Happy Columbus Day in the United States

Christopher Columbus’ landing in the Americas on October 12, 1492 is commemorated on Columbus Day, which falls on the second Monday in October. This festival is divisive since indigenous peoples’ histories and cultures in the Americas were destroyed as a result of European colonisation.

Do public holidays exist for Columbus Day?

In Tennessee, 22 states will observe Columbus Day as a state holiday in 2022, while 28 states will observe it as a federal holiday.

March on Columbus Day.

Enjoy Columbus Day.

The anniversary of their nation’s discovery is observed by some Americans via church services and other events. Special church services, parades, and major events are held in various towns and cities. In the Italian-American community, there are several festivities. Particularly remarkable are the festivities in New York and San Francisco. Although it is not a statutory holiday, Hawaii celebrates Columbus Day as Discoverers’ Day.

Instead of celebrating Columbus Day anymore, several states now honour Native Americans’ Day/Indigenous People’s Day.

What is available or not?

In many areas of the United States, Columbus Day is a public holiday; however, in certain states, it is not a paid holiday. Because Columbus Day is still a federal government holiday, several government agencies are closed.

According to Tenn. Code Ann. 15-1-101 (2019), Columbus Day is a recognised holiday in Tennessee, but the Governor may choose to replace it with the day following Thanksgiving in order to close state offices. When this happens, the second Monday in October is not a holiday for state workers. Instead, they are given a holiday on the Friday after the fourth Thursday of November.

In places where Columbus Day is not an official holiday, many companies and stores are open. Despite not being obliged to, check with your school district or the calendar for any closures on the Columbus Day school holiday. The same is true for post offices; inquire at your neighbourhood post office.

Weekend long

One of the US public holidays that usually results in a long weekend is Columbus Day, which occurs on a Monday.

Regarding Columbus Day

The first European to set sail for the Americas is often represented as being Christopher Columbus. He has sometimes been credited with discovering the New World. This is debatable on many levels, however. There is proof that Scandinavian Viking explorers were the first Europeans to cross the Atlantic. Additionally, indigenous peoples who had “found” the Americas thousands of years earlier already lived there.

In San Francisco in 1869, the first celebration of Columbus Day was conducted as a way to honour Italian-American roots. Colorado hosted the first state-wide event in 1907. Columbus Day was declared a national holiday in the US in 1937. It has been observed on the second Monday in October since 1971. The Da de la Raza (Day of the Race) is a holiday observed in various Latino groups in the United States and Latin America on the anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in the Americas. However, it is a divisive festival in certain nations and has undergone name changes in others.

Celebrations of Columbus Day are divisive since the arrival of Europeans in the Americas resulted in the deaths of a significant section of the native population. It has been believed that Columbus’ deeds are what caused this. It is obvious that a significant percentage of the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of the Americas were lost as a result of the entrance of European invaders. Additionally, it has been suggested that Columbus shouldn’t be recognised with finding North America since he only ventured as far as a few Caribbean islands and never reached the continent’s interior.

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