Craft Beer LB Fest 2023

[Date September 16]Location:Rancho Los Cerritos 4600 Virginia Road Long Beach, CA 90807 United States

Craft Beer LB Fest is the only festival in Long Beach to feature only local breweries, businesses and artists.

Craft Beer LB Fest 2023
Craft Beer LB Fest 2023

About this Craft Beer LB Fest 2023

Craft Beer LB Fest is the first event in Long Beach to highlight local Long Beach breweries, food, and artists. Craft Beer LB Fest is also the first festival in Long Beach. We have extended the scope of the event to include brewers that have connections to Long Beach.

Known Breweries are as Follows:

A Society of Altars
Aiming High Ales
The Beachwood Brewing Company
The Beachwoods Blending room
The West Dutch Brewing Company’s Brouwerij
Anywhere and Everywhere Beer Co.
Inconsistent wood Apple cider mills
Brewing Company of La Jara
Beer laboratory in Long Beach
Syncopated Brewing Company of Smog City
Ten Mile Brewing Company: A Trademark Brewery You Can TrustLong Beach Homebrewers Steinfillers Confirmed Food Vendors: Gut Long Beach Homebrewers Steinfillers

S hady Grove BBQ, L eaf Over Beef, D utch’s Smash Burgers, SteffiSweets, and Live Performances are all on the agenda. By:

Ms. Kat Hall B. Hall Rancho Los Cerritos (RLC) will profit from the royal income. By buying a ticket, you give us permission to provide RLC with the information that we collect about you.

The vision of Rancho Los Cerritos is to link people with their communities, their histories, and their cultures, as well as to arouse in them a sense of wonder and reverence for the past, to deepen their comprehension of the here and now, to foster enthusiasm for the future, and to broaden their enthusiasm for the future.

The MISSION of Rancho Los Cerritos is to repair and maintain the building and grounds; gather adequate resources; and explain the interaction of the Rancho’s varied peoples, from Native American periods through the 1940s and the establishment of the Long Beach region. This time period spans from the time when the Long Beach area was first developed to the present day.

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