How to Host a Launch Party or Event for Your Podcast to Increase Your Audience ?

How to Host a Launch Party or Event 

Building your audience is the secret to success whether you’re starting a new podcast or updating an old one. According to Statista, there will be 19.1 million podcast listeners in the UK in 2021, an exponential increase in previous years.

While hosting an in-person event may expand your audience and present your business in fresh and inventive ways, podcasts provide a chance to engage electronically with your audience. You may interact with your audience on a new level and boost your exposure with events like podcast launch parties.

How to Host a Launch Party or Event for Your Podcast to Increase Your Audience
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How Rachel Larraine Crawford used during a podcast launch party to  build her brand

You may establish a more intimate relationship with listeners by hosting a podcast launch party. A new podcast may be successfully introduced to your audience at this event, and current listeners can get to know you better. We discussed the live events that helped Rachel Larraine Crawford of the podcast Bewitching the Home grow her following.

  • A podcast called Bewitching the Home focuses on holistic design and how it affects the body, mind, and soul. On her podcast, Crawford encourages unique guests to talk about themes like mindfulness, home wellness, and sustainability.
  • Crawford gives the following explanation of her reasons for starting the podcast: “I was motivated to start it as a means of serving more people in my neighbourhood. The podcast appeared to be the next step in my inner calling to share my knowledge with other people
  • Crawford has promoted a number of events using Eventbrite in an attempt to promote her podcast and engage with her fans.
  • Crawford started using virtual events in 2020, but she recently switched back to live events to keep her audience interested. Crawford has sponsored several events in addition to a podcast launch party to increase her following. These incidents have a connection to the Feng Shui, tarot, crystals, and holistic interior design issues she covers in her podcast.
  • Crawford collaborated with other companies to increase the size of her audience for her events. Crawford invited nearby companies Paru Tea and Nova Kombucha, which have similar ideals and philosophies, to her launch party.
  • She also collaborated with Studio Luniste to produce event marketing materials including videos and photographs as well as to take pictures during the podcast launch party. Like Crawford, you can discover like-minded companies to collaborate with as a powerful strategy to reach a podcast audience that you may not have previously done so.
  • Crawford thinks that events like the launch party and others are crucial to developing her brand. “I’m looking forward to all the opportunities that are coming my way via this endeavour and I’m thrilled to meet new individuals who are interested in what I have to offer. My next goals are to expand my podcast and keep producing monthly live events.

Four suggestions for organising a podcast event

Make use of Crawford’s podcast launch party concept as motivation for your own celebration. When organising your subsequent podcast events, keep these suggestions in mind.

. Learn about your intended audience

Before you begin to work on expanding your podcast, determine your target audience. When planning your event, take into account your audience’s age and interests. You should also make your decision on where to hold the event and its subject. For instance, if your event is geared at working parents, think about providing daycare.

. Locate the proper place

Think about where your target audience resides before selecting a location. Do you have a national or international audience for your podcast, or is it mostly transmitted locally? You may poll your listeners in addition to using one of the numerous tools that provide analytics to answer queries like these. A local audience responds strongly to in-person events, but a hybrid or virtual event may expand your audience beyond your local area. Other factors, such as the majority of your listeners being teens, come into play in this situation as well. For instance, avoid holding your event at a nightclub.

. Join forces

Consider methods to network with other companies during your event. Hosting an event in a nearby eatery or café can be acceptable if you have a food podcast. In order to grow your business, you may also get in touch with influencers or speakers who are compatible with your podcast. By doing so, you may use cross-promotion to reach their audience.

. Promote your event.

Create a marketing strategy for your event that is specific to the podcast launch. You may use Eventbrite Boost as your all-inclusive marketing tool to spread the news about your podcast event. With this all-encompassing platform, you can advertise and sell tickets while also starting email campaigns, making social media advertising, and selecting the correct audience.

How Parker Edison increased his following by participating in a podcast event

Even while established podcasters may not need a launch party, other podcast networking events might still be useful promotional tools. Meetups, listening parties, and live performances all help you establish new connections with your audience. As a result of our discussion with Parker Edison, presenter and co-creator of the PE Project podcast, take into consideration these event planning podcast advice.

With an emphasis on the Black American experience, Edison defines the podcast as “a musical excursion that examines culture and lifestyle.” At a nearby laundromat, he will host a Wash Party to promote the programme. He will provide $100 in quarters for guests to use to wash and dry their clothes. Bringing headphones and listening to episodes of the podcast while there is the sole requirement. A conventional listening party gets a fun twist thanks to this innovative idea, which also serves to connect podcast enthusiasts in fresh ways.

The Wash Party’s location made it simple for Edison to form a collaboration. Visitors may have a bite to eat before, during, or after the event at the restaurant Atypical Waffle, which is next to the laundrette. He anticipates that this occasion will broaden his brand and unite his following. “We’ll know the event was a success if we have a decent group to come through, wash some clothes, eat a snack, and socialise,” he adds. “Having fun generates greater PR than anything else. Attendees will undoubtedly download some episodes, but word-of-mouth advertising is what I’m really looking for.

Three things to keep in mind for your podcast event

Take these lessons from the PE Project Wash Party into consideration when you brainstorm event ideas for your podcast.

. Encourage networking

A podcast event need to do more than merely advertise your programme. Provide chances for networking that encourage participation from participants. Different audiences may be brought together via a local business partnership, which is advantageous for both your podcast and your partner.

. Make it benevolent

Consider ways you may support your neighbourhood while conducting podcast events. In Edison’s situation, he is helping to pay for the participants’ laundry expenses. Instead of selling tickets, you might accept contributions of any amount or have a raffle and donate the proceeds to a nearby charity. Adding a philanthropic component to your event may increase attendance.

. When organising an event, consider your audience.

Create an event that appeals to your target market. The laundromat concept was chosen by Edison because it felt like a welcome, secure area for his guests; the nearby restaurant also played a role. Consider where and what your audience enjoys doing, then organise an event that draws the audience you want.

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