Flirt Fridays @ Blue Martini

[Date September 8 ]Location:Blue Martini Atlanta 3402 Piedmont Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30305 United States

Every Friday, join us for a Grown & Sexy event that gives you EVERYTHING !! Dinner: Live Entertainment: Great Vibes :

Flirt Fridays @ Blue Martini
Flirt Fridays @ Blue Martini

About this Flirt Fridays @ Blue Martini

You have never belonged to a better social circle in Atlanta than this one. Some of Atlanta’s most EXCLUSIVE Clubs & Bars will be available to you. Want to broaden your social and professional network? Are you a newcomer or a seasoned visitor?

People should have a choice of enjoyable surroundings, beverages, hookahs, and atmosphere. This is for both natives and visitors to Atlanta. Every Friday at BLUE MARTINI, we invite you to come and network with us.

Many people just join a tonne of meetup groups but never really go. Due to nervousness, dread of the unknown, and a dislike of arriving alone in a room full of strangers, many individuals choose not to attend. All of us have been there. Visit the “No Cliques” New Member Meet & Greets now.
Getting in your vehicle and driving away is the toughest part. People have told me they wait in their vehicles for ten minutes before they can’t wait to get out and enter the meeting. Once they see that everyone is there for the same reason—to meet new friends—they realise that it isn’t a huge concern. Like everything else, you risk missing out on the adventure if you don’t take the initial step. (Quote taken from Mingles)
We hope to see you very soon!

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