Event Marketing on TikTok: 8 Ideas you Must-Try

Social media and event promotion have always gone hand in hand. On TikTok, event promotion is no different. Event planners can use this imaginative and expansive platform to reach the right audiences for everything from event ticket sales to recruiting new event clients. We have tips for every skill level, whether you’re just getting started on TikTok or brushing up on TikTok event marketing techniques.

Event Marketing on TikTok
Event Marketing on TikTok

We go over everything you need to know in this post to locate and approach your most ideal event clients and attendees. We can help you if you’re looking for advice on anything from paid TikTok advertising to producing original content.

Discover 8 practical ways to benefit from TikTok’s event marketing:

1. Examine Paid Tiktok Ads.

Any social media platform can succeed by combining paid and organic content. TikTok offers a range of paid ads you can use to market your events business, whether you’re launching a brand-new marketing campaign or need additional support for an existing strategy.

You must create a TikTok Business account in order to start advertising on the platform. To confirm that your company is authentic, they simply require the bare minimum of data, including your name and email address. Your new account will be reviewed and approved by TikTok in around 24 hours. You may start posting advertising after receiving approval!

TopView, Branded Hashtag Challenges, Branded Effects, Brand Takeover, and In-Feed Ads are the five different categories of sponsored advertisements on TikTok. Although you may combine all five kinds to promote your event or event company, you should probably concentrate on employing the ads that are most effective at the different phases of event marketing.

Examples of full-screen advertisements that draw attention include TopView and Brand Takeover are excellent for selling tickets. For attracting attendees to one- or multi-day events, customized branded hashtag challenges and branded effects are helpful. Additionally, as you prepare to announce the presale for the following year, In-Feed advertisements may be employed to maintain the post-event buzz.

If your team is having trouble producing and maintaining your sponsored TikTok advertising, think about hiring a freelancer to collaborate with you on a particular campaign. Since they are devoting their entire project time to it, they will be able to concentrate on creating the appropriate content, A/B testing, and audience engagement metrics with a higher level of expertise and specificity.

Since TikTok frequently changes its offerings, if you decide to handle the platform’s marketing options yourself, be sure to stay current on the hottest advice released every month by tech experts.

2. Follow trends.

Rameez Usmani, CMO of PureTuber and a specialist in digital marketing, was asked by Social Tables to offer his opinions on how to make TikTok useful for companies. Usmani had the following to say.

According to Usmani, TikTok is widely renowned for being a breeding ground for viral challenges or popular trends. The most well-liked TikTok challenges require competitors to lip sync or dance along to a certain song, such Mariah Carey’s Fantasy. If the challenge applies to your event, take part in it to benefit from the viral exposure!

Usmani cited Jimmy Fallon’s #TumbleweedChallenge as an example of a clever challenge concept. Fans of TikTok were given the task by Fallon to roll about on the ground like tumbleweeds and use the hashtag #TumbleweedChallenge in their videos. His best submissions were then shown on The Tonight Show. That certainly represents a profitable return on your TikTok event marketing spend.

3. Launch a personal challenge.

You may not be able to tap into any trends for some events, particularly B2B ones. Usmani advises creating your own if that’s the case and encouraging your followers to take part for a chance to be featured on your page.

Nicholas Rubright, the founder of New Reach Marketing, concurs. While much of TikTok revolves around following trends and finding inspiration on the For You Page, it can also be about trying new things and coming up with original ideas, according to Rubright in an interview with Social Tables.

Make challenges available to anyone, include a hashtag, and don’t be afraid to share your trend idea several times. Create a sound that you use over your event footage that many people would also enjoy using, even if you don’t want to make an entire dance routine or activity.

4. Add your own flair to well-known videos.

You’ve run out of unique ideas. You don’t always have to start from scratch, adds Rubright. Adding your own spin to a popular trend could be as useful. No need to create anything entirely new. You can contribute something original to any existing trend if you don’t know where to start.

5. Work with influential people.

In addition, Social Tables spoke to Jay Bats, co-founder and developer of ContentBASE, on how business owners may draw in and interact with TikTok users, something his firm does on a daily basis.

The fact that certain individuals rise to prominence as TikTok influencers is no accident. They often build a reputation for the excellent material they provide. Therefore, according to Bats, most firms gain from developing good working connections with individuals who may influence their future clients.

This may include hiring a speaker with a large TikTok following for an event in order to cross-promote the gathering. For event-related enterprises, you might try to identify more influencers that work well with your brand. Famous event caterers and florists from TikTok are excellent instances of this.

6. Be natural.

Venture’s CEO, Tristan Olson, has dedicated his career to assisting companies in using TikTok to sell their brands and events. Venture specializes in video marketing and virtual events. We questioned Olson about recent TikTok customer success stories.

The fundamental difference between TikTok and other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest is that TikTok users want original, user-generated content, according to Olson. Videos that don’t seem polished or scripted but rather like they were shot hand-held and from the perspective of someone who was there in person perform best. For teams or small organizations with limited resources, this is excellent news.

Event marketers and event company owners may use the inherent passion of their guests to promote on TikTok in addition to creating genuine, front-facing camera material. Have an event participant put together some footage of them experiencing the event, and then add native text and visuals, continues Olson. A video that is submitted to the platform that is properly made will not get nearly as many impressions as something like that.

Run prizes, highlight individuals on your other social media sites, and create fun social media challenges to encourage audience event involvement.

7.Make use of the live stream option.

Julie Meredith, vice president of marketing at Dash Hudson, discussed the importance of this sometimes overlooked aspect.

Customers like live video’s interactivity, and it has already developed into a sizable sector in China. In a single 12-hour live broadcast event with Alibaba last year, inventor Austin Li Jiaqi, also known as “Lipstick King,” sold $1.7 billion worth of goods, allowing viewers to interact, comment on, and buy the items shown on screen in real-time.

Live streaming may be a profitable method to sell tickets, event merchandise, and other things even if you run an event business or are hosting an event for a firm that just provides services.

8. Make your target market aware of you.

The TikTok algorithm often seems random to users of the site. However, there are a variety of techniques to teach the app more about your target audience so that it can push your material into their feeds.

Using hashtags to uncover relevant subcultures is one of the quickest methods to get found on TikTok by prospective event customers and attendees. You may discover more about the material that aligns with your brand’s values and teach the algorithm to link your account with these terms by locating them using the search box. In addition, it’s crucial to develop an engaging content strategy around these keywords if you want to engage with your audience in a genuine way.

Don’t forget to include relevant keywords to your search as well. You can check what subjects are being discussed using these phrases by manually searching for them and learn more about how many views they’re receiving. From there, you may modify your material to speak to the event attendees and organizers you must.

The appropriate kind of material is also essential to creating an immersive experience. Instead of concentrating on your audience’s age, gender, or geography while searching for them on TikTok, consider what fascinates them. You may connect with interesting organizations and subcultures with this technique. And since TikTok is so distinctive, you could even uncover a brand-new, inventive target audience group that you can’t find anywhere else online.

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