How to Celebrate Human Rights Day in 10 Ways

How to Celebrate Human Rights Day in 10 Ways The creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is commemorated on December 10th, which is recognised as International Human Rights Day. In remembrance, we highlight our liberties and shed light on how to stand up for ourselves when these rights are violated.

We have suggestions for event planners that are wanting to commemorate Human Rights Day. For ideas on how to organise an event to commemorate this significant day, continue reading.

How to Celebrate Human Rights Day in 10 Ways

What occasion is honored on Human Rights Day?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which guarantees fundamental rights for every person regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, or other characteristics, was approved by the United Nations on December 10th, 1948. The UDHR’s development was a historic event, and December 10th was designated Human Rights Day. This day honours the dignity the UDHR bestows upon us and increases public awareness of rights abuses.

The preservation of human rights is promoted on International Human Rights Day together with equality, justice, and peace. We came up with 10 suggestions for making activities for the day since it’s crucial to find methods to uphold these principles.

Here are 10 ways to How to Celebrate Human Rights Day

It’s possible that many individuals are unsure on how to observe International Human Rights Day. It is your responsibility as the event organiser to provide methods for people to remember this momentous day. The Human Rights Day celebration ideas listed below are entertaining, instructive, and intended to inspire action.

1. Plan dynamic performances

A creative method to communicate the significance of Human Rights Day is via performances. Invite regional artists to present works with relevant topics. Poem readings, dance routines, speeches, and skits are a few examples of performances. In celebration of World Human Rights Day, CIRCA Pintig presented performances that addressed current problems related to the subject, such as extreme violence, police brutality, and injustice.

2. Organize a web conference

One speaker may be heard at a time during an online conference, which boosts audience participation. Additionally, think globally when considering how many people an online event may reach. An online conference hosted by Youth for Human Rights International included speakers from all around the globe.

Start by contacting candidates if you want to hold your own webinar in honour of Human Rights Day. These should preferably be activists, local authorities, writers, or anybody else who can give speeches on human rights. By setting up breakout rooms with Q&A sessions, you may encourage audience participation with speakers.

Check out our guide on doing a webinar for more ideas on how to make your online event memorable.

3. Honor the neighbourhood with an awards ceremony

Hold an awards event to honour local human rights activists. Additionally, charities and other organisations that wish to honour their members should use this concept.

An awards ceremony also offers a chance to raise awareness of human rights problems. Bring up artists to perform thematically related work as entertainment and invite keynote speakers to deliver speeches. Cristian Vargas, the developer of Eventbrite, presided over an awards event that was intended to educate the local population about human rights concerns.

Remember: Food is a must for any occasion. Look around your neighbourhood for eateries and caterers that would be pleased to contribute to the menu for a celebration of human rights activism.

4. Promote new relationships by attending a networking event

A networking event may bring together individuals eager to network with other human rights defenders. The opportunity to discuss projects and efforts will allow the enthusiastic attendees to do just that.

You have the option of having an online or offline event. Many attendees find virtual networking appealing since it is more accessible and enables interaction with individuals from beyond the host community.

If you decide to host the event in person, think about using icebreakers to promote interaction, such speed networking or scavenger hunts.

5. Organize a gallery show

Messages are conveyed in strong and distinctive ways via art and photography. Curating an exhibit will assist in providing visitors with a novel viewpoint on human rights themes and concerns including gender inequality, human trafficking, and reproductive rights.

Everyone has a stake in human rights, therefore you can be sure to discover artists that have a compelling narrative to share. Visit your neighbourhood gallery or browse social media to identify artists. For its international human rights display, the International Arts Festival turned to their own network of artists.

6. Inform participants via a panel discussion

Consider setting up a panel if you want to highlight several viewpoints. A roundtable offers several perspectives on a subject and gives your guests an engaging and instructive experience. The United Nations Association of Saint Louis sponsored a stimulating discussion with participation from regional leaders and activists.

Attendees are more likely to feel connected to their neighbourhood when a panel is held close to home, although this strategy is not required. Invite speakers from across the world to provide their perspectives. A virtual roundtable, for instance, enables speakers from all over the globe to assemble in one location and exchange ideas.

7. Conduct a session on self-advocacy

Human rights apply to every aspect of life, including employment. Millions of workers are impacted by problems with race, age, and gender inequalities. When these situations emerge, many individuals lack the skills necessary to speak out for themselves.

Self-advocacy workshops will encourage individuals to speak out for themselves. Want some motivation? Yejin Lee, the founder of Eventbrite, organised a class where individuals of colour could learn strategies for safely confronting workplace racism.

8. Human rights meeting for young activists

Encourage future leaders by hosting a symposium on activism. Start by assembling a lineup of motivating speakers. Young individuals engaged in the protection of human rights may be sparked by a group of knowledgeable visitors who share their expertise. Every year, UNA-SF conducts a conference where well-known leaders talk about their roles as peacekeepers. By include games, conversations, and seminars, you expand on this.

9. Host an event in honour of Human Rights Day

Invite people to attend a celebration of the liberties that the Declaration of Human Rights provides. Make this a weekend-long event rather than a one-day celebration.

  • Here is an illustration of how a human rights festival can appear:
  • Friday: theatrical productions, kid’s exhibitions, panel talks, and musical performances
  • Saturday features an art exhibition, a poetry reading, vendor stalls, and musical performances.
  • Sunday features musical performances, activist seminars, and a book market.
  • It makes sense to contact event sponsors for a festival of this size. Incorporating sponsors will aid in cost-coverage, and alliances may even aid in expanding your audience.

10. Arrange an activity day for youngsters.

A Human Rights Day activity for kids may be entertaining and instructive. A read-aloud event with children’s books addressing human rights problems, for example, may be held. After the reading, provide games and exercises that quiz youngsters on the subjects covered in the book. The author of the book could even be invited to participate in a Q&A and signing.

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