Hosting a Series of Events? Create a Recurring Event Program and Make it Easy

Hosting a Series of Events? Create a Recurring Event Program and Make it Easy
Hosting a Series of Events? Create a Recurring Event Program and Make it Easy

Are you planning to host an event that will occur more than once a year? The recurring event feature, which will soon replace other tools in your event creator’s toolbox, is something we’d like to offer to you. You’ll have a fantastic online event calendar to show prospective visitors in no time with just a little preemptive preparation and a fast coffee break to finish the easy setup. Continue reading if you’re ready to employ an easy-to-use event programme to organise your busy calendar of various occasions.

What is an event series or recurrent event?

A recurrent event is one that occurs repeatedly at the same or a different venue, either as part of a block of activities (such as a concert or seasonal tour) or a planned series of events (such as a weekly class or community sports practise). A reoccurring occurrence may take many distinct shapes. A musical theatre show, for instance, may have performances every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout a season that lasts a month. Or maybe it’s a weekly yoga class that meets on Thursdays at noon.

As many distinct event entries as you like will be automatically generated using the recurring event functionality. All of the pages in your event programme will connect to one another, allowing you to bulk create and amend all of your events with a single click, even though attendees must purchase tickets for each event date individually. Install the online Eventbrite Events Calendar app, which will create a user-friendly calendar on your site listing the available days and hours of your event, for even more seamless integration.

The advantages of repeating occurrences

A memorable event is a process that requires some care and attention. Setting up a recurrent event from the beginning might pay dividends in the long run for an event designer who is busy creating a fantastic event.

First off, it’s a great tool for increasing the effectiveness of your event. Do you want to present your event repeatedly or on a set schedule? If so, setting up a reoccurring event will help you save time. To handle many event entries smoothly, only one set of information will need to be coordinated. It’s easy to establish numerous events at once and avoid having to laboriously alter each one individually if you need to update your event due to a start time change, venue change, or a headlining artist replacement.

An advantage of repeating events is their regular format, which inadvertently encourages attendees to incorporate them into their schedules. If people RSVP for your event in advance, you’ll immediately secure a slot on their calendars to politely remind them to keep that time open so they can attend.

The availability of many dates makes a recurrent event a realistic way to make your event more appealing to attendees. For instance, follow the lead of Foodie Trails’ four-hour Melbourne Foodie Culture walking tour and provide a variety of dates to suit the interests and schedules of eager prospective guests.

Recurring event types

You may choose from a variety of recurring event categories on Eventbrite. Some event series maintain a consistent schedule of events, which may be weekly (such as a weekly writing class), fortnightly, monthly, or annually (such as an annual fundraising event). It’s an excellent tool for arranging an occasion that will perpetually recur, such as a monthly team meeting. You may wish to choose a date range or the number of times you’d like your event to repeat if it will end soon. You may alter the frequency of your event to suit you if you operate a bit differently or if it depends on variables like the weather forecast.

You may group your events using Collections.

With collections, you may organise a selection of your events by date, location, or topic on a custom landing page. All of your Collection’s items will be available to interested visitors in one convenient location. Do you need planning suggestions for your events? Theme, place, or date groups are all options.

Create a brand and interact with your audience

Creating a Collection is simple as pie. Add new or existing events to your Collection first. After that, add a description and a picture to customise your landing page. Display your Collection on the page for your organiser profile. When your Collection is ready to be shared, click the ‘Share’ option to do so.

Now is the time to create your event (again and again).

It is clear that using the recurring event feature has a lot of potential for producers working in a range of sectors. You can sign up for the Eventlocks  community of creators for free and start promoting your live or online event by selling tickets right now.

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