Hollywood True Crime and Haunted Tales Event in (USA)

[MULTIPLE DATES]Location: Hollywood Pantages Theatre 6233 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028United States

Hollywood True Crime Killer, kill, kill! Explore Hollywood to learn the mysteries of this renowned area.

Hollywood True Crime and Haunted Tales
Hollywood True Crime and Haunted Tales

About this Event Hollywood True Crime and Haunted Tales Event

The event on October 29 at 6 o’clock is sold out. If you don’t buy during this period, your tickets will be refunded.

Take the ultimate Haunted Hollywood walking tour to discover Hollywood’s seedy underbelly. You will be taken on a spooky tour of the ghostly hotels, theatres, and landmarks along the Boulevard of Broken Dreams as the sun sets over Hollywood.

This trip is for you whether you enjoy true crime, the paranormal, or Hollywood! Expert tour guides with a love for sharing LA history are leading this two-hour walking trip. The tour’s tales and stops include:

Howard Hughes and The Pantages Theatre

At the Hollywood Sign, a suicide

The Manson and Hollywood Ripper Murders

The Roosevelt Hotel was where Marilyn Monroe and other notable Hollywood figures once resided.

And a lot more!

This trip will undoubtedly change the way you view Hollywood, whether you’ve lived in LA all your life or are just coming for the first time. Hollywood is full of mysteries, from ghosts to serial killers and sprees of arson. Join us in discovering them!


This two-hour walking tour starts at the Pantages Theatre and concludes at 6815 Hollywood Boulevard, which is close to the Hollywood and Highland Metro stop.

This tour includes narratives and summaries of some of LA’s most horrifying crimes. In order to avoid bringing young children, kindly be aware of this.

This journey is on foot. We travel a mile or so. Put on footwear that you feel at ease strolling around in for an extended period of time.

At this time, we abide by all health rules and CDC recommendations.



The Hollywood district has plenty of parking. We advise using a parking lot because street metres often have a 2-hour time limit and you won’t want to be thinking about that while on the trip. We conclude the tour at the expansive underground lot of the Hollywood and Highland complex. You can save some money by parking validated at places like Walgreens.

Do we enter structures?

Yes, whenever possible. However, it is reasonable that many eateries and hotels do not want huge groups of visitors to describe all the people who perished there.

Will my children enjoy this?

Children under the age of 13 are not advised to use this. The tour’s content is actually intended for an older population because some of the crime depictions can be rather vivid. However, if you allow your teen to occasionally see an R-rated film, everything will be great.

What is comprised?

We provide the instruction and information. You simply turn up, eager to have fun and discover LA’s gruesome past.

Should I tip?

Yes! To make sure that everyone is having a wonderful time, our guides put in a lot of effort. They are a resource for you throughout your entire vacation, not just the tour! Ask them questions about the area, get travel advice from them, and become friends with a native who adores their city. A tip is a terrific way to let someone know how much you value the effort they’ve made to make your stay in LA as enjoyable as it can be.

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