Events Industry Report: Sustainability Is Top of Mind for Summer Events

Events Industry Report: Sustainability Is Top of Mind for Summer Events
Events Industry Report: Sustainability Is Top of Mind for Summer Events

Event Sector Analysis

Many event planners have sustainability at the forefront of their thoughts. This year at the Ibiza International Music Summit, “we became more conscious of our role and responsibility of putting on an event like this,” said co-founder Ben Turner to Mixmag. For instance, organisers launched the Eco Badge programme, which promoted environmentally friendly transportation options like bicycling or using the boat rather than a vehicle. “We ask visitors to provide a photo of their ferry ticket in exchange for a significant price reduction,” Turner added.
“Organisers should be looking at ways to reduce energy usage, whether that’s in technical production… to catering,” said Claire O’Neill, co-founder of A Greener Festival. On-site plant-based food alternatives are something the audience can do, and while travelling, we should really consider our reasons for and methods of transportation. Reducing air travel or making an investment in a project that would balance those emissions might make a significant difference.
Searching for a mentor in the events sector? Tips from BizBash for establishing fruitful contacts include:
The first step is to be quite clear about what you want from the relationship. List your top two to three personal development objectives.
After that, conduct your research and find persons whose abilities or experiences you’d want to emulate. Send them a DM or a LinkedIn message.Aim to be a good mentee as well. Ask insightful questions, be considerate of your mentor’s time, and go into your sessions with specific goals in mind.
The RECONVENE Accelerator at Eventbrite provides direct assistance to artists that foster community and influence culture. Five members of the first class of creators will share a $10,000 prize and take part in a mentoring programme to help them realise their innovative new event ideas. Are you prepared to advance your neighbourhood? Apply right away.

Event Promotion Strategies

Event planners may draw from the innovative tactics used by movie theatres to entice repeat business. For instance, one business has run specials that included a margarita with a movie ticket and “daddy-daughter” date nights. A knitting club has begun to be offered at Reading Cinemas locations in Australia and New Zealand, according to Ben Deighton, general manager of marketing. “We just started knitting sessions.. and knitting clubs come in and watch a movie and knit,” the man stated. Another theatre, Cinepolis, introduced “Self-care Sundays,” when visitors get a tiny bag of popcorn and a pair of gold eye masks for free with the purchase of a movie ticket.
Better hybrid events have emerged throughout time. BizBash contacted event specialists throughout the country to get an update on how they are making the most of their events. One of the key lessons is to not be reluctant to charge for online events. Free is not a tactic, according to Katie McIntyre, associate strategy director at the marketing and event company Opus Agency.
For distant attendees, give priority to special material. “We are increasing the engagement of remote audiences by producing high-quality, behind-the-scenes videos, live interviews, and exclusive sessions that are only available to virtual attendees,” said Scott Williford, founder and CEO of video production business vLink Solutions.
US Insights: Health & Safety Updates
As Covid-19 guidelines are being phased down throughout the US, the Kentucky Derby reopened on 7 May with no restrictions and 147,00 spectators. Churchill Downs CEO Bill Carstanjen stated, “It is extremely fantastic to see the Derby celebrations and enthusiasm return to its customary frenzy. “The excitement and energy are back.”

Across the Globe Insights

More nations are embracing returning travellers. For instance, New Zealand just reopened its borders after a period of more than two years, and last week, tourists from more than 50 nations, including the United States and the majority of Europe, visited.
The French Riviera will host the Cannes Film Festival beginning on May 17, and it will be quite different from the previous year: Participants won’t have to wear masks and won’t have their COVID-19 levels checked. According to Cannes general secretary François Desrousseaux, “guests will not have to show a proof of testing or vaccination to enter the Palais” since the health pass is no longer required in France.

Event Management & Planning Insights

Although there are fewer events where masks are required, some people will still want to cover themselves. MeetingsNet provided some advice on how to stop mask-shaming at your events, such as keeping your website’s “safety protocols” section updated. Mention that harassment will not be accepted and that participants should respect one another’s personal safety decisions in the code of conduct you give to customers. Masks should be available at the registration counter for anybody who need one.
The director of conferences at TED, Monique Ruff-Bell, gave EventMB advice on dealing with a pandemic. They include:
Work with the same location each year to gain, among other things, the staff’s familiarity and their willingness to accommodate you.
When deciding where to put things, keep health and safety in mind. Set up pods with space between the chairs in a lounge where you know people prefer to congregate if you want to encourage small groups to converse.
Include downtime in the plan. If you’re having a long conference, plan for fatigued attendees and provide amenities like aromatherapy and chair massages.
a picture of a lady hauling equipment for a music festival.
Ideas & Additional Reading
You can traverse every step of the event planning process with the aid of the materials and advice on the Eventbrite blog. The following is new:

We highlight event organisers that unite specialised groups and share their interests with the globe in our new docuseries, Heart of Gathering. The LA-based open mic group SoulfulofNoise will go first.
Squad Goals: Cultivating a Loyal Event Community, Eventlocks s first RECONVENE Sessions event of 2022, featured three seasoned community builders and event organisers who discussed their secrets for creating and sustaining a loyal following.
Mental Health Education Month-long activities might be particularly helpful in maintaining and regaining mental health. Here are some suggestions for making your event memorable, focused, and considerate.
Pride will soon arrive. These eight Pride month event suggestions come from event planners all across the world.

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