Dance Beyond presents: PORANGUÍ @ Judson Church

[Date November 14 ]Location:Judson Memorial Church – New York City 55 Washington Sq S New York, NY 10012 United States

❃ The Beauty Way Tour: A Transformative Music, Dance, and Healing Experience ❃
Dance Beyond presents: PORANGUÍ @ Judson Church
Dance Beyond presents: PORANGUÍ @ Judson Church

About this Dance Beyond presents: PORANGUÍ @ Judson Church

Dance Beyond, Ecstatic Dance NYC, and Dance Lab are pleased to host:

Porangu and Ashley Klein are in residence at The Judson Memorial Church in New York City.

Ashley Klein, a multiracial musician, healer, and educator who is a Porangu co-facilitator, will design a purposefully designed space for people to experience the therapeutic value of music and genuine expression. The Beauty Way Tour gives participants a chance to connect with themselves and their community while enjoying an evening of improvised global soul music, dance, and sound healing. Participants leave the event feeling more entire and transformed.

An opening ceremony and chance for the audience to raise their voices and sing together set the tone for the four-hour voyage via rhythm, music, and dance. Ashley’s voice direction and live visual projections will enhance Porangu’s prolonged live performance.

creating a voyage through the earth’s natural splendour and the web of life that is really memorable. As we go from the event and return to our larger community with the night’s medication, we have an integrating experience.

Diné (Navajo) teachings from Porangu & Ashley’s cherished Southwest served as the inspiration for the Beauty Way album and tour. Walking the Beauty Way is living in harmony and balance with how all life is developing. Together, as we travel the Beauty Way, we further bind ourselves to the earth’s surface. Beauty Way, Porangui’s most recent album, was made available on all streaming services on April 21, 2023.

Hozho naasha doo. May we all move with grace.


Workshop on Music as Medicine: 7:00 PM


AGE: Everyone

Porangu will promote awareness of and raise money for his Diné ceremonial elders in Arizona by supporting their access to secure housing as part of the last Beauty Way tour. Read more about the initiative here: (

Porangu’s background:

Porangu was raised in three different cultures—Brazil, Mexico, and the United States—and was immersed from infancy in a variety of conventional music, healing, and ceremonial practises. Porangu has over 25 years of experience working internationally as an artist, musician, healer, and educator. He draws on his cross-cultural background and ethnomusicology training from Duke University and uses these skills to promote both our individual and collective well-being.

Porangu blends global indigenous rhythms and ancestor chants as a live looping performer and one-man orchestra. Porangu’s live grooves span from meditation to dancing, moving the body, uplifting the soul, and bridging the gap between artist and audience. He creates his performances from scratch utilising looping technology. He has performed at World Soul events all around the world and has worked with various musicians, including a current CD series called Kuya Sessions with Liquid Bloom.

Regarding Ashley Klein

Based in Sedona, Arizona, Ashley Klein (Ed.S) is a dancer, embodiment mentor, retreat leader, and manager of the music industry. She works both on and off stage with the international travelling performer Porangu, whose goal is to spread ethereal wisdom via the therapeutic benefits of music and dance.

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