How LuminoCity Festival Illuminates Conversions

Willy Wonka’s factory may resemble LuminoCity Festival if it were decked up for the holidays. The LuminoCity Festival is a celebration of delight for the kid in all of us, with eye-catching sculptures, a kaleidoscope of rainbow lights, and lots of happy companions.

For the last three years, the China-based LuminoCity Festival has been bringing its brilliant lightworks to the US. The Festival runs from the middle of October through the beginning of January in New York and Virginia. Animals, Halloween, Alice in Wonderland, and Christmas are just a few of the topics covered by the Festivals.

Eventbrite is the ticketing system of choice for the LuminoCity Festival. They use Eventbrite Boost for this reason.

According to Wendy Yu, the marketing coordinator for Luminosity Festival, “I run a lot of advertisements for my company.” “Eventbrite Boost is a really good marketing tool for us to look at the data of the impressions and range number, to check the conversions, ticket sales, and so on.”

convenient and comprehensive
Being active in several initiatives is part of Yu’s marketing responsibilities. “I work in business development, paid advertising, and statistics. I communicate with several partners, local governments, as well as Chinese partners. I thus manage logistics, manufacturing, and business growth in addition to being a marketer.

Yu’s marketing approach prior to employing Eventbrite Boost was mostly focused on sales. “Since we run a lot of promotions, I would only run the paid ads and promotions when we had discounts,” the author said.

But it was unclear how those sponsored advertisements were leading to conversions. Yu explains, “On other platforms, I don’t know how many tickets are sold, how many sales happen, or how much money is spent.”

All of that changed with Eventbrite Boost. Indeed, events promoted with the use of Boost marketing tools get roughly 2.5 times as many listing views*.


Yu’s marketing approach was altered by Eventbrite Boost for reaching the correct audience. “I believe that Eventbrite Boost’s ability to attract a very excellent conversion and allow me to see how many purchases were a result of our advertisements is the most significant factor and the largest difference between it and other platforms for me. It’s highly practical and thorough.

Yu is able to plan her budget more carefully since she is aware of her conversions. “I can know how much I spend on the ads, and how much money I can get back from the ads,” she claims. With Eventbrite Boost, “I can easily see whether I need to increase my advertising budget. I didn’t spend a lot of money on our initial advertisement, but I nevertheless saw that sales outpaced expenditures. I so spent more money the second time, which was the following time. I increased my spending on the advertisements since I thought they would increase sales.

Additionally, she may run advertisements that specifically target Facebook users who have indicated interest in the LuminoCity Festival using Eventbrite Boost. It’s important to comprehend these various audience groupings.

Yu argues that “the audience is very important.” “I really want to separate our audience into new and recurring visitors. Maintaining our customer ties is crucial. Therefore, I truly want to contact as many people as possible. However, I also want as many people as possible to remember our firm and our event. More crucial than just reaching more individuals is reaching the correct audience.

tracking sales and tickets in one location
For its sponsored advertisements, Yu suggests Eventbrite Boost. She argues that keeping track of sales is crucial. “We must know the quantity of tickets we sold. Additional information about the sponsored adverts is also available on [Boost].

However, the ease of Eventbrite Boost is what sets it apart. “I really like that it’s integrated with our ticketing system. So, it’s extremely obvious. I can find out how many tickets we sold and how well the advertisements performed.

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