How to Host a Virtual Halloween Event

It’s not necessary for ghosts and ghouls to meet together in person to have some Halloween fun. You may gather people from various regions to enjoy this scary season by hosting a virtual Halloween event. Virtual gatherings with a Halloween theme are ideal for businesses and organisations with members from many locations. You may invite more people to your haunted party by hosting it digitally, regardless of where they are located. Continue reading for additional advice on organising a virtual Halloween party.

How to Host a Virtual Halloween Event
How to Host a Virtual Halloween Event

What is a Halloween virtual event?

Any Halloween event held online is referred to as a virtual Halloween party. These occasions often take place simultaneously, enabling participants to communicate online through livestreaming technology. Halloween virtual events provide a number of significant advantages. They are a cost-effective choice since they don’t need a location. Next, because there won’t be any capacity constraints, remote Halloween events are more likely to attract a large audience. When you create a virtual Halloween event, you may also invite guests from all around the UK or the whole world.

How do you host a Halloween event online?

Halloween virtual activities need some preparation and organisation. Make sure you have the necessary tech if this is your first time presenting a livestream. After that, you may concentrate on marketing, ticket sales, and events that will keep your visitors interested. Here are some suggestions for organising a great online Halloween party.

Recognize the preferences of your attendees

Attendees of a virtual Halloween party are seeking a way to go away and enjoy themselves greatly. The ideal time to offer them a touch of both is around Halloween! Create the experience with your guests in mind, keeping in mind what they would want and anticipate. Don’t worry; we have already asked them what they want, so you don’t have to.

Select a trustworthy platform

Your choice of event kind will determine the ideal video hosting platform. You could select Zoom to smoothly manage audience participation for a webinar about the Salem witch trials or a “Halloween goodies and wine matching” happy hour. Look into Vimeo if you want to live-stream a horror movie event. You may give out the password for your broadcast along with the tickets. If none of those platforms appears to be the greatest match for your event, see our article on picking the best hosting platform.

For a seamless livestream, concentrate on the technical aspects.

You don’t need a sophisticated camera or a tonne of audio gear to host a great online event. Instead, make the most of what you already have. For a speedier connection than Wi-Fi, you may plug your laptop directly into your network. Also, make sure your microphone is set to its best settings. We’ve created a helpful guide to help you get started with presenting a top-notch livestream.

Not good at the technical side? To serve as a coordinator on the big day, think about employing a virtual streaming company. They’ll ensure that everything runs well and resolve any problems that may emerge, freeing you up to concentrate on other crucial event logistics.

Make your online Halloween celebration secure.

Although there may not be as many safety concerns for virtual events as there are for physical ones, safety is still crucial. Use a password for your event, establish rules for both guests and staff, and be prepared to control communication and guest interactions while they are taking place. Most critical, activate the strongest security settings on your meeting platform to protect everyone—children and adults alike.

Organize a diverse event.

Accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity are not simply trendy terms. They are prerequisites for contemporary happenings. However, achieving today’s inclusiveness criteria doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. If you plan to display any disturbing videos, think about adding trigger warnings and closed captions. Make a code of behaviour for any costumed employees and use affirmative language in all publicity and on the actual event day. (Halloween is a good occasion for this. Ghouls and goblins is a gender-neutral greeting, after all.) So that trick-or-treaters from all socioeconomic backgrounds may attend, you could even provide a sliding scale or contribution admission price.

Take advice from the experts.

Virtual events will continue to exist. As you prepare your Halloween-themed virtual events, rely on expert assistance. By making mistakes and learning from them, master livestreaming technology. Alternately, follow the advice of Elevated Stream’s creator and livestreaming guru Gilad Gershoni. Additionally, Wickhams Great British Wine Merchant figured out how to make its wine tastings function remotely, making the events more approachable.

Your event doesn’t have to be a test subject given all the work that has already been done. Use these tried-and-true suggestions to make a captivating virtual event.

Make it fun with Halloween-related merchandise.

Even if you’re miles away, sending your guests participation things or add-on kits, like Halloween props, treats, or costume accessories, may make everyone feel like they’re a part of the action. You may add the cost of these delights to your ticket pricing, make them an add-on, or offer them as free gifts.

What’s best? Your profit line will increase if you include tangible add-ons with your virtual event.

Promote your event to attract participants.

A long-term marketing strategy is not necessary to organise a successful, creepy online Halloween event. In fact, selling more tickets when your marketing campaign is introduced the week before the event. Additionally, our integrated marketing tools (such as email campaigns, social media integration, and website embedded checkouts) support you in spreading the news quickly if you’re selling tickets on Eventbrite.

Obtain opinions from your audience

Even though it is the day after Halloween, it is not yet time to move on. Receiving comments on an event is similar to getting free business advice from your customers.

Right after the event, send out a quick and effective survey to see what people enjoyed, what they would improve, and what they want from future events. Feedback will not only help you comprehend attendees’ event experiences better, but you will also get insider information that you can use to your next virtual event.

How to have a Halloween party online

You may provide a variety of activities during virtual Halloween parties, so you can satisfy all of your guests. To design a unique event that your guests will adore, think about combining and contrasting different activity ideas.

Utilize virtual backdrops

Transform that uninspiring virtual backdrop into something really scary. Encourage participants to choose their most frightful virtual backdrop for the occasion. You may even think of holding a contest with a prize for the spookiest virtual backdrop for this exercise.

Make a scary playlist.

Without music, what is a party? A Halloween-themed music is required for your virtual Halloween party. Play timeless Halloween songs like “Monster Mash” and “Thriller” on your playlist. You may also include some spooky noises. Imagine cries of terror, thunderclaps, and cackling witches.

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