Use this Conference Speaker Checklist to Engage Audiences and Produce Results For Events

Use this Conference Speaker Checklist to Engage Audiences and Produce Results People will travel great distances to attend your event if you have the perfect selection of business conference speakers. Finding and obtaining notable speakers improves your standing as an event planner and gives your conference legitimacy. Nevertheless, it’s not always simple to get a speaker for a gathering and persuade them to participate.

It takes time and perseverance to find speakers. You must establish a rapport with applicants in order to convince them to sign on. Fortunately, there are actions you and your team can do to set the stage for effective outreach and guarantee that you receive the outcomes you’re looking for.

Conference Speaker Checklist to Engage Audiences
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5 step for Conference Speaker Checklist to Engage Audiences

Step 1: Before contacting applicants, make sure your request is clear.

So how do you choose a speaker for a gathering? Establish your value proposition before you and your team get right in. Your conference’s objectives and the experiences it gives participants should be made clear to enable prospective speakers understand the advantages of participating. After that, you may begin creating a list of conference speakers.

Before approaching speakers, consider the following questions.

Who should speak at your conference, and why? For instance, will your speaker have access to a difficult-to-reach audience like top decision-makers or is this the ideal moment for them to discuss ideas with their peers?

What are the benefits for speakers who take time out of their hectic schedules to support your event with their credibility? Benefits could include improving one’s professional standing or moving one’s career forward. You must show how this is a win-win scenario.

Give knowledgeable speakers for your corporate event.

  • What are the conference’s themes and the subjects you want your candidate to cover?
  • Where is your conference being held, and how long will it last?
  • Why is this a chance that both the speaker and the audience will find useful? Be careful to make the relationship clear.
  • – It’s astonishing how many speaker requests merely discuss the event itself.
  • Who will be present, and will the meeting be broadcast live online? Be specific about the overall number of prospective listeners and the sort of crowd you anticipate as part of your event speaker checklist.

 Step 2: Take your time when approaching speakers at business conferences.

Keep in mind that many skilled speakers for business events are as busy professionals as you and your team send emails and make phone calls. The key to success is polite perseverance. Determine your tone and the appropriate number of emails to send before moving on using your best judgement. After the second or third weekly email, if you aren’t hearing back from one applicant, it seems sensible to start contacting other possible guest speakers.

A speaker at an occasion should be flexible. It’s reasonable to anticipate that your preferred speaker may not be available, so prepare a list of alternates. Tell speakers the truth about who else you’ve contacted, and make sure nobody feels like a second-class citizen. Your next best pick could go above and beyond to create an impression when big names sometimes fall short of expectations.

Step 3: Talk about compensation and commitment

When a speaker accepts your invitation, be upfront about your expectations and make sure they can meet them all. Both you and the speaker should have expectations for one another. You can better appreciate someone’s intentions if you are aware of why they agreed to speak at your event.

Verify the speaker’s whole fee up front and keep in mind that rates sometimes do not cover travel or lodging. In addition to their price, some speakers have extra needs, including AV equipment. You may ensure that all costs are covered by including a section on payments in your guest speaker check list.

Pick the most effective bargaining strategy. Try calling, setting up a Zoom call, or scheduling a face-to-face meeting if you’re having trouble receiving clarification through email. Averting problems later on by making sure everyone is on the same page throughout the negotiation stage.

Step 4: Establish due dates for your event speaker’s submissions.

Your conference speaker will need to prepare certain things after they’ve agreed to speak. Let them know when and what is expected of them. Here is an example of a speaker event planning checklist that your team should modify for the requirements of your event:

  • provide topic title and description by deadline to be determined
  • CV and headshot due by a date to be determined.
  • TBD timeframe for reviewing the content overview
  • Finalized presentation materials and script by a date to be determined.
  • By the date TBD, the conference has its last walkthrough.

Step 5: After the conference, get in touch with your guest speaker.

After your conference is over, don’t forget about your speakers. Your speakers invested time in getting ready for your event. Make sure they are aware of your gratitude. After all, if they had a positive time and felt valued, they’d be more inclined to rave about your event to their friends, followers, and other influential people.

An excellent place to start is with a handwritten thank-you message. However, there are more considerate and original methods to express gratitude. Use these suggestions as inspiration:

Beautiful notebooks: Go old school with a notebook coated in high-quality leather or suede, which is ideal for noting down ideas and wisecracks for later.

Invite a caricaturist to your event to sketch the attendees, and have the artist also sketch the speakers. You may offer them the artwork to take home as a totally unique present when your event is done.

Goodies for everyone at home: When a speaker departs, their colleagues often have to take up the slack. Offer them a special order of donuts, fresh fruit, or baked goods from the neighbourhood to thank them for their contribution.

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