Dazed On The Green – MUSIC EVENT 2022 NOW IN USA

[ Sep 17-Sep 18, 2022] Location: Stanislaus County Fair900 North Broadway Turlock, 
CA 95380,United States

Dazed On The Green is The biggest music event in Central California provides concertgoers a variety of musical genres and on-site merchants, including cannabis. 21+

Dazed On The Green
Dazed On The Green

About this Dazed On The Green

Ages 21+, 11 a.m. to 10 p. Every Day – Every Two Days, Three Stages Every Day, Five Different Music Genres…

Great food, excellent music, excellent beer, and excellent weed!

It’s Going To Be Lit!Sorry, no returns, refunds, or exchanges


At Dazed On The Green, a shirt and shoes are always required.

No tattoos, clothing, language, or imagery associated with gangs. Our main goal is to give everyone access to a secure and enjoyable environment.

All individuals, including law enforcement officers and those with concealed carry licences, are severely barred from possessing any item that is classified as a weapon. At the entry gates, security checks are performed.

It is against the law and subject to legal action for any conduct that violates a federal, state, or municipal law or regulation, including stealing, damaging, destroying, or vandalising property.

Unruly or disruptive behaviour as well as any action that could endanger people or property physically won’t be permitted.


Dazed On The Green

Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, mopeds, Segways, and rollerblades are not permitted at this event.

The only animals that are permitted on the property are service animals and animals that are on display or being utilised for entertainment. There are no facilities for pet daycare here.

Service dogs are welcome at the Fair, but “comfort animals” will not be permitted inside Dazed n The Green since they do not meet the requirements of the ADA as set down by the Department of Justice.

It is against the law to block or impede any building, booth, exhibit, concession stand, performance, ticket window, gate, stage, entryway, fire escape, stairwell, or pathway.

It is forbidden to solicit, including by selling and/or distributing materials of any type. (Only in specially constructed business spaces may products and services be sold. Dazed On The Green, at sales@dazedonthegreen.com, may provide applications for such commercial premises.)

All participants are required to behave respectfully.


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