Bohemian Beer Garden Silent Disco Party I Queens, NY I 21 & Over

[date september 1  – September 2] Location:Bohemian Beer Garden & The Prague Room 29-19 24th Avenue Queens, NY 11105 United States

Silent Disco Beer Garden experience with indoor and outdoor areas to party featuring 3 live DJs spinning 3 different genres of music!

Bohemian Beer Garden Silent Disco Party I Queens, NY I 21 & Over
Bohemian Beer Garden Silent Disco Party I Queens, NY I 21 & Over

About this Bohemian Beer Garden Silent Disco Party I Queens, NY I 21 & Over

No longer limited to beer alone! It just became even better at the biggest and longest-running silent disco party in the United States! Come together with a fantastic crowd of partygoers for an unforgettable evening.

Every other Friday, for the ninth year running, Quiet Events transforms the historic Bohemian Beer Garden, which first opened its doors 100 years ago, into an enormous silent disco dance extravaganza. Don’t be fooled by its advancing years. In the year 2023, the Garden had a complete makeover. It has just been renovated to include a full bar, which serves delectable creative cocktails, mocktails and a discerning collection of wines. You should get there as early as possible if you want to sample their new food menu, which has been upgraded to offer anything from short snacks to high-class delectable entrees. Take a look at their updated menu.

In contrast to other parties in New York City, this one has three live DJs spinning at the same time, each of whom plays a distinct kind of music. It’s like attending three parties in one. Everyone should get their groove on, so invite their friends and even their families. Because we are committed to ensuring that everyone who comes has a good time, this will be the most welcoming nighttime party that you have ever been to. It does not matter who you are or where you come from, what gender you are, or what kind of music you like as long as you are at least 21 years old, you will find it entertaining.

Your three live DJs will keep the party going all night:

DJ 1 (Green) plays pop, EDM, and mashup music.

DJ 2 (Red) will play throwbacks from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

DJ 3 (Blue) plays hip-hop, R&B, and Latin music.

Your background includes the following:

A set of headphones manufactured by Quiet Events

Gear That Glows in the Dark

There are three live DJs competing for your attention right now.

Notes of importance:


No Matter the Weather (There is a Huge Indoor Space Available for the Party)

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