How to Improve Your Attraction’s of International Visitors For Events

How to Improve Your Attraction’s of International Visitors Example Visitors swarm to the UK every year to experience the culture, take in the sights, and create lifelong memories. There are several ways for you to take advantage of this steady stream of visitors, whether they’re seeking an authentically British experience or something more daring. Attractions are a fantastic place to start.

Since they don’t need travelers from other countries to schedule their vacations around certain dates, fixed and permanent attractions might be a significant appeal for them. But as the creative, where do you begin? We’ve compiled the most crucial variables to take into account while preparing an attraction in order to increase your chances of success.

How to Improve Your Attraction's of International Visitors
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Who is coming to your event?

There are many different possible foreign audiences, but it’s crucial to consider just who you want to attract and how. Booking tickets in advance could be a priority for individuals who are organising a vacation, particularly families or large groups. Utilize this opportunity to your advantage by providing early bird discounts to customers who purchase tickets in advance. Early bird ticket prices are normally cheaper, but you could also want to provide a perk. Why not consider providing free cloakroom use or priority queuing to attract families searching for a hassle-free experience?

A quick and easy strategy to advertise your event to visitors from abroad and let them know that your attraction is operational is to list the dates of your future attractions on Eventbrite. You may use it to estimate the number of guests as well. Even while some of your guests will RSVP in advance, you may also wish to set aside tickets for lone travellers and those who want to buy them at the door.

The Millenial and Gen Z groups are technologically sophisticated. Why not take advantage of this by giving them a QR code to scan in order to access a map or guide to nearby attractions? This reduces the need for paper manuals and makes it much simpler to translate material into various languages. The switch to digital at National Museum Wales is a great illustration of how to put digital trends at the forefront of your strategy.

When and where should your attraction be open?

When it comes to foreign guests, it’s probable that their agenda will be packed. Those who are in the region on business may only have a short window of opportunity to see sites after work. In order to increase attendance, it’s critical to think carefully about where and when to operate your attraction.

A fantastic strategy to enhance the number of visitors to your attraction is to host it in an accessible area. Consider locating your attraction close to major transportation hubs, such as subway stations, bus lines, and even national rail stations.

Running your attraction adjacent to other well-known tourist sites is something else to consider. Conveniently, they are often adjacent to reliable transportation hubs, so you can get foot traffic from travellers in the region searching for another destination to visit throughout the day.

Consider prospective food and beverage services to increase income and guarantee visitors remain at your destination. It’s best if you can provide food on-site, but you may also want to consider holding your event close to well-known cafés and eateries.

The hours of operation of your attraction are another important consideration in addition to location. Families will probably prefer to schedule their trip around their children and do the most of their sightseeing during the day, but not everyone will feel this way. While business travellers may only have spare time in the evenings, solo travellers might prefer to avoid crowded areas. To accommodate various audiences, consider keeping your attraction open later during busy travel times.

You might promote the attraction in a more comprehensive way than simply its longer viewing hours. If you want to make the event seem like it is catered to the target audience, why not make one of the nighttime sessions adult-only and provide a free drink voucher or a bar?

How to promote global tourist destinations

Marketing to an international audience might be a little more difficult than marketing to a local one. Ads that are specifically targeted are a fantastic option, and Eventbrite Boost makes targeting simple and fast. Once you’ve determined who your target market is, it’s crucial to find out when and why certain groups would go to the region where your attraction is located. Is there, for instance, a well-attended athletic event that consistently draws the same demographic of spectators? Or are individuals going to a conference for business?

While some of these trends may be more straightforward to forecast, others can be more time-sensitive. For instance, you might modify some of your advertisements to reflect the language of the team and engage the supporters directly if a local sports team advances to the final of a match that is scheduled to be held there.

Taking care of your attraction with foreign visitors in mind

It takes considerable consideration to handle an international event since you have to consider possible cultural differences, language accessibility, and even the potential to offend.

If your attraction currently exists and provides text-based content, like a museum exhibit or gallery, you may want to consider how you might increase the number of languages you provide. Consider offering pamphlets or multi-language audio guides as an alternative if there isn’t enough room to show all the languages you want.

If you’re worried about contentious material or delicate subjects at your attraction, it’s wise to make a note of it on your website and send email reminders to visitors. For instance, if you’re presenting an exhibition, you could want to provide directions to a different part of the venue and instructions on what to anticipate in each area.

You have greater flexibility when developing a brand-new attraction to address any linguistic or cultural hurdles problems up front. Consider concentrating on an event like the Light Show Projection festival in Australia, which is a totally visual spectacle. The makers don’t have to worry about taking into consideration dietary restrictions or linguistic variations since the aesthetic aspects speak for themselves.

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