How to Master Your Venue Marketing Strategy in 2023

How to Master Your Venue Marketing Strategy in 2023
How to Master Your Venue Marketing Strategy in 2023

It goes without saying that the events sector is flourishing.

Venue owners face intense competition to draw customers and increase ticket sales in a market that is predicted to be worth more than $2 trillion by 2028.

A powerful venue marketing plan may help in this situation.

The art of venue marketing involves advertising your event location to draw in prospective guests and create a following of devoted followers. It’s difficult to perfect venue promotion, however. You could even think that you’ve exhausted all of your brightest ideas.

We know what the most effective venues are doing to draw in swarms of interested event-goers since we’ve helped event planners and venue owners like you market more than 5 million events.

We’ll reveal their “secret sauce” in this piece so you can master venue marketing as well.

What qualities are people seeking in a venue?

The secret to successful event marketing? a thorough knowledge of the requirements and preferences of your target market.

People are looking for a location where they can connect with a group of people who share their interests and both reflect and inspire them. According to studies, a feeling of well-being is linked to a sense of connection and belonging.

It’s critical to realise that your venue is more than simply a physical location; it’s a space that empowers people to become who they want to be in order to cultivate a cult-like following and promote repeat ticket purchases.

Asking yourself what your target audience would want to experience and how you might promote your venue’s distinctive qualities to meet those needs can help you figure out what will draw them to your establishment.

Conversation and dancing may be seen in a nightclub.

Boise, Idaho / Duck Club / Pink Fuzz / Floating Witch’s Head / Mos

Where should your location be advertised?

Knowing where to promote your venue can help you reach the correct audience, which is just as crucial as knowing who you’re targeting.

If you own a pub and your target audience is music fans who adore vintage rock’n’roll performers, for instance, promoting your location on TikTok may not provide the best return on your money. However, frequently using this platform would be a wise investment for a nightclub like Brick that is attempting to create a community of youthful partygoers.

Let’s examine the main venues you ought to think about advertising.

email from the yes home

Through email, reach your intended audience.
One of the most effective methods to contact your target audience is still email marketing.

Your venue’s attractiveness to prospective guests may be considerably increased by making a few little modifications to your current email wording.

Some suggestions are:


making weekly emails that include interviews with various acts or upcoming events
encouraging direct answers by concluding your emails with a question
It’s crucial to emphasise in your email marketing campaign that joining your email list is similar to joining a private club. By giving members-only benefits like discounts and early access to tickets, you can increase attendee engagement and loyalty.

For instance, using terms like “exclusive offer” and “priority access” gives prospective attendees the impression that they are receiving VIP treatment that “regular” guests are missing out on.

Using  is one approach to improve your email marketing strategy. You may send up to 10,000 branded emails every day using eventslock connection with Mailchimp!

Don’t forget to convey your passion for your venue in your email marketing efforts. Why do I adore this place, you may wonder. Then, create compelling email copy using the solution.

eventslock listings are in line with audience interest

Use eventslock to your advantage to boost ticket sales
A platform for event marketing called eventslock links event organisers with attendees and promotes ticket sales. Over 83 million distinct purchasers were in the audience of eventslock creators in 2021.

It specifically targets people who are interested in events at venues like yours, which is why it functions so effectively as an event marketing tool.

This is achieved by:

making customised suggestions based on a user’s past attendance and search history
exposing your advertisement to individuals who reside or are travelling within 50 miles of the venue of your event
You may make a free Eventbrite advertising or expand the audience you target with Eventbrite Ads to boost the exposure of your events.

Obtain credibility by using Google

Google offers more options for promoting your location than just paid search and display advertisements.

It’s a chance to promote your reputation in your community and build authority in the events sector.

It’s critical to think about search engine optimisation (SEO) and examine what appears in the top 10 search results when people look for relevant keywords in order to do this. For instance, if your venue often hosts rock bands, you should include keywords like “rock music venue” and “live rock concerts” to your website, along with any well-known performers you’ve hosted.

For local event attendees, it’s also crucial to make sure your Google Business Profile is up to date.

Consider the following while optimising your venue’s Google presence:

Are there highlighted customer reviews from reliable websites like Tripadvisor, and if so, are they favourable or unfavourable?
Is my venue prominently shown on Google’s first page?
Are there any unfavourable articles or reviews that need attention?
Make sure to respond promptly and properly to unfavourable evaluations if you get them.

From here, you may concentrate on getting as many pleased attendees to submit favourable evaluations in order to hide these unfavourable comments from the “most recent” list. For anybody who has given a review, for instance, you might run a “buy one, get one free” deal.

absurd alternative dance party image

Boost the online presence of your venue
Social media updates at their finest are witty and entertaining while yet conveying crucial information.

It might be challenging to highlight all the wonderful aspects of your facility in such a little area, but with some creative social media tactics, this can be done deftly.

Utilise the Facebook event marketing tool.

Consider Facebook your “workhorse” while promoting your venue on social media.

Using Facebook’s event page tool, you may promote your location to the neighborhood’s artists and residents.

Utilise Eventbrite’s seamless Facebook connection to analyse real-time data and build tailored lookalike audiences. You will then be able to customise your marketing efforts to suit the tastes of your target audience by gaining the information you need to know who is reacting to events at your location.

Use Facebook Event advertisements to increase exposure and generate conversation about your location.

To increase ticket sales, integrate Facebook and eventslock

see how
Dancing patrons at a nightclub
Make a splash on TikTok
According to a 2022 survey, TikTok and Instagram are preferred by 40% of users between the ages of 18 and 24 over Google Search for suggestions.

For venues, this offers a rare chance. TikTok offers a direct line of connection between your venue and your target audience and encourages more originality in your content. It’s a potent approach to engage your audience, develop your brand naturally, and convey the vibe and character of your location.

The best advice is to invite local influencers to your events and to urge them to provide a TikTok review.

Pershing Hall employs Instagram effects to give their event photography a similar feel.

Instagram promotion of your mood

Instagram is a useful tool for promoting the appearance and ambiance of your location.

Users are shown a version of reality that the platform believes they would like seeing. Since you have complete control over your Instagram presence as a venue owner, you can create eye-catching material to emphasise the special qualities and charm of your establishment.

For instance, The Pershing, a tiny live music club, employs a retro picture filter to highlight the indie-rock ambiance of their facility.

Additionally, having an active Instagram account shows nearby artists and people that your business is a lively one that often holds a variety of events.

A snapshot of your party place decorated can help you attract any last-minute guests.

Create fruitful business connections on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is not only for companies trying to fill job openings.

Additionally, venues may interact with other venues’ owners and neighbourhood businesses while promoting their amenities to local performers and musicians. By posting articles on current activities at your venue or pertinent business news, you may potentially expand your audience.

By expanding your audience and enabling you to interact with other event planners, using LinkedIn might provide new prospects for your venue.

Use sophisticated criteria to identify local companies, contact them directly, and create partnerships or collaborations.

Laughing audience during comedy presentation
Los Angeles, California’s Laugh Factory
The best venue marketing approach, including actual examples
Simply sending emails and posting on social media is insufficient in 2023 if you want to stand out from the throng.

Users’ social media feeds are continuously inundated with promotional messaging that tries to sell them something new due to the development of AI-generated content. Cut through the clutter by developing a sincere relationship with your guests and inspiring them to join your group of like-minded people.

According to a recent survey, 90% of social media marketers think that developing an online community would be crucial for success in 2023.

We’ll demonstrate what seven event venues are doing well and how you can use their marketing approach to create a devoted following for your location and increase ticket sales.

A couple enjoying fun at a nightclub

1. Sell feeling instead than merely experience.

It’s critical to keep in mind that while marketing your event space, you’re selling a feeling rather than simply an experience.

According to research, the key to a successful branding strategy is establishing an emotional connection with your audience.

The iconic Respectable Street Club is one event space that has perfected the art of creating a community via emotive marketing.

Respectable Street Club has established itself as a gathering place for inventive creatives to let free and mingle with a friendly crowd thanks to its reputation for creative culture and crazy dance events.

via its marketing funnel, the venue connects emotionally with prospective guests, especially via event images and videos.

Their images, like the one seen above, provide more than only to depict the layout, bar, or audience of the venue. Each photograph is made to seem like a moment in time that has been frozen in time, drawing the spectator right into the activity of the club.

They do this by utilising:

striking colour contrast
flash photography that is bright
image filters
Respectable Street Club is aware that they are aiming their music towards a group of artists that want for creative freedom.

The venue sends the message that attending an event at their venue is the key to become who they want to be by displaying feisty, vivacious, and vibrant people in these promotional pictures and videos.

Houston Stereo Live Instagram

2. Accept exclusivity

Adopting exclusivity is a potent strategy for building a compelling brand statement and drawing a specific audience to your place.

Social media allows you the chance to promote your venue’s distinctiveness without apology, despite the fact that not everyone will enjoy it and what it stands for.

For instance, the staff at Stereo Live Houston doesn’t compromise their branding by attempting to appeal to everyone’s preferences. Instead, they put their efforts into creating an exclusive society that gives its members a sense of worth and specialness.

They do this by using

Using “you,” “we,” and “our” repeatedly in their marketing is an example of strategic copywriting
Directly responding to community members’ remarks
putting on events that need tickets and have VIP perks
In its marketing, Stereo Live Houston also uses the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) impact to emphasise the urgency and exclusivity of their events.

When it comes to converting new and recurrent ticket purchases, this is a potent instrument. A 2021 research discovered that people were more likely to recall the product when FOMO was mentioned in Facebook adverts.

The goal is to concentrate on “your” people and make your place enticing to them rather than attempting to appeal to everyone.

Suite dining area lounge bar event

3. Make a theme for your events.

Hosting events with distinctive themes that are culturally relevant in your town is one approach to spread the word and distinguish your venue.

By doing this, you may successfully raise awareness and interest in your activities.

For instance, several locations, such as Suite Food Lounge, are throwing Barbie-themed events in order to capitalise on the excitement around the upcoming 2023 release of the new Barbie movie. In order to boost their likelihood of being spotted by prospective attendees, some venue owners also employ hashtags related to the film.

You may promote your location as the event’s major draw rather than simply a background by giving your events a theme.

House of Yes in Brooklyn employs a professional photographer to capture their distinctive atmosphere.

4. Maintain a consistent design aesthetic.

Your facility may become a neighbourhood institution if your marketing strategy uses a consistent and unique design aesthetic.

To develop a consistent brand message, use the same colour scheme, cut your movies purposefully, and include distinctive visual design components. Investing in a skilled graphic designer with a strong sense of style and who fully comprehends your location and your objective is one method to achieve this.

For instance, House of Yes hires qualified photographers to document live events. They use a variety of inventive strategies, including:

employing close-ups of people rather than a vast throng to create closeness
presenting attendees as the “main character”
capturing natural moments to display
Also, don’t be scared to use your imagination while making graphic design decisions.

The homepage of House of Yes’ website has extravagant graphics that quickly captivate prospective guests.

According to the inventive brains of Adobe:

“The finest chocolate in the world might be overlooked if it is wrapped in plain paper.”

Make the most of your first impression since you only get one.

626 reviews on TikTok for Night Market

5. Invest on trendy trends.

Utilising current trends is crucial to raising awareness and boosting visitors to your location, particularly on TikTok and Instagram.

According to a recent research, even a nano-influencer may get up to 5,121 views for a TikTok post. You may present your venue in a humorous and interesting manner by employing a trending content template.

Because of this, 67% of small firms currently use TikTok as a medium for original storytelling.

This strategy is used well by 626 Night Market, which emphasises various food selections and demonstrates how each is prepared. Vendors or consumers who have bought the food have often taken the films.

By using this tactic, they successfully:

Show visitors the privileged sections of the location
Display several providers and their areas of expertise
Draw attention to the market’s vigour.
Utilising current trends also motivates visitors to assist with your marketing initiatives. People have rated 626 Night Market on TikTok, for instance, by using the “come with me to…” and “what I ate at…” trends.

Emerging and independent artists are commonly presented at The Salt Shed.

6. Include up-and-coming artists

You may keep ahead of the curve and increase ticket sales by collaborating with rising musicians who are well-known in your neighbourhood.

It may increase both your organic traffic and the size of your audience. For instance, when a creative performs in your location, followers of that artist could be inclined to attend.

By showcasing the fact that a creative they respect has decided to perform in your location, this not only raises the likelihood of raising ticket sales but also boosts the attractiveness of your establishment.

The Salt Shed showcases a broad variety of up-and-coming local musicians. These actions are distinctive, enthralling, and always separate.

To increase venue promotion, they use rising artists in the following ways:

urging artists to advertise the occasion on their social media channels
Promoting the performer weeks in advance will help create hype.
Developing ties with local artists now, while they are first starting out, might be helpful later on when they are more established.

Eventbrite is used by The Mayflower Club to market their location.

7. Join forces with a platform for events

Posting events on a website like Eventbrite is one of the best methods to promote your facility to new visitors and enhance awareness. Eventbrite accounted for 30% of paid ticket sales for event organisers in 2022.

With the aid of Eventbrite, you may connect with a very interested audience that is actively seeking for local events. Users may simply find new experiences that suit their interests by filtering via event categories.

On Eventbrite, Mayflower Club has a dedicated creator page that lists the events they are presently presenting and those that have previously taken place.

They achieve this by:

by using the editable creator page template
integrating their website, Facebook, and Twitter to provide prospective consumers a smooth experience
putting their events on  searchable platform, making them visible and accessible to individuals seeking for something to do.
enabling consumers to buy tickets securely through a reliable platform
By using an event platform, you not only make it simple for prospective attendees to identify your location, but you also prove that it is a place worth going to.

Millions of people visit eventslock each month as it advertises thousands of events from some of the greatest brands in the business. A consumer is more likely to think highly of your location for their upcoming event if it is featured on eventslock, much as Yelp does for restaurants.

Up your venue marketing game
The goals of their target audience are at the centre of the most successful venue marketing efforts.

It’s important to recognize that your venue is more than a platform for a standout event — it’s a place where your community comes

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