Discover Upper Newport Bay Kayak Tour In USA

[ MULTIPLE DATE S]Location :Newport Aquatic Cente1 White cliffs Drive New port Beach, CA 92660United States

Discover Upper Newport Bay Kayak Tour Participate in a public kayaking trip in the Upper Newport Bay natural reserve. Volunteer naturalists with credentials lead tours.

About Discover Upper Newport Bay Kayak Tour

This is a public kayaking excursion open to both sexes, and it can hold up to 20 persons. Including the briefing, paddling around the Bay, and packing up, the entire tour should take no more than two hours.

What to Anticipate

Upper Newport Bay is beautiful and peaceful, and you can watch skimmers, terns, and egrets soaring by while you paddle around the bay in a kayak. A silver mullet (fish) leaping out of the water, or a stingray moving beneath you, might grab your eye if you’re paying attention.

Depending on the time of year and the level of the tide, the variety and abundance of birds and other species on each cruise is completely different from the last.

Black skimmers and terns nesting in the area are the most common birds seen during the summer.

Many species of ducks, geese, and other waterfowl travel south from Canada and Alaska for the winter, resulting in a rich and varied avian population. Winter kayak tours have a reputation for being the finest among participants.

A rare privilege, indeed, to be allowed entry into this protected natural region.

As you leisurely paddle around, your naturalist guide will stop every so often to rest and give a brief lecture on the Bay’s ecology and natural history, giving you a great opportunity to spot wetland creatures. During your tour, please feel free to ask any questions that may come to mind.

When you get back to the beach, you should help pack up your kayak and gear.

You can now go about the remainder of your day as you like. North Star Beach, which is adjacent to the NAC and open to the public, is a great spot to stay on site for a picnic on your own.

The Newport Aquatic Center (NAC) has public bathrooms available during operating hours that are positioned around the back of the building. ** Please exercise extreme caution when enjoying outdoor spaces during the nesting season (March–September).

Are you kidding me? Sure thing! At the outset, your volunteer naturalist guide will give everyone in the group a brief Intro to Kayaking safety briefing and then demonstrate all the techniques you’ll need to return to exploring on your own.

Everyone taking part must be comfortable in the water and able to assist with transporting kayaks a short distance to and from the water.


Everyone over the age of 8 is invited. Families and couples often take out tandem kayaks (which seat two people). Underage paddlers need to share a tandem kayak with an adult (18+).

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to be out on the lake without a parent or other responsible adult (17 and under). Adults and teenagers are only allowed to paddle alone in kayaks if there are an odd number of people in the group. All participants will always be partnered with a recognised person. We regret that we cannot accommodate guests who bring their pets.

While on the water, all passengers are required to wear the issued personal flotation devices (PFDs/life jackets). You’ll have everything you need, from tents to sleeping pads to kayaks.

Please shield your face and avoid unnecessary close contact with others as recommended by county and local health officials. If you feel sick, PLEASE STAY HOME FROM THE TOUR.

If your tour or reservation is cancelled, you will receive a full refund or an opportunity to reschedule.

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