Greys Of El Dorado Picnic

[DateNovember 5]Location:7390 East Carson Street, Long Beach, CA, USA7390 East Carson Street Long Beach, CA 90715 United States

Join us at the Greys Of El Dorado Picnic! This is fully fenced in off leash event with muzzles required.

About this Greys Of El Dorado Picnic

Join us for a day of fun at the Greys of El Dorado Picnic! Prepare to have a terrific time at LBPOA PARK, 7390 East Carson Street, Long Beach, CA, USA (map below). (THIS EVENT IS NOT TAKEN PLACE AT EL DORADO PARK!)

What you should know before attending the picnic:

This is an off-leash event, thus NO PACK RUNNING WILL BE ALLOWED. We will have personnel on hand to stop any big groups of dogs from running.

The park is completely secluded and fenced.

To participate in off-leash, free roaming play time, the dogs must wear a muzzle.

If a muzzle is not used, the dog must be kept on a leash or in a pen.

All greyhounds and their sight hound cousins are welcome to attend this event. Other breeds are not permitted for their safety, and all dogs must weigh more than 50 pounds.

Dogs must be up to date on vaccines, flea and tick prevention, and so forth.

What will happen:

This event will include a picnic-style lunch with turkey and cheese or vegan sandwich, chips, salad, and handmade desserts. IF YOU ARE A VEGAN, PLEASE SELECT YES AT THE CHECKOUT.

We’ll listen to music by the Chimaera Band and socialise as the dogs run free and off leash.

Bring your own lawn chair, blankets, and alcoholic beverages.

We’ll have a few merchants.

There will be raffles!

A brief live performance

Hot dog eating competition

The oldest hound

Policy on Cancellation:

The sale is final. The registration fees are used solely to cover the cost of the park rental and picnic expenditures.

There are no credits, rebookings, or date exchanges available for cancellations or no-shows.

Only with prior notification and agreement from the event coordinator (Vicky Coleman) can registration transferred.

Other precautions:

You enter the event at your own risk.

You are in charge of your dog’s safety.

You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog.

Allow your dog to dig in no section of the park.

Refund Policy

Contact the organizer to request a refund.or more events like this check link : upcoming events

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