Gotham Jazz 2023 (USA)

Gotham Jazz 2023 takes place at Somewhere Nowhere NYC every Wednesday at 5 PM.

Gotham Jazz 2023
Gotham Jazz 2023

About this Event Gotham Jazz 2023

There is a speakeasy in the clouds, and it’s located in the middle of nowhere. The band is playing its swinging best, the singer is belting it out, the tap dancer is showcasing her skills, and the burlesque dancer is shedding her outer layers. Please join us every Wednesday as we return to the roaring twenties.

Reservations may be made for our indoor lounge’s tables and bar seating. To Book Your Room, Please Click Here.

Discounted coat check (mandatory for bags, coats, & changing shoes)

Shorts, sweatpants, sportswear, and flip-flops are not permitted.

For just $15, enjoy an Angel’s Envy Bourbon, a Bacardi Rum, a Bombay Sapphire Gin, a Dusse Cognac, a Grey Goose Vodka, or a Patron Tequila from 5-8:30 p.m.

Returns and Exchanges

Get in touch with the host for a refund.

The cost of using Eventbrite cannot be returned.

Is it necessary  .

to be over the age of 21 to attend?

Yes, all IDs will be examined at the gate, no exceptions. If you are under the age of 21, please do not purchase a ticket.

Are children permitted to attend the event?

There are no children. Call the babysitter ahead of time!

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