How to Promote a Halloween Event: 14 Scary-Good Tricks

It’s exciting to think about frightening party themes, but in order to sell tickets to a Halloween event, you need to think of both tricks and sweets. You’ll want to share your scary shocks with as many people as you can, whether you arrange a classic Halloween horror movie night, a night out in a haunted wood, a zombie-themed party, or an online pumpkin carving class. But making all those eerie outfits takes time (not to mention a lot of fake blood). Your marketing plan must be both frighteningly effective and frighteningly basic. Only a portion of it involves advertising your event on Facebook and growing your Instagram following: You want information that gives you a professional appearance, such as branded event sites and emails that interest your connections.

These marketing suggestions will make sure your October 31 is spooky fantastic whether you enjoy Halloween for the candy or live to put up some horrific pranks.

How to Promote a Halloween

How should a Halloween event be promoted?

Even though you’ll want to capitalise on the theme, there aren’t many differences between marketing a Halloween event and marketing an event in general. We’ve thought of a few approaches to assist you in getting started:

1. Begin early

Plan your Halloween event early so that you may start marketing in August and September. Fans of the spooky season will already be searching for fantastic ways to commemorate their favourite holiday throughout October. Selling tickets before anybody else, maybe with the addition of early bird discounts, may aid in increasing ticket sales. Another holiday that sneaks up on many people is Halloween; one moment you’re enjoying the summer, the next it’s back to school time for the kids. You may attract parents’ attention with early advertisements or promotions before they get preoccupied with the back-to-school season.

2. Make your event pages seem nice

Make sure your landing page incorporates the theme of your Halloween event with linked graphics and video since aesthetics are crucial for grabbing the attention of prospective guests. If you’re organising a kid-friendly event, put an emphasis on creatively carved pumpkins, tasty treats, and amusing costumes. If the event is for adults and oriented at horror fans, think about using creepier visuals.

If you’ve previously conducted an event of this kind, make use of the photos and recordings you already have. With the help of these pictures, you can offer prospective guests a preview of what to anticipate from your event and, ideally, show them that they’re going to have a great time.

3. Contact the neighbourhood press

Since most people don’t have the day off for Halloween, many costumed individuals search for nearby or weekend gatherings. Working with local magazines in print or online can help you sell tickets to your neighbourhood. The majority of newspapers charge for advertising, but you might alternatively suggest a partnership where the publication runs your advertisements in exchange for a booth or promotion at your event.

Ask the magazines you’re contacting whether they have any articles planned on Halloween-related activities and offer to let them highlight your event. A prepared elevator pitch can help the publisher or writer understand why they should write about your forthcoming event. Inform them if you are working with charity organisations, presenting high-profile entertainment, collecting money for charities, or doing anything else that may be deemed noteworthy.

How can my Halloween party be promoted?

Make sure your prospective guests will comprehend what they are getting for the ticket price when coming up with Halloween marketing ideas. Use these recommendations to promote a Halloween event that is all about having fun.

4. Use user-generated material to get genuine.

Consider employing user-generated material in place of advertisements to grab guests’ attention. For those that interact with you and share information about your event on social media, consider holding a contest. Prizes can be in the form of extras or complimentary tickets. Encourage your followers to use the specific event hashtag to contribute their own relevant material. Other prospective attendees will be more interested in your event if other social media users appreciate it enough to post about it.

5. Provide rewards

Offer participants special benefits or freebies that motivate them to perform in a certain way to sweeten the deal. Consider rewarding guests who buy tickets in advance online rather than at the door with a free extra (like a drink voucher). Want to guarantee that your event is well-attended? Offer a limited number of participants who come early exclusive goodies.

6. Recount last year’s bizarre enjoyment.

Your Halloween marketing strategy must include images from past events. Share dynamic images from the party from the previous year and action-packed videos with Eventbrite Boost. If they have never been to the event before, this provides prospective guests a glimpse inside it.

What should I post for Halloween on social media?

Online resources for Halloween events may be found, but social media is also an effective marketing tool. You may increase interest and ticket sales by writing brief postings that tease big events.

7. Increase interest by showing behind-the-scenes activity

Use the additional time to your advantage if your event requires substantial preparation, such as a haunted house, ghost tour, or murder mystery night. Post insider glimpses into how the event is coming together, enigmatic images that leave viewers wanting more, and other materials that give your followers the impression of seeing what’s going on behind the scenes.

8. Disseminate creepy-delicious material via regional influencers

Local influencers’ recommendations are especially important since they most likely have a sizable following of followers who reside in your neighbourhood. You may offer them free admission to your event or a behind-the-scenes tour in return for promotional postings. Additionally, you may sponsor articles that show how the influencers are preparing for Halloween and enjoying the season by going to your event.

9. Post frightening Facebook advertisements for Halloween

How to Promote a HalloweenFacebook offers several opportunities for increasing ticket sales, and purchasing advertisements is only one of them. With Eventbrite’s Add to Facebook function, you can effortlessly post your event on Facebook. By doing this, guests will be able to RSVP, purchase tickets, and register for your event without ever leaving Facebook.

Facebook RSVPs are a great method to increase your audience reach, and Eventbrite Boost’s Event RSVP advertisements may help you increase both RSVPs and marketing in one fell swoop. These advertisements seem like typical invitations to events and ask viewers whether they plan to go or show interest. Following that, RSVPers get further reminders about your event while their friends receive a post about it in their organic feed.

10. Don’t overlook the terrifyingly potent Instagram advertisements

The king of social media marketing methods nowadays is Instagram. By producing Instagram Story advertisements that link people to your profile, event organisers may grow their following on Instagram using Boost’s Instagram Growth Playbook. By assisting more people in finding your profile now, you’ll have a bigger audience to aim for when organising future events.

You may reuse your old video footage or picture montages to make interesting Instagram Stories Ads. Include the name of your company, top-notch video or photos, and captivating swipe-up language.

11. Hold a fantastic contest

A social media contest may be conducted in a variety of ways. Fans may submit their email address for a chance to win a pair of tickets to your Halloween extravaganza in enter-to-win competition. By doing so, you may increase the number of attendance at your events and expand your email list. To increase the likelihood that more people will attend your event, you may also urge your followers to repost a particular tweet, complete a survey, or tag a friend.

By requesting that followers share images of their finest Halloween makeup or costumes using your specific event hashtag, you may hold a contest and promote user-generated content.

How can I use Halloween email marketing to create anticipation?

Email is a great way to connect with people you already know, but there is fierce competition for mailbox space. With the help of these Halloween marketing ideas, make your emails stand out.

12. Make personalised emails

Custom emails that highlight the character of your events will catch the attention of your audience. By inserting the recipient’s name in the email’s salutation, you may make it more personalised. Consider the sender profile from whom your communications are coming as well. Your email receivers are less likely to open it if they don’t recognise the sender. In the worst situation, they could mistakenly put your email in their spam folder and never see it.

Use a corporate email address that can be identified as coming from your organisation when sending event emails, or include the name of your organisation or event in the from field. A/B test a few different alternatives to discover which one works best for you. Sometimes emails from personal email addresses (such as are less likely to wind up as spam.

13. Create email list segments

Even though they presumably have a lot in common, your audience or clients nonetheless vary from one another. You could have multiple distinct consumer types, each of whom will react better to a particular style of marketing, depending on what your brand or company does. Segment your email lists and send unique, personalised emails to each recipient to make sure you’re addressing each one with the appropriate content.

14. Be imaginative with your colour scheme.

To draw readers’ attention, consider using theme colours in your email. To make your emails a little more spookier, think about changing the button colours to a vibrant orange and adding black cobweb frames or pictures, if that is permitted by your company’s marketing policies.

15. Incorporate some ominous jokes

Don’t you think your audience will also love some of the Halloween jokes we included in this guide if you liked them? Have fun wordplaying and coming up with terms that connect to Halloween and your event. For your event, consider these amusing and clever subject line examples:

Cocktail party for Halloween: Here for the boos

Where are my ghouls on this spooky girls’ night?

Come as you aren’t to the costume party.

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