How to Attract Event Sponsors And Increase Revenue In 6 Steps ? The Complete Guide for 2023

The goal of the holiday season is to create anticipation. Whether you’re organising a winter wonderland or Christmas market, your event may spread the charm and start the festivities.

You understand the value of relationships as a creative. A sponsorship agreement may raise the bar for your event in terms of finance, promotion, and marketing. Therefore, getting event sponsorship over the holiday season may improve client satisfaction and increase your profit margins.

Sponsors may select from a variety of events to support over the winter. Choosing the appropriate strategy is essential to rising above the din. We’ve developed six actions to take in order to persuade sponsors that your holiday event is worth their time and money.

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Why would you want sponsors for your fun event?

Because both sides profit from working with sponsors, it makes perfect commercial sense. Your event may grow and improve thanks to festive event sponsorship, which can also help you pay expenses and split risks. Additionally, there is increased reach and access to a new audience. Here’s a reminder of the benefits of partnering with sponsors for events.

  • Boost awareness and get publicity

You’ll probably sell more tickets the more people are aware of your event. Your budget may be stretched thin by marketing and promotional expenses, but sponsorship reduces financial stress and increases exposure. Utilizing a sponsor’s marketing platforms allows you to reach a new audience with your events. This not only generates interest in this year’s events but might also encourage repeat business for subsequent ones.

  • Increase event funding

You may provide more at your event if you are able to raise more money. Finding sponsorship, for instance, can free up extra funds for food and entertainment at your ice rink. Even while event production expenses may quickly mount up, the added income prevents any cost-cutting. You don’t have to make concessions to what you provide, and your audience may enjoy the holiday season more.

  • establish the event’s veracity

Choosing the appropriate sponsors for your event lends it legitimacy. The secret is to choose sponsors that your audience respects and can connect to. Choose your winter wonderland sponsors wisely, for instance, if you want to draw students to an event. These sponsors may be well-known apparel or beverage firms. A well-known restaurant chain or a vendor of baby products may sponsor a family Christmas celebration.

Attracting festive event sponsors: 6 steps

It’s time to involve sponsors right away. You may handle the sponsorship process easier and increase the likelihood that your request will be accepted by using a prepared strategy. The following six steps will help things go more smoothly.

1. Establish your potential

Your sponsors need something in return in order to have a successful business alliance. That may increase brand loyalty and awareness or aid in transforming their image. They won’t bite until you show them what they stand to gain.

Knowing your worth as a business partner helps in promoting your event. Why ought a prospective sponsor to choose you? Clarify what they want first, then demonstrate that you can match their expectations. Give them information about your audience and statistics from prior events if they want to reach a wider demographic. Show them how questions may be included to your post-event surveys or shared with your focus groups if they want unique market research chances.

Naturally, sponsors are motivated by a good return on their investment (ROI). This balances out the expenses of sponsoring together with acquiring new clients. More data is preferable since measurable results speak louder than words. It might be factual data, such as the number of tickets sold or online conversion rates, or soft data, such participants’ perceptions of brand awareness after an event. Everyone will be happy if you demonstrate how you’ll follow your event from initial advertising to final cleanup.

2. Be explicit about the audiences you are targeting.

If a certain demographic is drawn to your event, seek out sponsors that serve that segment. To demonstrate that your guests meet the requirements is crucial.

Gather as much data as you can at different stages, such as when they register, reply to an email, or finish a survey. With integrated event management software, you can track every contact with participants before, during, and after your event in addition to identifying client segments and preferences. This data, together with information on ticket sales and consumers’ paths to buy, helps you to demonstrate which sales and marketing initiatives were successful, which is pleasing to your sponsor.

Examples of specific information

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location

Examples of non-specific information

  • No-shows
  • Social media engagement
  • Number of tickets sold
  • Visits to event websites

3. Make your event sponsorship packages even better

Why not provide tiered sponsorship packages as they don’t have to be one size fits all? The degree of bonuses and promotions increases in direct proportion to your sponsor’s payment.

You may get interest from many sponsors for your event. The appeal of tiered packages lies in this. People who attend your Christmas spectacular, for instance, expect plenty of lights and delicious food. Your big sponsor pays for your light show, and a sumptuous hog roast is provided by a nearby eatery.

Price each sponsoring asset fairly. Inaccurate market value estimation of your assets results in undercharging or overcharging.

Here’s an illustration of how a gold, silver, and bronze system may function at your occasion.


  • Advertised as the primary sponsor
  • Brand logo on all promotional materials and tickets
  • Full page on event’s website
  • VIP marquee
  • Guest blog posts on the event website
  • Sole branding of freebies and goodie bags
  • Exclusive distribution of products and services at the event
  • 20+ social media posts before the event


  • Brand profile page in printed event materials
  • Joint promotion of products or services at the event
  • Free leaflet in goodie bags
  • Ten social media posts leading up to the event
  • Small brand logo on promotional material and website
  • Entertainment area at the event


  • Two social media posts leading up to the event
  • Brand profile page in printed event materials
  • Pop-up exhibition stand
  • Small brand logo on promotional material and website

4. Confirm your ability to calculate ROI

ROI tracking is an effective metric for performance, and a business may use this data to defend its investment. Some sponsors just pay attention to the quantity of attendees, while others concentrate on social media interactions or how their brand is seen. Show that you are prepared to collect the necessary data.

Start with the event management software you use. With the correct technology, you can record both quantitative and qualitative information, such as the quantity of registrations, sales income, and no-shows, as well as social media participation and attendee satisfaction. Having the appropriate tools for the work makes tracking your progress simpler.

5. Establish relationships

Building connections is a terrific method to be noticed, even when getting a sponsor’s attention might leave you feeling like a snowball in a storm. Start by looking at job titles, then get in touch by phone or email. Find the individual who can accept your plan, and when necessary, use your current networks and connections to their advantage.

It’s time to get personal, so schedule a meeting to discuss your sponsor’s goals and build a connection. What worked and what didn’t if they’ve sponsored events like this in the past? The more specific you can be about what they can anticipate, the better.

When you have all the information you want, thank the person for their time and maintain contact since you will undoubtedly have additional questions later on in the procedure. Even while it could seem like a lot of labour, when your request is approved, you’ll gain from it!

6. Make your sponsorship proposal unique.

Your event sponsorship proposal should convince sponsors to agree, like all strong proposals do. This short paper outlines the goals, advantages, return on investment, and importance of your event for sponsorship. A well-written proposal demonstrates your event’s thorough planning, and personalising it demonstrates to brands how their product fits into those preparations. For instance, providing customised sponsorship packages enables different degrees of engagement, such as giving away free goods, assigning brand ambassadors, or presenting a grand prize.

Sponsors don’t want to spend their time on activities that don’t further their goals. Find out as much as you can about them online from their website and social media sites. Then, determine where your hobbies and the target audiences of your proposal coincide. Data about brand research should be included to convey professionalism.

Make your festive celebration even better

Sponsoring a holiday event benefits you, them, and most crucially, your audience. Your event must stand out from the competition to attract sponsors during the hectic winter season. Get on your skates right now and obtain the money before someone else does. Fortunately, Tickets provides all the event planning and marketing tools you need to organise your event, increase ticket sales, and have the greatest holiday season ever.

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