Calgary Folk Music Festival 2022

[21 - 24 Jul 2022]  location: Prince's Island Park, Calgary, Canada

Calgary Folk Music Festival 2022

After nearly three years of pandemic-related limitations, the Calgary Folk Music Festival (CFMF) is this year returning in its entirety. Folk Fest will be back at Prince’s Island Park from July 21 to July 24.

Calgary Folk Music Festival 2022
Calgary Folk Music Festival 2022

A four-day yearly festival, CFMF showcases 70 local, national, and international acts. The festival is one of Canada’s most prestigious, ground-breaking music events, with a national and worldwide presence and a broad, avant-garde programming vision.

According to Kerry Clarke, artistic director of Folk Fest, the majority of the artists arriving are brand-new and have never attended the festival or visited Calgary.

Roughly 12 Albertan artists, 25 from the rest of Canada, 20 from the United States, and about 15 from outside of North America will participate, according to her.

The festival won’t be substantially different from what it was in 2019 and before, according to Clarke. Because to the lengthy building period, they are down one step an occurrence on the Jaipur Bridge.

The Twilight stage, which is a massive platform that probably holds approximately 3,000 people because a lot of standing and dancing will be taking place, is one of two stages that are now in use, according to Clarke.

We also have our craft sections, artists’ markets, food vendors, and the top 10 in the family zone, in addition to the new site licencing.

People are allowed to bring their alcoholic drinks to the specified tarp areas thanks to site licencing All-year operation so if you are music lover so join us on date .

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