomorrowland has subsequently become one of the most prominent worldwide music events. 2011 saw the festival’s extension to three days. On its 10th anniversary, Tomorrowland 2014 drew a crowd of 360,000. WEB PAGE OF THE OFFICIAL SPONSOR

50.Festival of Jazz and Heritage in New Orleans, Louisiana

Jazz Fest, short for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, is an annual event that showcases the music and culture of Louisiana and New Orleans. The phrase “Jazz Fest” may also be used to refer to the week leading up to the Festival and the various concerts that take place in unaffiliated New Orleans nightclubs on the weekends of the Festival. Jazz Fest is now hosted at the Fair Grounds Race Course, a horse racing track in historic Mid-City, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Every year, it takes place on the final weekend of April and the first weekend of May. WEB PAGE OF

51.Wexford, Ireland’s Opera Festival

During the months of October and November, the town of Wexford in southeast Ireland hosts an opera festival known as the Wexford Festival Opera. Tom Walsh and a small group of opera enthusiasts started the festival in 1951, and they rapidly gained notoriety by performing three operas every year, all of which were quite obscure at the time. The company’s seven creative directors have all contributed to the continuity of this vision. Even from its inception, the business welcomed up-and-coming young vocalists, many of whom were Irish but also featured new international talents making their debuts there.

52.This is the Melt Festival in Gräfenhainichen, Germany.

This electro and rock event is being held at a decommissioned iron factory some 140 kilometres outside of Berlin, the capital of Germany. It’s hard to describe the setting, but it’s undeniably impressive what with all the towering cranes and other machinery. We’re talking 12 stages and a lineup of the best dance performers in the world, so you know you’re in for a good time.

53.The Bregenz Festival, Bregenz, Austria

Every year in the months of July and August, the city of Bregenz, Austria hosts the world-famous Bregenzer Festspiele, a performing arts event known for its extravagant sets on the beaches of Lake Constance. The festival has been going strong since 1946, and it has many locations, including a floating stage, to host its many musical and dramatic performances.

54.Switzerland’s Lucerne Festival takes place in the city of the same name.

Music lovers may enjoy the Lucerne Festival every summer in the Swiss city of Lucerne. It has been held in the Jean Nouvel–designed Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre since 2004. Up until his untimely death, Italian conductor Claudio Abbado oversaw both the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and the Lucerne Festival Strings, the two permanent groups of the festival. The Lucerne Festival Academy, established in 2004 by composer Pierre Boulez, provides training for young musicians in the art of performing contemporary music.

55.Festival de Jazz de Cork, Cork, Irlanda

Since 1978, the city of Cork in Ireland has hosted the annual Cork Jazz Festival towards the end of October. The festival is the largest of its kind in Ireland, drawing in thousands of music lovers and hundreds of performers each year. For its first event, the country’s first jazz festival drew thousands of music lovers. At some point in the 1980s, Guinness took over as the primary sponsor. The festival has grown to become one of the most attended Jazz festivals in the world, with over 40,000 attendees in recent years.

56.Rotterdam’s North Sea Jazz Festival, Netherlands

The North Sea Jazz Festival is a yearly event that takes place in the Netherlands during the second weekend of July.

Hello, stage. It was formerly held in The Hague, but since 2006 it has moved to Rotterdam. Over the years, the event has expanded to

There were over 25,000 daily attendees, fifteen stages, and 1,200 performers. The event is well-known all around the globe for its numerous

From classic New Orleans Jazz to Swing, Bebop, Fusion, Blues, Gospel, and Funk, it provides a wide range of musical genres.

rhythm and bass, soul music, and other forms of music.

57.The Biennale of Venice, in Venice, Italy

The Venice Biennale is the flagship event of the Biennale Association, an artistic organisation situated in Venice. During the festival, the city of Venice is filled with the vibrant energy of art thanks to the many exhibitions and public art projects located all throughout the city. Even in a city as visually arresting as Venice, the Biennale stands out as a really one-of-a-kind international event.

58.Festival de Cannes, Cannes, France

The Cannes Festival, sometimes known in English as the Cannes Film Festival, is a film festival held annually in Cannes, France, that showcases new films of all genres and from all over the globe, including documentaries. It has been going strong since 1946 and has quickly become one of the most well-known and respected film festivals in the world. The event, which is exclusively open to invited guests, is held once a year (often in May) in the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

59.Ashland, Oregon, site of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

In Ashland, Oregon (USA), you may find the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF), a regional repertory theatre. During its season, which runs from February to early November, the festival typically presents eleven plays over three stages. Since its start in 1935 (save for the war years 1941-1946), the Festival has staged all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays a total of 303 times and 293 other plays a total of 327 times, for a grand total of over 29,200 performances seen by roughly fifteen million people.

60.Festival de Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria

Established in 1920, the Salzburg Festival is a prestigious celebration of music and theatre. The Austrian city of Salzburg, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born, hosts the event every year for five weeks beginning in late July. Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s Everyman (Jedermann) dramatisation is performed once a year and is a major event. Since 1967, an independent group has also put up an annual Salzburg Easter Festival. In addition, the Haus für Mozart first opened its doors during the 2006 festival.

61.It’s the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

The Sundance Film Festival is an annual American film festival held in Utah as part of the Sundance Institute’s programming. As of 2012, the event had 46,731 people, making it the biggest of its kind in the United States. The Sundance Film Festival is a showcase for new work by American and worldwide independent filmmakers, held annually in January in Park City, Salt Lake City, and Ogden, Utah, and at the Sundance Resort. The festival has both feature-length and short-length competitive categories for dramatic and documentary films from the United States and throughout the world, as well as many non-competitive sections such NEXT, New Frontier, Spotlight, and Park City at Midnight.

62.Florida’s Art Deco Weekend, Miami

The Miami Design Preservation League hosts an annual celebration called Art Deco Weekend to honour the city’s architectural heritage by highlighting its preservation, education, history, advocacy, artistic creations, cultural activities, and entertainment. Over the course of its three days, this annual community celebration attracts more than 150,000 visitors to Miami Beach. Over the course of the festival’s three days, Art Deco Weekend hosts more than eighty-five different educational events in an effort to further the Miami Design Preservation League’s mission of preserving, protecting, and promoting historic preservation in the Art Deco District and throughout South Florida.

63.Manhattan, New York, home of the “Stonehenge”

When the sun sets in Manhattan, New York City, it lines up with the east-west streets of the city’s major street grid, creating an event known as Manhattanhenge or the Manhattan Solstice. Twice yearly, on symmetrical days around the summer solstice, this happens. Between May 28 and July 12, two Manhattanhenges occur. Astrophysicist and native New Yorker Neil deGrasse Tyson coined the phrase “Manhattanhenge” to describe the iconic structures in Manhattan.

64.Sasebo, Japan, Tr Nagashi

Tr nagashi is a traditional Japanese event when people release paper lanterns (chchin) into a river and watch them float away. Tr is another term for lantern, and nagashi means “cruise, flow.” It is believed that doing so on the last night of the Bon Festival would help the deceased return to the afterlife. There are two possible dates for the Bon Festival, the thirteenth through the sixteenth of either August or July.

65.The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, New York

Macy’s, a department store business in the United States, hosts an annual parade on Thanksgiving called the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This tradition began in 1924, making it the second-oldest Thanksgiving parade in the United States (behind Philadelphia’s Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is four years older). For three hours on Thanksgiving morning, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, New York City hosts the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which has been broadcast nationwide on NBC since 1952.

66.A View of the Western Wall on Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is the Jewish new year and the holiest day of the year. It emphasises repentance and atonement as its primary concepts. This holy day is observed by the Jewish community with a time of fasting and prayer lasting for around 25 hours, with many individuals devoting the majority of the day to synagogue services. Yom Kippur, often known as the “Sabbath of Sabbaths,” occurs on “the tenth day of [the] seventh month” (Tishrei). Observed on the first day of the Hebrew month, Rosh Hashanah (also known as Yom Teruah in the Torah) is a time of reflection and renewal. Sins are also prayed for God to forgive on this day.

67.Scotland’s Outer Hebrides; “Up-Helly-Aa”

Up Helly Aa is the name for many different wintertime fire celebrations celebrated in the Scottish islands of Shetland. Procession of up to a thousand guizers in Lerwick and substantially fewer numbers in the more rural festivals, organised into squads that march through the town or hamlet in a variety of themed costumes, is a central part of the celebration. Up, which means “the end” in English, comes from the Old Norse term Uppi, which is still used in Faroese and Icelandic today, and Helly, which means “holy day or festival,” are both defined in John Jamieson’s Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language (1818).

68.Greece and Bulgaria’s Anastenaria Firewalking Festival

Some rural communities in northern Greece and southern Bulgaria still practise a ceremony known as the Anastenaria, which involves participants walking on fire. Greeks who practise this tradition are derived from Eastern Thracians who fled to the country during the Balkan Wars of 1911–12 and the population swap with Turkey in 1923. Anastenaria ceremonies are still carried out today in Ayia Eleni, Langadas, Melike, Mavrolefke, and Kerkine, five communities in northern Greece. Six villages in the Strandzha Mountains of Bulgaria (Balgari, Gramatikovo, Slivarovo, Kondolovo, Kosti, and Brodilovo) continue to practise the ceremony today.

69.The Hajj is a pilgrimage that you should absolutely take part in.

All adult Muslims who are well enough to travel and have enough money to take care of their families while they are away are obligated to do the Hajj at least once in their lifetimes. Along with the Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, and Sawm, it is one of the five pillars of Islam. The Hajj pilgrimage is widely recognised as the world’s biggest yearly gathering of humans.

70.Celebration of the Dead in Mexico City

In addition to its widespread observance in Mexico, particularly in the country’s Central and Southern states, Day of the Dead is also well recognised internationally. Gatherings of loved ones are held on this day to honour the memory of ancestors and departed loved ones through prayer and remembrance, and to provide spiritual strength to those still on their own path of healing after loss. UNESCO included the custom on its list of the world’s intangible cultural heritage in 2008. This celebration is known as Da de los Muertos in its native Spanish language.

71.The Egyptian city of Abu Simbel has a festival dedicated to the sun every year.

The inner chamber of Abu Simbel Temple was designed by Ramses II to be illuminated twice yearly, first on the anniversary of his coronation (about February 22) and again on his birthday (November 12). (in October, around the 22nd)Crowds assemble at dawn on the annual Sun Festival to see the first rays of light illuminate the central chamber and the statues of Ramses, Ra, and Amun. Only the deity of darkness, Ptah, is kept in the shadows during these two holidays.

72.The Tomatina Festival in Valencia, Spain

The Valencian town of Buol, in Eastern Spain 30 kilometres (19 miles) from the Mediterranean, hosts La Tomatina, one of the most well-known events in Spain, when people toss tomatoes at each other and engage in a mock battle for fun. On the final Wednesday of every August since 1945, it has been a part of the Buol celebrations. An hour later, the whole town square is smeared in tomato paste because of the brawl that lasted that long. The streets are cleaned by fire vehicles, and the participants wash off the tomato paste with hoses provided by the community. Some people use the “los peones” pool as a shower. The acidity of the tomato disinfects and effectively cleans the surfaces, leaving the village’s cobblestone streets looking as good as new.

73.In India, during the annual Purna Kumbh Mela on the banks of the Ganges.

The Kumbh Mela, often spelled Kumbha Mela, is a religious festival when millions of Hindus assemble to take a dip in a holy river. Around 100 million people were anticipated to attend the 2013 Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, making it the biggest peaceful assembly in the world. Haridwar, Allahabad (Prayaga), Nashik, and Ujjain take turns hosting every three years. So, every 12 years, the Kumbh Mela moves to a new location.

74.Cervia, Italy hosts an annual international kite festival.

The Cervia International Kite Festival is currently in its 33rd iteration, making it a long-running festival that attracts kite artists from across the globe. Only a few few events can boast such a lengthy history and continued leadership today. As an added bonus, the competition is set in a stunning location: on the beach of Pinarella di Cervia, a well-liked Italian summer resort known for its balmy temperatures and light onshore winds, perfect for kiteboarding. The event runs from April 20th through May 1st.

75.Tennis at the French Open in Paris

The French Open, which takes place in Paris from the end of May to the second week of June, is a fantastic chance to experience the world’s most romantic sport in the world’s most beautiful city. In spite of its reputation as the most taxing Grand Slam event on the body, the French Open is also the most stylish, making for fascinating spectators.

76.To Monaco for the Grand Prix or a vacation

Monaco is a year-round hotspot for vacationers because to its perfect climate, picturesque roads, lavish riches, and lenient tax policies. The Formula One Grand Prix, held annually in Monaco in May, changes that, though. Since the country’s upper-class royal family oversees and makes a point of attending the event, it also attracts a large number of onlookers.

77.Brazil’s Boi Bumba and Parintins

The Parintins municipality of Brazil has an amazonian traditional event called Boi Bumba that is certain to put a smile on your face. The most significant stories from Amazonian mythology are brought to life in this vivid festival and all-encompassing experience. Vast parades with complex sets, tribal rituals, a large puppet performance, a fight of good and evil from a fairy tale, massive displays of folk art, fireworks shows, and an all-night celebration are just some of the acts included. You can anticipate the same infectiously joyous mood and spectacular, colourful costumes at Boi Bumba that have made Rio’s Carnival renowned throughout the globe, but with a fraction of the visitors.

78.Festival goers in Brighton, United Kingdom’s, Great Escape

Brighton attracts artists, hippies, and culture vultures with its quirky, progressive, and somewhat wicked vibe. It’s no wonder that one of the world’s best music festivals, the Great Escape Festival, is hosted there every May given the city’s reputation as a haven for the artsy and alternative. Billed as “Britain’s answer to South by Southwest,” the event features performances by more than 500 up-and-coming musicians from across the globe. This is an absolute must-attend for every self-respecting music fan who wants to be the first to say they “discovered” a certain group.

79.Birthday Party in the Port of Hamburg, Germany

The city of Hamburg throws a massive annual festival in honour of its famed port, without which the world would never have learned of the Beatles or the Hamburger. The port anniversary is one of the most popular celebrations in Germany, and it starts out with a spectacular display of ships. The Hamburg Tugboat Ballet, featuring the short, stocky vessels “dancing” to classical music, is also part of the celebration. Exactly as cute and silly as it sounds, it is. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea as you cruise the three-mile-long promenade, which is lined with restaurants, shops, and the famous St. Pauli fish markets.

80. A View of the Cherry Blossoms during the Kyoto, Japan Festival

Sakura Matsuri is the celebration of the blooming of cherry trees.

In April, when the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan are at their peak, the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. During the month of April, this historical city is not only surrounded by fragrant, pink blossoming trees, but many of its historic landmarks come to life as well. Celebrations and rituals take place all around Kyoto this month, in its many temples, shrines, and public spaces. Women costumed as geishas may be seen roaming the streets of Kyoto, in addition to the spectacular Miyako Odori Geisha Dance, which is performed throughout the month with continually changing sets. To celebrate the cherry blossoms, temples around the Southern Higashiyama District turn on lights in their grounds and structures, creating a mystical and awe-inspiring atmosphere.

81.King’s Day, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch Royal Family’s Annual Celebration of Democracy and Good Governance

King’s Day, or Koningsdag, is observed on April 27, the birthday of King Willem-Alexander of Orange of the Netherlands. The city throws a massive street celebration in his honour, with lots of orange attire, street vendors, and boat parties floating along the city’s famed canals. Due to the lack of rules governing commerce on the streets, many stores, bars, and restaurants will have offers and discounts they couldn’t normally provide. Not only is Koningsdag a fantastic time to check out Amsterdam’s legendary nightlife, but it also provides a rare glimpse into the workings of a contemporary monarchy.

82.Every year, Scotland is the host of the Open Championship.

The British Open is one of the most prestigious tournaments on the PGA Tour. Given that it is the oldest of the four major championships and the only one played in a country other than the United States, it provides a unique look into the sport’s origins in Europe. The Open Championship is the best holiday option for sports fans in July.

South Africa’s Cape Town hosts an annual whale festival at Hermanus.

83.South African whales at Hermanus

Over 150,000 people attend this annual event at the end of September to witness the migration of the Southern Wright Whale off the western coast of South Africa. The finest opportunity to witness these majestic animals is during this annual festival, and Hermanus, just outside of Cape Town, is where you’ll find the best land-based whale watching in the world.In Singapore, they have a race called the Singapore Grand Prix.This event, which takes place in the middle of September, is notoriously challenging because to its 90-degree curves, thin walls, and many twists and turns. However, after seeing a race that has been purposefully made challenging, spectators may relax in a city that is a true feat of civil engineering. The small city-state of Singapore is not only one of the greatest locations to visit in September due to its modernity, cleanliness, and beauty, but also because to its nature, cuisine, and cultural attractions.  Located in the heart of Barcelona, La Mercè is a popular tourist destination.

84.Catalan Market (la merce de Barcelona)

It’s true that Spain has its fair share of crazy, colourful, and even deadly cultural festivals, but la Mercè stands out among them all. La Mercè, which begins on the 21st of September each year, is widely regarded as the city’s biggest celebration. Most of the activities on la Mercè’s schedule are completely free of charge, and they’re spread out all around the city. And the range of what is seen is impressive. One of the most famous and exciting events is called Correfocs, and it involves individuals costumed as demons carrying blazing pitchforks and marching through the streets to the sound of a menacing drum beat as onlookers rush through a tunnel of pyrotechnics. The Castellers, an acrobatic human tower that can reach heights of up to 10 stories, are another spectacle not to be missed.

85.Munich, Germany’s Starkbierfest

If you’re looking for some pretty potent beers in a stunning environment, go no further than Starkbierfest, a lesser-known German beer festival near Munich. Starkbier, which literally translates to “strong beer,” was typically produced by fasting monks. Starkbier, also called “liquid bread,” has a high alcohol content, tastes like a meal, and is quite filling. Starkbierfest may be less well-known than its more famous relative, Oktoberfest, but it nevertheless delivers a tasty and boisterous good time. Over the course of two weeks in March, revellers enjoy traditional German meal and beer in renowned beer halls dressed up with big tables, dirndls, lederhosen, gigantic beer mugs, and hearty German fare.

86.Con of Comics, San Diego, California

Comic-Con attracts nerds and geeks of every size, shape, species, and fandom imaginable. Known mostly for its extravagant Cosplay, this multi-day festival raises awareness and appreciation for comics and art. Participate in discussions, watch films and anime, see exhibits, and enter contests. Perambulate the enormous Exhibition Hall to meet your favourite performers, writers, and artists and have them sign your merchandise. Celebrities, organisations, and media outlets like Buzzfeed, IMDb, and Warner Bros. throw parties at night so that their employees may unwind after a busy day of attending panels and screenings. Comic-Con has some of the best people-watching in the world, what with all the cosplayers and A-listers in attendance.

87.In Hamburg’s Reeperbahn

Reeperbahn is a music festival that takes place all across the gorgeous northern port city of Hamburg. It is Europe’s biggest club festival and the German counterpart of SXSW. Over the span of four days in September, the city plays home to upwards of 800 performances that aren’t confined to a single site. Newfound musical favourites and potential new stars are often unveiled on Reeperbahn. Fans of underground music, label scouts, and independent artists all show up by the tens of thousands.

88.Adelaide, Australia’s Annual Fringe Festival

Fringe Event in Adelaide, Australia is a month-long celebration of all things creative and cultural, and it is the biggest open-access art festival in the southern hemisphere. A massive art festival takes over the city. Ordinary shops become exhibition halls, parks are transformed into extravagant stages, and street entertainers go to the streets to showcase their wares. Although the Fringe Festival is a major draw to Adelaide in February, the city has much more to offer. If you’re sick of winter in the North, you’ll like Adelaide. In February, it seems like the height of summer: the sun is out, the beaches are beckoning, and the city is alive with creative energy.

89.Dance of the Voga alla Veneta in Venice, Italy

A typical Venetian dance is called a voga alla veneta.

Can you imagine a more stereotypical representation of the Italian city of Venice than a canal crowded with gondolas? The Voga alla Veneta festival is Venice’s annual citywide gondola race, and if you’ve ever wanted to be rowed around the canals by an Italian guy in a striped shirt, there’s no better time to make it happen. A big boat procession across the city’s canals is the first event of the day, including historical vessels rowed by experts in period garb. After the opening ceremonies, the races begin, with events for participants of varying ages held on courses of varying distances. The Voga alla Veneta, which takes place on the first Saturday of September, is the biggest of these races and the one most people wait all year for.

90.Festival of the Yamayaki, Nara, Japan

Jody McIntyre’s Yamayaki

Yamaki is a rite that ushers in the new year in Nara, Japan’s ancient capital. It requires setting fire to a whole mountain. The event commemorates an incident that occurred in 1760, when two local Buddhist temples had a disagreement about boundary boundaries and burned down Mount Wakakusa to settle their differences.

A holy fire is lit at Nara’s Kasuga Taisha Shrine to mark the beginning of the Wakakusa Yamayaki Festival. After the Buddhist monks in traditional garb have paraded the fire to the base of Mount Wakakusa, they will light a bonfire and send off spectacular fireworks. Besides being a sight to see, this helps keep the mountain’s environment healthy by removing dead grass and scaring away pests like insects, bears, and wild boars

91.Geneva, Switzerland’s Fête de l’Escalade

revelry in Geneva; a lescalade party

The happy occasion is celebrated annually on the weekend closest to December 11 and 12, and it is based on a story about a 17th-century assault that was foiled and a massive pot of chocolate. The Duke of Savoy, together with a small band of troops, tried to storm Geneva in the wee hours of December 11th, 1602. There’s a story that a local lady heard the assault while making a huge batch of chocolate. She dumped the contents of the pot on the invaders, creating enough commotion to wake Geneva’s sleeping army, who quickly dispatched the intruders.

Participants at this festival don period garb, beat drums, roast pigs over open fires, and fire antique firearms in honour of the occasion. Like Halloween, kids wear costumes and knock on neighbours’ doors to beg for candy. As the event comes to a close, revellers break a chocolate pot with ceremonial significance, releasing marzipan delicacies for everyone to eat.

92.Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Al Dhafra Festival

While Dubai may get all the attention as the shining star of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi holds the global record for the biggest camel beauty contest. A festival honouring the Bedouin culture, it runs from around the middle of December through early January. Until the city’s rapid development and subsequent modernization started in the 1950s, its residents were mostly nomadic desert dwellers. In Madinat Zayed, residents celebrate the city’s Bedouin heritage by displaying traditional artefacts, dishes, and even camels. The camels are dressed up in elaborate outfits and given the opportunity to show off their wares. Many rich purchasers seek for the most beautiful, quickest, most prolific milk producers. Festival-goers get to feast on delicious cuisine, watch exciting races, and marvel at some of the world’s most beautiful camels.

93.The Junkanoo Festival, Nassau, The Bahamas

Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, throws the craziest party of the winter between December 26 and January 1. Large-scale street party that combines elements of a carnival and a masquerade ball, the Junkanoo Festival attracts thousands of people every year. At approximately 2 o’clock in the morning, floats and dancers dressed to the nines began parading through the streets of Nassau to the sound of goombay drums. Many paradegoers spend months or even years perfecting their outfits. The Junkanoo Expo Museum showcases the work of those who are deemed to have the most elaborate costumes.

94.Dervishes (Turkish religious dancers) in Konya.

The 13th-century poet and Islamic scholar Rumi advocated contemplative whirling, and his teachings are the inspiration for this event. The modern devotees of the holy figure dress in white robes and pointy caps and dance frantically. UNESCO has recognised the whirling meditation as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity for its commitment to compassion, tolerance, and forgiving. The date of the celebration shifts from year to year since it is tied to the lunar cycle of the Islamic calendar. In any case, it usually takes place in November or December, and it draws crowds of up to a million people to see its enchantment.

95.Thailand’s Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai.

Yi Peng, or the Festival of Lights, is one of the world’s most well-known and picturesque celebrations. Yi Peng is a holiday celebrated only in the northern part of Thailand to mark the end of the lunar year (usually falling in November). It’s also the end of the monsoon season, which means the start of the year’s coldest months is just around the corner. Even though this event is observed in a number of northern Thai towns, Chiang Mai is where the most of the activity takes place. Flowers are used to decorate the city and its numerous Buddhist temples in preparation for the festival. The Festival of Lights lives up to its name in every way. As darkness falls, hundreds of paper lanterns will be released into the air and drift out into the distance. The whole city of Chiang Mai is permeated by the sweet aroma of incense during the festival.

96.The Best Pool party in the world – Free drinks for ladies

The gorgeous masonry elements seen throughout Élia Beach Club, the wooden-framed cabanas, and the ingenious stage with cutting-edge audio and video equipment are all nods to worldwide beach spots that served as inspiration for the design of the club.

An upper-level pool and bar at Élia Beach Club gaze out over the glistening sand-bottom pool and the lively party below.

The Living Room, a shaded bar and pool area just below the upper level, is a great place to relax and enjoy a drink while taking in the view.

Because some visitors demand more from their stay than the ordinary can provide.

97.HOPS IN THE HANGAR: A Craft Beer Event that really takes Flight

Hops in the Hangar Event A one-of-a-kind craft beer tasting event that will undoubtedly take flight!

Hops in the Hangar is an annual, one-of-a-kind beer event that brings together craft beer aficionados and aviation enthusiasts. The event is being held at the Middletown Regional Airport. It has aircraft attractions as well as an outstanding selection of artisan beers. Take a seat!

With the hangar doors wide open, the unusual placement enables for outdoor pleasure while still providing shade and weather protection. This event will go place rain or shine, but there will be plenty of beer and fun. All guests must be at least 21 years old (including Designated “Flyers”).

98.Pan American Food and Music Festival

Pan American Food and Music Festiva is the only yearly event in Canada that honours the diverse range of Western Hemisphere art, music, food, and culture. The tenth PANAMFEST will take place in Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square on August 20 and 21 of 2022, with the theme “Celebrating 10 Years of “Flavour & Fun – Panamerican Style.” To strengthen the developing cultural identity shared by Canadians and the other 40 nations of North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean, this yearly free event is held in Toronto.

Pan American Food and Music Festiva The 41 nations that make up the American continent are together for this one and only event in Canada. Then join us on August 17 and 18 at Yonge-Dundas Square for a celebration of flavours, music, and dancing. The Pan American Food & Music Festival offers something for everyone with over 20 chefs, 40 shows, and over 600 performers on stage.

99.The Denver Burger Battle

Locating the best burger in Denver is the sole aim of the Denver Burger Battle.

In the Choice of The people and Judges Choice category, dozens of eateries from the Denver metro region compete for dominance in the burger market.

The celebration has gone on continuously since the smackdown started in 2010. We ask cooks to resolve their differences and compete with the best burger ever.

Burger enthusiasts, this is your occasion. An outstanding, carefully picked group of independently owned restaurants from all throughout the greater Denver metro region is available for you to sample and vote on.


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