How to Host a Memorable Experiential Marketing Event

How to Host a Memorable Experiential Marketing Event Experiential marketing is the solution if you’re seeking for a strategy to develop long-lasting relationships with customers. An increasingly common strategy for creating enduring memories and favorable connections with your brand in the real world is to provide consumers with immersive experiences that let them engage with your product or service.

Eventbrite is here to help you streamline the process of ticketing your activation, advertising it to the right people, and removing some of the uncertainty in your planning process. Hosting an event may be a terrific way to use the power of experiential marketing.

Continue reading to find out more about the advantages of experiential marketing and how your company may host a memorable event for your target market.

How to Host a Memorable Experiential Marketing Event
How to Host a Memorable Experiential Marketing Event

What is  Experiential marketing?

In order to provide customers a meaningful (and ideally memorable) method to engage with your product or service, experiential marketing focuses on developing immersive encounters. The purpose of experiential marketing is to build an emotional connection between the customer and the brand that might result in advocacy and long-term commitment

Do not consider an experiential marketing event to be a venue for the sale of your goods or services (though that is absolutely an option). Instead, think of it as a location where people can connect good memories and emotions with your brand, keeping it front of mind when visitors are prepared to make a purchase or provide a friend advice.

The House of Vans concert series and Refinery29’s 29 Rooms pop-up, which commissions regional artists to create eye-catching installations for visitors to explore, are both outstanding instances of experiential marketing. Also of these activations are accessible and appealing to consumers who have no prior awareness of the businesses they represent, and they both serve as excellent examples of the ethos and culture of those brands. Additionally, if you’ve ever gone to SXSW, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the deluge of brand activations and experiential marketing

Why hold an event for experiential marketing?

Remixer for Eventbrite Bob’s Dance Shop

The Re.Mixer event hosted by Eventbrite in Los Angeles included a noon workout with Bob’s Dance Shop

Although hosting an experience marketing event for your brand may appear pricey, the value that these kinds of activations can provide to your company is significant. Here are some reasons to think about including experiential elements into your next marketing effort.

Building awareness:

Experiential marketing is a terrific method to rapidly increase awareness for your business or organization if you’re having difficulties standing out from the crowd. This is particularly true if you’re ready to go big with unexpected events like a free concert or photo-worthy activation.

Direct interaction:

You spend a lot of time trying to engage audiences in online media like social media and advertising, but an experiential marketing event is a great method to speak with consumers face-to-face and discover more about their perceptions of your company.

Something unique:

Although social media campaigns and traditional advertising still dominate marketing, experiential marketing is still sufficiently new to stand out from the crowd. Organizing an event might get far more attention than running another banner ad campaign.

Developing loyalty:

Would you be more inclined to buy anything from a company that had a disco dance party in your neighborhood park or one that placed an advertising on your favorite TV show? Giving your (possible) consumers something via experience marketing may foster loyalty and may even result in some natural advocacy for your business.

producing leads Having problems locating the individuals who may benefit from your offering? They could find you via an immersive marketing event. Additionally, you may gather information about them that will make it simple to get in touch with them in the future with additional details about your offers.


Event concepts for experiential marketing

You still need to make crucial choices if you want to pursue experiential marketing. What kind of event you should throw is one of the most important considerations. Here are a few suggestions to start your marketing creativity flowing.

Experiential Marketing for Listerine

Yo-yos were used as part of Listerine’s experiential marketing event activation at Union Square, New York City.

There is no better way to create excitement and buzz for your new product or service than to turn it into an event, giving customers the chance to test it out (and share their opinions with others) before anybody else.

Similar to a product launch, a sample event is all about giving prospective clients a chance to test out your good or service before they decide to purchase it. Consider innovative strategies for both your product’s distribution and the organization of an event that embodies your brand.

Trade show:

At your brand’s next appearance at a trade show, don’t settle for a plain booth with a basic banner. By organizing an experience that will become the talk of the show floor, you can create an event inside an event. This experience might be a pop-up concert, an eye-catching picture opportunity, or an interactive Q&A with the individuals who are responsible for your product or service.

An experience marketing event doesn’t have to be just focused on promoting your business. Find a cause, charity, or group that shares your company’s values and collaborate with them to stage an event. Your partner may profit from the proceeds, and your business will gain from the positive publicity that comes with assisting others.

Educational event:

Engage customers by educating them about your offers and how utilizing your goods or services could benefit them. In addition to giving participants a reason to come (information! ), educational events also provide you the chance to create leads. Host a Memorable Experiential Marketing Event

Customer appreciation event:

Treat your customers to a picnic, a concert, or a boat party to highlight the benefits of being a long-time patron of your company. This kind of experiential marketing draws prospective consumers who desire an invitation to your next party while also fostering client loyalty.

Brand activation:

Create an event that clearly conveys what your company’s values are in a manner that will appeal to prospective consumers rather of focusing on a single item or service. A poetry slam, a pop-up art display, or a day of free beverages are all possibilities.

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