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When Is April Fool’s Day 2022?

Sat, Apr 1, 2023

When is April 1st, sometimes referred to as All Fool’s Day? Tricks, pranks, and jokes are appropriate on this day.

On April Fool’s Day, pranksters.

Jokes for April 1

Many nations celebrate April 1 as a day for practical pranks. The most basic practical pranks may entail kids pretending that their shoelaces are undone and then shouting “April Fool!” as the targets look down at their feet. The following are a few examples of media-publicized April 1st jokes:

The British supermarket chain Tesco advertised a genetically altered “whistling carrot” in The Sun in 2002. The carrots were designed to grow with tapered air holes in their side, according to the advertisement. The carrot would whistle when these holes were completely cooked.

There was just one black-and-white television station in Sweden during the beginning of the 1960s. On April 1st, the press reported that viewers may upgrade their current sets to show color reception by draping a nylon stocking over their screen.

Many American newspapers, including The New York Times, published a picture showing a man soaring through the air in 1934. The guy was supported by a machine that was solely propelled by his lungs. Associated publications enthusiastically praised this amazing new idea.

Why is April 1 All Fools Day?

The origin of the April Fool’s Day tradition is the subject of several hypotheses. The Gregorian and Julian calendars’ inception is the subject of one explanation. Some regions of Europe have celebrated the New Year on or around the March Equinox since ancient times. The new calendars, on the other hand, designated January 1 as the start of the year.

People who ignored the change or continued to follow the previous regulations for other reasons became the targets of different jokes. As an example, jokesters would covertly attach paper fish to their backs. The victims of this practical joke were known as Poisson d’Avril, or April Fish, in France.

Bible doctrines

Another theory about the origin of April Fool’s Day claims that Noah from the Bible was the first “April Fool.” On April 1, he allegedly sent the dove out in error to search dry ground before the seas receded.

According to a second legend, the day honors the sending and receiving of Jesus between Pontius Pilate and Herod. An ancient expression for sending someone on a fool’s errand is “sending a man from Pilate to Herod.”


History of April Fool’s Day

Pranks and practical jokes have been around since the Roman era. Around the March equinox, the Romans and Celts observed a festival of practical jokes.

Where “Fool’s Errands” Came From

Proserpina was taken to the underworld by the Roman deity Pluto, according to legend. Ceres, her mother, only heard the echo of her daughter’s voice as she futilely looked for her. Some people think that the failed quest was the origin of the custom of “fool’s errands,” which are practical pranks in which someone is asked to do an impossible or fictitious activity.

The Folklore of British All Fool’s Day

April 1 is associated with the Nottinghamshire town of Gotham in British legend. In the 13th century, it was customary for any road that the king stepped foot on to become public property, according to legend. Because they didn’t want to lose their main road, the citizens of Gotham refused King John entry when they learned that he intended to pass through their town. The king sent soldiers to the town after learning this. But when the soldiers got to Gotham, they discovered a town populated by fools partaking in foolish pursuits like drowning fish. The king concluded that the town was too stupid to merit punishment.

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