How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party in 9 Steps

When a friend or family member’s birthday is approaching, you may worry that they won’t get to enjoy a lavish party with everyone. You could be wondering how to organise a party safely amid a worldwide epidemic if you intend to throw one for that individual. Thankfully, it’s simpler than ever thanks to modern technology and ever improving event planning tools. Want to know how to organise a memorable online birthday celebration? Go on reading!

How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party in 9 Steps
How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party in 9 Steps

In this article, we look at a few ideas for enhancing this yearly event. The following advice and techniques can help you succeed whether you’re throwing a virtual party for your sister, your boss, or your closest friend.

With these 9 suggestions, learn how to host a virtual birthday celebration:

1. Make some preliminary plans.

Throwing a virtual birthday party is fantastic since it’s very simple to put together and doesn’t involve as much planning and preparation as an actual event would. The following are the essentials for a smooth virtual birthday party:

a suitable platform. On Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Houseparty, or any other platform you feel comfortable using, you may throw a virtual birthday party. Zoom has taken over as the standard since it’s so accessible to everyone, but using a different platform is totally okay. Simply give a link and instructions to anybody who may be unfamiliar with that technology.

a list of guests The guest list for a virtual birthday celebration is, in some ways, more open and adaptable than it could ever be for an actual gathering. As long as they have access to the internet and are available to be awake during the party, you are free to invite friends and family from anywhere in the globe. The majority of platforms have enough room for 1 to 50 people. Remember that the amount of guests you invite will affect the kinds of activities you engage in. Try to keep it under 15 for meaningful conversation or in-depth games.

Invitations. Here, there’s no need to get fancy. To get more involved, you can send a straightforward group email or create an invitation using a free online tool. Tell everyone how to prepare, when to dial in, and how to do so. This is the place to let them know if there’s a theme, what supplies they’ll need, or if they should dress up.

2. Select a topic.

Even though the party is taking place online, it doesn’t have to be dull. To make the birthday celebration especially memorable, choose a theme that will be carried through the food, decorations, and even the Zoom backdrops. Perhaps the honoree is a big fan of trips to tropical beaches. They could prefer a cosy online get-together in the Swiss Alps. Any venue and almost any theme are options.

When organising the virtual birthday party, let visitors know the theme in advance and provide them with suggestions for how they may participate from the comfort of their own homes. You may participate in the fun by setting up Zoom backdrops, dressing up, and customising the areas behind them.

3. Add décor.

If you think about it, decorating for a virtual party is really just a smaller-scale version of decorating for an actual party. If guests don’t use virtual backdrops, they can only view a small portion of the space behind one another. Other enjoyable party decorations, such as balloon arches, pictures, paper streamers, candles, and flowers, will look beautiful and get everyone in the party mood.

Consider having your backdrop contain cards from party attendees, a sign with their name on it, or anything else of particular meaning for the person you are giving the virtual birthday party for. They’ll appreciate the planning and attention that went into making the setting festive.

4. Create a menu.

Inform visitors to order food in keeping with the theme in the invites if you want to make food delivery a fun aspect of the event. This is also an excellent chance to surprise the guest of honour with a complimentary supper. Do you know that the Mexican restaurant down the street from their home serves delicious fajitas that they adore? Send them an order that will be delivered just before the celebration begins.

Cookie exchanges (prepare them in advance and eat them at the party), recipe swaps, a cooking lesson led by one of the attendees (or a professional), or even a fun culinary challenge are other ideas to include food in the celebration.

5. Enjoy a few games.

It’s fantastic to chat on Zoom with everyone and catch up, but you may need a little more structure to keep people interested and keep the party going. A game may be a terrific way to break up other activities, serve as an enjoyable icebreaker for visitors who don’t know each other well, or serve as the party’s grand finale.

There are a lot of fantastic possibilities for virtual gaming. Some games don’t call for any resources or preliminary planning, such as 20 Questions, Two Truths and a Lie, or Would You Rather. Others may need a little more planning but are still quite simple to execute, such as trivia, an escape room, or bingo.

If any materials are needed for the virtual birthday party activities, be sure to send them through email or regular mail well before the party and inform visitors of what they must do to get ready, such as printing a bingo card.

Do a collective activity.

There are many ways to encourage visitors to engage and have a wonderful time even if games aren’t really your thing. Take into account some of these virtual activities:

  • tasting of cheese and wine
  • community movie-watching
  • recommending YouTube videos you like
  • Virtual excursions or actual trips to a location
  • producing a craft
  • Organize a virtual jam session.
  • teaching cooking
  • cocktail blending
  • Hold a prize raffle.
  • Scavenger hunt at home
  • contests conducted at home, such as cup stacking, water bottle flipping, selfie sketching, etc.
  • Online karaoke

To make everyone feel involved, keep things light and make the activities simple for visitors to participate in. This is not the time for a heated political discussion or yodelling contest (unless the guests are into that). Most guests are eager to get started on any proposed activity as long as the host gives it some direction and structure.

Of course, while choosing activities, keep the special visitor in mind. Because this is ultimately a party for them and not the other guests, don’t organise anything you don’t believe they’ll love.

7. Continue the dialogue.

Zoom is a fantastic tool for communication, but it sometimes lacks the spontaneity and adaptability of an in-person gathering. It might be challenging to keep everyone back on topic if one person dominates the discussion or there are uncomfortable pauses. But if you do some prior planning, you’ll be prepared to fill in the holes in the dialogue and make everyone feel connected.

Consider a few simple conversation starters for the group before the party. You may start a discussion by just asking everyone what they thought of a certain movie or what they have planned for the weekend. These don’t have to be official conversation starters. You may also make a list of some ponderous questions, such as: Where would people go after quarantine?, What term from 2020 should be banned?, and What activities would look funniest with social isolation

You’ll be in a wonderful position to host the party and make sure that everyone has a nice time by considering a couple of these questions in advance.

8. Deliver a gift.

Think of organising a group with the other visitors to contribute to a birthday gift or two for the honoured guest. Of course, depending on the connection you and the other guests have with that individual, the kind of gift(s) you give and the amount of money you spend will differ. For instance, you and your coworkers definitely shouldn’t give your boss diamond earrings or the newest Xbox if you’re throwing them a virtual birthday party. On the other hand, it would be more acceptable if you’re a parent throwing a virtual birthday party for one of your kids.

Regardless of who the party is for, send the gift(s) in advance for the recipient to unwrap during the celebration. You could even make arrangements to have the gift(s) left outside the recipient’s door while the party is going on. A cake, a bottle of wine, a gift basket filled with their favourite things, or a new book to read are all excellent yet straightforward ideas.

9. Distribute party goodies.

You’ve already prepared a fantastic virtual birthday party with enjoyable activities, stimulating talks, and delectable food. Why not offer party treats to round things up and conclude on a lighthearted note?

A real or digital memento of their time at the party would make the guests very happy. This may be a collection of all the partygoers’ selfies, a printed copy of the cooking class recipe, a box of chocolates sent to each person’s home, or any other modest token of appreciation. Zoom fatigue is quite real, therefore you want to express your gratitude to the visitors for tuning in.

Don’t feel as if this is required, however. Depending on your connection with the guest of honour and their relationship with you and everyone else who attends their virtual birthday party, the budget, presents, and party favours vary greatly. Use your best judgment ” we know that’ll work!

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