Free Event Management Tools to Uplevel Your Business

There are numerous difficulties in organising and staging entertaining events, but starting from scratch might be helpful. Additionally, all those difficult procedures are made simpler by using the appropriate event management solutions. The greatest method to advance your event company is to stay current with the available productivity tools and event planning business software. Free event management tools make sure you keep one step ahead of the competition when it comes to creating a production schedule, designing invites, marketing ticket sales, and selling merchandise.

Free Event Management Tools to Uplevel Your Business
Free Event Management Tools to Uplevel Your Business

Programs for organizing events

The amount of tasks on your to-do list might quickly make you feel overwhelmed once you begin arranging an event. Therefore, it’s excellent that there are tools for event planning that may make things easier and more efficient. There is event planning software available to assist with project management, ideas and inspiration, repetitive activities, creative graphics, communication, and analytics, regardless of the scale of your event or what you need assistance with.

Pinning ideas on Pinterest

Just as essential as selecting what your event will be about is deciding how you want it to appear. Therefore, finding event management systems that aid in unifying your team’s visual style is advantageous. You may quickly brainstorm the look and feel of your event using Pinterest, a social networking site and visual discovery tool, to assist your team advance. Setting up a lookbook for your event may simplify preparation and serve as a crucial reference.

Coggle’s mind mapping tool

You can make sense of complicated things with the aid of the collaborative company management application Coggle. This online business software enables you to build and share mind maps and flowcharts with as many people as you like without requiring installation or downloading anything. Since your thoughts are sent directly to people’s browsers, location is not an issue while taking notes, brainstorming, or becoming creative.

Making notes with Google Sheets

Keeping track of your numbers is essential while planning an event, whether they pertain to the production timeline and deliverables or the budget, dates, and hours of the event. The free spreadsheet application from Google, Google Sheets, gives your team a centralised approach to organise budgets and scheduling. Google Sheets is one of the greatest event planning business software options accessible, offering a wealth of complicated functions.

Using Canva, you can make your idea a reality.

One of the most important components of event planning is giving your concept form. It takes little to no graphic design knowledge to grasp Canva, a simple and free visual design tool. For things like your event listing, day-of material, and social media, the service may assist you with designing graphics, posters, and other images. With the help of Canva’s many readily available templates and simple drag-and-drop functionality, communicating your ideas to the world will be simpler than ever. For another free option to fit your creative requirements, you may also have a look at Photopea, a comparable platform.

Free event planning tools

Business event management software not only makes it easier to communicate, access to-do lists, and share projects, but it also has a positive impact on outcomes like greater attendance, increased productivity, and higher profit margins, to mention a few. You may select the best tool for the task regardless of your budget since they are free.

Eventbrite’s Reserved Seating will be used to seat guests.

The best thing about Eventbrite’s Reserved Seating technology is that it provides you the freedom to create intuitive, manageable seating plans. You can easily build customizable table seating charts for events of all sizes and forms with the interactive Venue Designer tool. You can quickly generate your tickets, establish and manage holds, and design bespoke venue maps with just a few clicks. Additionally, using ready-to-use templates makes it simple to add levels to your event or designate sections, rows, and tables.

Using Doodle, you can bring your team together.

Once you’ve decided how you want your event to appear, it’s time to start organising it using event management software. You can organise your schedule and start off on the right foot with Doodle, a free online meeting scheduling tool. Making your event effective involves gathering your whole team and holding frequent production meetings. Doodle makes it simpler for your team to interact and work more productively by streamlining scheduling.

Utilizing for project and team management

With the help of the free corporate event management platform, you may design the resources you need to organise your event. You may design your ideal workflow and manage your event easily with the ability to create and share customizable forms, monitor breakout sessions, register attendees, respond to surveys, and record attendance. By streamlining your workflow, you can monitor completed activities, reduce the possibility of mistakes, and increase communication.

Wrike’s progress tracking

The concept is to employ customizable, free commercial event management software. Wrike is a work management tool designed to fit your event management company’s demands and improve team visibility. Endless emails and frequent check-ins are no longer necessary thanks to real-time alerts, live editing, and dynamic reporting. Additionally, streamlining and simplfying communication procedures enables you to monitor progress and anticipate future obstacles.

Marketing resources for events

It’s crucial to remember that, despite all the preparation that goes into arranging an event, the main objective is to draw attendees. Any effective event management plan must include marketing and promotion since people cannot attend your event if they are unaware of it. Having free event marketing tools that also enable you to reach a larger audience gives a win-win scenario since marketing expenditures may quickly soar.

using Smart Send to send merchandise

Delivering goods is a costly business, thus Parcel2Go’s free shipping management software Smart Send is a fantastic discovery. It allows you to manage all of your deliveries from a single, user-friendly dashboard since it was made with companies in mind. Customers are pleased because reliable couriers and services provide them with precise delivery predictions. You’re pleased that you can create batch and single labels, manage all of your deliveries from a single platform, and follow the whole delivery process.

use Eventbrite for marketing and ticketing

Your event’s promotion and tickets must be afterthoughts. Fortunately, Eventbrite can assist you with both, whether your event is online or offline. The platform makes it simpler for you and your guests by centralising and streamlining the often difficult ticketing procedure. With Eventbrite Boost, you can use social media and email marketing tools, and the Eventbrite Organiser app makes it simple to keep track of ticket sales. Additionally, Eventbrite can assist you with analytics once your event is done. You may get a head start on perfecting your next event by crunching the data on what made your last event successful or what can be improved the following time.

Making social media posts in advance

Imagine having software for managing your company’s event planning social media on a single platform. Eventbrite Boost is that. With the help of your Eventbrite account, you can monitor your social media activity, plan posts at key moments, and reply to comments twice as quickly. These features help you expand your following, engage followers on social media, and reach new audiences.

Use these resources effectively.

A procedure goes into planning an event rather than merely coming up with a concept and making it happen. And just like most things in life, arranging an event is made much simpler with the correct tools. Examine how free event management.

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